Research Group

Thermal Energy

We study thermal processes for energy conversion. Our technical basis comprise classic thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, mass and heat transfer, combustion and thermophysical properties.


Our research activity is organised around research projects. Currently we contribute to the following projects:

EU projects

  • ECCSEL INFRADEV-3 - Implemententation and initial operation of ECCSEL (European Carbon Dioxide Capture and StoragE Laboratory Infrastructure). Provision of Transnational Access to ECCSEL, the European Research Infrastructure (RI) for CO2 capture, transport and storage (CCS) technologies research. | Sverre Quale
  • NanoSim - A Multiscale Simulation-Based Design Platform for Cost-Effective CO2 Capture Processing using Nano Structured Materials | Olav Bolland

Norwegian projects

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We participate in the following centres:

  • FME HighEFF - Centre for an Energy Efficient and Competitive Industry for the Future
  • FME Bio4Fuels - Norwegian Centre for Sustainable Bio-based Fuels and Energy

Working group


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Vacant positions

We frequently advertise job openings for PhD and Post Doctoral positions.

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Please note that only applications submitted through Jobbnorge will be considered, to give a fair and transparent evaluation.