Welcome to ESREL 2018

Views from Trondheim: Nidaros Cathedral, The old wharves and the Old Town Bridge

The annual European Safety and Reliability Conference ESREL is an international conference under the auspices of the European Safety and Reliability Association (ESRA).

The topic for ESREL 2018 is “Safe Societies in a Changing World” and our ambition for the conference is to advance in the understanding, modeling, and management of the complexity of the risk, safety and reliability fields characterizing our world, now and in the future. We aim at setting up a multidisciplinary platform to address the technological, societal and financial aspects of these fields. With the support of NTNU, we engage in broadening the scope of risk, safety and reliability from the technical to natural, financial and social aspects, focusing on inter-dependencies of functions and cascade of failures in complex systems.

The time for the conference is 17-21 June 2018. The conference venue will be at the main campus of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU

Gløshaugen Campus aerial photo

Invitational letters

If you have inquiries about letters of invitation, please contact Trond Kongsvik Trond.kongsvik@ntnu.no in the organizing committee. Attendees must have registered and paid for the conference before an invitational letter can be sent.

Important dates

Abstract deadline: 15. October 2017
Abstract approval: 17. October 2017
Full paper deadline: 15. December 2017
Comments from reviewers: 1. February 2018
Final paper: 15. February 2018
Time and place
17-21 June 2018
Trondheim, Norway
Registration opens in January 2018
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Call for Papers
Thank you for submitting abstracts!
Submission is now closed and the review process is ongoing.
Abstracts and papers:
Stein Haugen – stein.haugen@ntnu.no
Special sessions, session chairs and program:
Anne Barros – anne.barros@ntnu.no
Sponsors and website:
Jan Erik Vinnem – jan.erik.vinnem@ntnu.no