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Monday 18 June


09:00 - 09:40
09:40 - 11:20
Opening & plenary 1 Location: R1

09:40 Opening ceremony
Anne Borg
Pro-rector for education, NTNU
Terje Aven
Stein Haugen

10:30 Plenary Talk: "Cybersecurity – the human factor"
Roar Thon
Norwegian National Security Authority

11:20 - 11:40
Coffee break
11:40 - 13:00
Parallel session 1
M09: Risk Assessment Location: R1

Chair: Henrik Hassel

paper 453: Development of a qualitative framework for analysing high-impact low-probability events in power systems
I.B. Sperstad & E.S. Kiel

paper 272: Using an enterprise architecture model for assessing the resilience of critical infrastructure
Gonçalo Cadete & Miguel Mira da Silva

paper 629: Alternative life-loss rates for failures of large concrete and masonry dams in mountain regions of OECD countries
A. Kalinina, M. Spada & P. Burgherr

M13: System Reliability Location: R7

Chair: Nicolae Brinzei

paper 152: Failure rates of safety critical equipment based on inventory attributes
S. Håbrekke, S. Hauge , L. Xie & M. A. Lundteigen

paper 485: Direct integration of safety analysis in a model based system engineering process: Lessons learned from Ariane 6 control bench family RAMS studies
R. López , A. Guillén, J.Sanmartí, C. Canart & J. Masfrand

paper 267: Preliminary Safety Assessment of Circular Variable Nacelle Inlet Concepts for Aero Engines in Civil Aviation
S. Kazula, D. Grasselt, M. Mischke & K. Höschler

paper 326: Towards a systematic evaluation of supplementary protective measures and their quantification for use in functional safety
J. Zehetner, U. Weber, I. Häring & W. Riedel

M06: Mathematical Methods in Reliability and Safety Location: R5

Chair: Jørn Vatn

paper 33: Failure Mode Effects & Criticality Analysis (FMECA) using Bayesian Dirichlet-Multinomial conjugate pair
W. Baun

paper 495: Reliability assessment model of technical object in aspect of catastrophic damage in the form of jamming - an outline
M. Zieja, M. Jasztal, S. Stępień & M. Ważny

paper 328: Maintenance of a Drone Fleet
A. Segal & Y. Bot

M14: Uncertainty Analysis Location: R3

Chair: Rui Kang

paper 50: Interval-based parameters for stress diffusion in granular medium
D. Boumezerane

paper 242: Bayesian updating with time dependent models
P. Beaurepaire

paper 333: Accelerated degradation model based on geometric Liu process
J. -P. Wu, X. -Y. Li & R. Kang

paper 413: Reliability assessment for solid state drive based on measurement errors and fuzzy failure threshold
P. Li, J. Yuan & W. Dang

M17: Occupational Safety Location: R8

Chair: Marja Ylönen

paper 621: Indicator on the performance of barriers against fatal accidents in construction
E. Albrechtsen presenting for U. Kjellén

paper 467: Information flow and knowledge transfer of accident investigation results in the Norwegian construction industry
K. Wasilkiewicz

paper 564: Standardized risk assessment techniques: a review in the framework of occupational safety
F. Brocal, C. González & M.A. Sebastián, G. Reniers & N. Paltrinieri

M05: Maintenance Modeling and Applications Location: R9

Chair: Antoine Grall

paper 606: Bayesian approaches to lifetime prediction
F. Marsili, J. Bödefeld, P. Croce & F. Landi

paper 176: Assessing the impact of operational context variables on rolling stock reliability. A real case study
J. Izquierdo, A. Crespo, J. Uribetxebarria & A. Erguido

paper 248: Alternative Weibull analysis for road markings: an EM approach
M. Redondin & N. Faul, L. Bouillaut, A. Samé, D. Daucher

paper 578: Influence of selected external factors on satellite navigation signal quality
K. Krzykowska & M. Siergiejczyk & A. Rosiński

M08: Resilience Engineering Location: R6

Chair: Ivonne Herrera

paper 199: ISRA: IMPROVER Societal Resilience Analysis for critical infrastructure
H. Rosenqvist, N.K. Reitan, L. Petersen, D. Lange

paper 252: Creating comparable public tolerance and technical performance measures for critical infrastructure resilience evaluation
L. Petersen, E. Lundin, J. Sjöström, D. Lange & R. Teixeira

paper 435: Interdependent infrastructure network restoration from a community resilience perspective
K. Barker, D. B. Karakoc & Y. Almoghathawi

paper 515: Measuring infrastructure and community recovery rate using Bayesian methods: a case study of power systems resilience
H. Baroud & S. Murlidar

M03: Organizational Factors and Safety Culture Location: R4

Chair: Stian Antonsen

paper 69: The impact of personal liability concerns on incident reporting in engineered systems
J. Hayes, J. Wong, C. Scott-Young & S. Maslen

paper 129: Interorganizational complexity – main challenges and opportunities in the petroleum industry
V. Milch & K. Laumann

paper 250: Reorganization and downsizing in the petroleum sector
L. I. V. Bergh, R. Høydal, J. E. Tharaldsen, C. Aagestad & T. Sterud

paper 663: Reversing the trend through collaboration in the petroleum industry
K. Skarholt & G. M. Lamvik

M12: Structural Reliability Location: R90

Chair: Anne Barros

paper 281: Buffered environmental contours
K. R. Dahl & A. B. Huseby

paper 531: Environmental contours for design of ice-capable vessels
W. Chai, B. J. Leira & C. Sinsabvarodom

paper 409: Subset Simulation and Global Minimization: Any Problems?
K. Breitung

paper 155: Probabilistic fatigue damage prediction of relative short edge crack using Direct Optimized Probabilistic Calculation
M. Krejsa, J. Brozovsky, S. Seitl & Z. Kala

13:00 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:20
Parallel session 2
M09: Risk Assessment Location: R1

Chair: Eric Rigaud

paper 290: An evaluation of the functional resonance analysis method (FRAM) as a practical risk assessment tool within a manufacturing environment
S. Albery, S. Tepe & D. Borys

paper 536: Failure prognosis of discrete events systems based on extended Petri Nets
R. Kanazy, S. Chafik & E. Niel

paper 274: Enhanced condition monitoring of the machining process using wavelet packet transform
L. Mao, L. Jackson, P. Goodall & A. West

paper 576: A novel navigational risk analysis method using interval type-2 fuzzy sets
C.L. Fan, D. Zhang, J.F. Zhang & H.J. Yao

M13: System Reliability Location: R7

Chair: Emmanuel Remy

paper 361: Digitalization of the power business: How to make this work?
A. B. Svendsen, T. Tollefsen, T. Gjengedal, M. Goodwin & S. Antonsen

paper 375: Network analysis of the European natural gas infrastructure to quantify its performance in long-duration pipeline shutdown scenarios
P. Lustenberger, W. Kim, F. Schumacher, M. Spada, P. Burgherr, S. Hirschberg & B. Stojadinović

paper 618: Imprecise reliability analysis of complex interconnected networks
J. Behrensdorf, M. Broggi & M. Beer

paper 109: A reliability analysis method for complex mechanical systems containing probabilistic-interval information
W. S. Peng, M. Xu, C. H. Zeng, Z. Bian & J. G. Zhang

M06: Mathematical Methods in Reliability and Safety Location: R5

Chair: John Andrews

paper 310: Multiaxial fatigue life prediction for turbine blades using finite element analysis
J. Zhou, H. -Z. Huang, Y. -F. Li, J. Guo & X. -Y. Li

paper 27: A study of the relationship between sample size and the confidence level of MTTF for products with exponential failure distribution
Y. Wang, H. Cheng & D. Xu

paper 590: Probabilistic safety assessment and state prediction of cranes based on fuzzy theory
G. Shen, X.J. Zhang, X.L. Tang, S.T. Wang, G. Shen & D. Xiang

M17: Occupational Safety Location: R8

Chair: K. Wasilkiewicz

paper 687: Accident and disease prevention in working life: Common grounds and areas for mutual learning
E. Albrechtsen, R. B. Jørgensen, T. Kongsvik & K. V. H. Svendsen

paper 554: The role of employers, safety engineers and safety reps in the improvement of safety level at enterprises
G. Hrenov, K. Reinhold, M.Tint & P.Tint

paper 681: Maritime safety culture and safety behaviours in Greece and Norway: comparing professional seafarers and private leisure boat users
K. Størkersen, T. Nævestad, A. Laiou, R. Phillips, G. Yannis, T. Bjørnskau & A. Amundsen

M05: Maintenance Modeling and Applications Location: R9

Chair: Mitra Fouladirad

paper 565: An opportunistic maintenance policy for heterogeneous components
P.A. Scarf, C.A.V. Cavalcante & R.S. Lopes

paper 76: Optimising the maintenance strategy for a multi-AGV system using genetic algorithms
R.D. Yan & S.J. Dunnett & L.M. Jackson

paper 246: Opportunistic maintenance strategy for a train fleet under safety constraints and inter-system dependencies
H. Ghamlouch & A. Grall

paper 111: A modelling methodology for the assessment of preventive maintenance on a compressor drive system
Y. Zhang, A. Barros, A. Rauzy & E. Lunde

M08: Resilience Engineering Location: R6

Chair: Joeri Van Laere

paper 81: Checklist for judgement of technical facility safety level and results obtained by its application in practice
D. Prochazkova & J. Prochazka

paper 105: A Quantitative Approach for Applied Resilience Assessment Audits
R. Mock

paper 235: Novel methodologies for analysing critical infrastructure resilience
K. Storesund, N.K. Reitan, J. Sjöström, B. Rød, F. Guay, R. Almeida, M. Theocharidou

paper 441: Resilience assessment of smart critical infrastructures based on indicators
K. Øien, L. Bodsberg & A. Jovanović

M03: Organizational Factors and Safety Culture Location: R4

Chair: Trond Kongsvik

paper 95: Safety climate and compliance in the Norwegian aquaculture industry – employees' perceptions at different company levels
T.Ø. Kongsvik, T. Thorvaldsen, I.M. Holmen & K.V. Størkersen

paper 206: Role multiplexity and home-grown resilience: A study of part-time firefighters in rural emergency management
P. Almklov, M. Nilsen & G. Gjøsund

paper 613: Professionalization in safety: a study of the professional context of a post master safety program’s alumni
W. van Wassenhove & C. Foussard

M12: Structural Reliability Location: R90

Chair: Martin Kresja

paper 136: Bayesian updating of stochastic process-based models for corroding gas pipelines based on imperfect inspection information
K. Pesinis & K.F. Tee

paper 153: Effect of the manufacturing defects on the reliability of disposal packages for high level radioactive waste
A. Persoons, P. Beaurepaire, A. Chateauneuf & F. Bumbieler

paper 401: Research on kinematic reliability of flapping mechanism for flapping wing flight
Z. Yang & J. Xuan

Cancelled: Major accident collision risk management of DynPos (DP) marine operation
15:20 - 15:40
Coffee break
15:40 - 17:00
Parallel session 3
M09: Risk Assessment Location: R1

Chair: Marko Cepin

paper 411: Site risk analysis for nuclear installations — Nordic method developments and pilot studies
J.-E. Holmberg, O. Bäckström, E. Cederhorn, C. Sunde & T. Tyrväinen

paper 482: Safety assessment: perspectives for next generation nuclear plants
A.Carpignano, S. Dulla & A.C. Uggenti

paper 144: Risk significance assessment with operational events of Korea Nuclear power plants
S. Kim, S. Yeong Choi, S. Hoon Han &J. Kim

M13: System Reliability Location: R7

Chair: Edoardo Patelli

paper 175: Availability modeling of a virtualized IP multimedia subsystem using non-Markovian stochastic reward nets
M. Di Mauro, G. Galatro, M. Longo, F. Postiglione & M. Tambasco

paper 193: AltaRica 3.0 Code Generation from SysML Models
N. Nguyen, F. Mhenni & J. -Y. Choley

paper 291: A PMS-MMDD model for Reliability assessment of multi-state phased-mission system
X. -Y. Li, Y. -F. Li, H. -Z. Huang, J. Guo & E. Zio

paper 654: Analyzing the reliability for connected vehicles using qualitative approaches and quantitative methods
A. Dabboussi, R. Kouta, J. Gaber, M. Wack, B. El Hassan & L. Nachabeh

M06: Mathematical Methods in Reliability and Safety Location: R5

Chair: Radim Bris

paper 45: Bringing Formal Methods on the Rail: On Automatic Verifying RailRoad Interlockings from RailML Models
T. Gonschorek, L. Bedau & F. Ortmeier

paper 48: Mathematical modelling of critical infrastructure reliability
D. Vališ, K. Hasilová, Z. Vintr & M. Forbelská

paper 51: Self-healing networks : a theoretical approach to smart grids' resilience
G. D'Agostino, A. Scala, F. Morone & H. Makse

paper 234: A method of road network vulnerability identification taking into account travelers' heterogeneous risk attitudes
B. Lv, J. Zhang, Y.L. Liu & Y. Huang

M05: Maintenance Modeling and Applications Location: R9

Chair: Cristiano Calvacante

paper 32: Two imperfect repair models for a gamma deteriorating system: A comparison
S. Mercier & I.T. Castro

paper 373: Reliability-based maintenance optimization for the leased equipment with deterioration depending on age and usage
L. Shang, S. Si, Z. Cai & Xianzhi Wang

paper 283: The real-time reliability evaluation and sequential inspection decision based on Wiener process
S. Bai, Z. Cheng, Y. Yang & B. Guo

M08: Resilience Engineering Location: R6

Chair: Tor Olav Grøtan

paper 118: Enhancing metro system resilience after signaling perturbations by bus bridging service: the case of Beijing
Q. Wei, R. Niu, T. Tang, S. Su & L. Yue

paper 257: Lessons from the application of a resilience engineering based assessment method to evaluate the resilience of a train departure and arrival management system
E. Rigaud, C. Neveu & S. D. Langa

paper 344: Simulating the world described with the Functional Resonance Analysis Method
P. Smoczyński, A. Kadziński & A. Gill

paper 721: Improving resilience management for critical infrastructures – Strategies and practices across air traffic management and healthcare
V. Cedrini, M. Mancini, L. Rosi, G. Mandarino, S. Giorgi, I. Herrera, M. Branlat, J. Pettersson, C. -O. Jonson, L. Save & D. Ruscio

M03: Organizational Factors and Safety Culture Location: R4

Chair: Gudveig Gjøsund

paper 611: Validation of a gamified measure of safety behavior: The SBT
C.B.D. Burt, L. Crowe & K. Thomas

paper 403: Safety and risk management in oil & gas industry: Development of safety x-factor model
D. Botheju

paper 348: Reliability and safety engineering: The principles innovation and optimisation of German and Japanese product constructions
S. Bracke & M. Inoue

paper 683: Production and protection. Seafarers’ handling of pressure in gemeinschaft and gesellshaft
K. V. Størkersen, A. Laiou, T. O. Nævestad & G. Yannis

M12: Structural Reliability Location: R90

Chair: Jana Markova

paper 376: Reliability quantitative analysis method for mechanical system by using extended fault tree
T. Yu, Y. Liu, X. Zhuang & B. Shang

paper 198: Probabilistic analyses of existing power producing facilities
J. Markova, K. Jung & K. Stastna

paper 232: Reliability of the aircraft in the Polish operational aviation
M. Zieja, M. Woch & J. Tomaszewska

paper 195: Sealing life evaluation of soft-packed power batteries based on ADT and modified CZM
W. Zhang, Y.M. Liu, Y.X. Chen & H. Sun

M23: Safety and risks in autonomy Location: R3

Chair: Stig Ole Johnsen

paper 14: Automated Driving on Steel and Rubber
H. Schäbe

paper 244: Safety analysis of autonomous driving using semi-Markov processes
M. Nyberg

paper 277: A simulation-based safety analysis framework for autonomous vehicles – assessing impacts on road transport system’s safety and efficiency
L. F. Vismari, C. B. S. T. Molina, J. B. Camargo Jr, J. R. Almeida Jr, R. Inam, E. Fersman & M. V. Marquezini

paper 57: A scenario-based risk analysis oriented to manage safety critical situations in autonomous driving
A. De Galizia, A. Bracquemond & E. Arbaretier

17:00 - 17:15
17:15 - 20:00
ESRA General assembly meeting / informal gathering
Location: R1
17:15 ESRA General assembly meeting
18:45 ESRA informal gathering
20:00 END





Time and place
17-21 June 2018
Venue: Realfagbygget, NTNU, Trondheim
Street address: Høgskoleringen 5

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