Thursday 21 June


09:00 - 09:50
Plenary session Location: R1

09:00 Plenary Talk: "Perspectives on ocean energy safety"
Sam Mannan

09:50 - 10:00
10:00 - 11:40
Parallel session 12
M09: Risk Assessment Location: R1

Chair: Marko Cepin

paper 339: Risk of crack formation in power grid wooden poles and relationship with meteorological conditions: a Norwegian case study
M. Pacevicius, D. Roverso, P. S. Rossi & N. Paltrinieri

paper 335: Understanding and including the dynamics of extreme natural hazard event uncertainty within the overall offshore wind farm project risk assessment using a causality-based graphical modelling approach
R. Zamora, J. Qin, A.S. Kristensen, S. Mehmood, S. Ahmed & S. Cuthbert

paper 667: Criticality analysis of wind turbine energy system using fuzzy digraph models and matrix method
M. K. Loganathan, I. Bezbaurah, O. P. Gandhi & R. C. Borah

paper 350: The use of bond graph modelling in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell fault diagnosis
A. Vasilyev, J. Andrews, L. Mao & L. Jackson

M09: Risk Assessment Location: R7

Chair: Giovanni Sasavini

paper 295: Evaluating approaches for hazard identification for the inclusion in a safety assessment framework for efficient transport
Ø. Skogvang, R. K. Opsahl, S. Solibakke, P. Karpati, A. A. Hauge, T. Sivertsen, B. A. Gran & M. A. Lundteigen

paper 237: Evaluating models for the inclusion in a safety assessment framework for efficient transport
P. Karpati, A. A. Hauge, T. Sivertsen & B. A. Gran

paper 58: A whole system approach to managing defective on-train equipment
A.J. Gilchrist

paper 489: Scenario dependency of safety targets for platform doors
B. Hulin

paper 214: The future of driver training and driver instructor education in Norway with increasing ADAS technology in cars
G.B. Sætren, J. P Wigum, R. Robertsen, P. Bogfjellmo & E. Suzen

M22: Risk analysis and safety in standardization Location: R9

Chair: Luca Landi & H. Moedden

paper 113: Probabilities in safety of machinery - How fixed and movable guards bring about a significant risk reduction
H. Moedden, E. Uhlmann, L. Prasol, S. Thom & B. Duchstein

paper 124: Safety of Machinery – Risk analysis and requirements for safety of gravity loaded axes
L. Landi, H. Mödden, I. Betti, M. Kohnle, R. Knorpp, A. Bornemann & P.Stege

paper 336: Probabilities in safety of machinery - Markov model for the scaling of risk reduction effects due to limiting the hazard exposure
H. Moedden

paper 30: Probabilities in safety of machinery: sample space of yearly accident data
H. Moedden

paper 135: Safe utilization of Additive Machines: a guide for end-users
E. Annacondia, L. Di Donato

M02: Economic Analysis in Risk Management Location: R4

Chair: Eric Rigaud

paper 224: Formalization of RAM contracts for advanced consistency and completeness checking
A. Joanni & D. Ratiu

paper 251: Cost-Benefit Analysis for non-structural flood risk mitigation measures: Insights and lessons learnt from a real case study
G. Pesaro, M. T. Mendoza, G. Minucci & S. Menoni

paper 458: Behavioural modelling of attackers' choices
S. Panda, I. Oliver & S. Holtmanns

paper 538: Asset replacement decisions: A Markowitz efficient frontier approach to evaluate the trade-off between total costs and system availability
A. M. Teodoro-Filho, G.A. da Costa-Lima, L.A.N. Costa, F.C. Marinho & A. Prestes

paper 658: Considerations related to insurance of cruise traffic in the arctic waters
K. Trantzas, O.T. Gudmestad & E.B Abrahamsen

M07: Prognostics and System Health Management Location: R8

Chair: Anne Barros

paper 360: A method for wind speed generation
J. Ma, M. Fouladirad & A. Grall

paper 174: Prognostic and health management for safety barriers in infrastructures: Opportunities and challenges
A. Zhang, Y. Liu, A. Barros & Y. Wang

paper 440: Join optimization of detectors' fleet settings to maximize global detection power
P. Beauseroy & E. Grall-Maës

paper 10: An evaluation method of methodology for integration of HALT, HASS and ADT
T. Zou, P. Li, W. Dang, K. Liu & G. Zhang

paper 429: The class of life time distributions with a mean residual life linear in time: application to prognostics and health management
P. Dersin

M15: Dynamic Risk and Barrier Management Location: R90

Chair: Stein Haugen

paper 60: Towards an online risk model for dynamic positioning operations
A. Y. Dong, J. E. Vinnem & I. B. Utne

paper 259: Dynamic risk assessment during eco-driving behaviors for conventionally fueled vehicles
G.L. Mauri, E. Bressan, F. C. Velardo & P.C. Cacciabue

paper 393: What could adaptive risk management look like in practice?
J. M. Nisula

paper 630: Risk indicators for safety performance assessment of crane-operations in the chemical industry
G. Ancione, M.F. Milazzo & N. Paltrinieri

M14: Uncertainty Analysis Location: R3

Chair: Christophe Berenguer

paper 106: Uncertainty sensitivity assessment on the optimization of the design and operation of complex energy systems: a comprehensive approach
A. Nadal, A. Ruby, C. Bourasseau, D. Riu & C. Berenguer

paper 605: Effect of load-generation variability on power grid cascading failures
R. Rocchetta, E. Patelli, L. Bing & G. Sansavini

paper 722: Application of evidential network to model uncertainty in quantitative risk assessment of Natech accidents
N. Khakzad & P.H.A.J.M. van Gelder

paper 628: Application of PCE sensitivity analysis method to gas transmission network
V. Kopustinskas, T. Mara, R. Rossati & P. Praks

paper 624: Managing interdependencies in critical infrastructures – a cornerstone for system resilience
P. Ferreira & E. Bellini

M10: Risk Management Location: R6

Chair: Bjornar Heide

paper 62: Problems of mobile risks in territory
J. Procházka & D. Procházková

paper 127: EU risk governance of migrants and refugees’ influxes: a realistic foundation for crisis governance?
B.I. Kruke & C. Morsut

paper 569: Risk and Social Interaction (Samhandling) to Meet the Unforeseen
G. E. Torgersen, T. J. Steiro & L. I. Magnussen

paper 727: Revitalization of risk management in the Norwegian petroleum sector
B. Heide & G. Ersdal

M20: Foundation of risk and reliability assessment and management Location: R2

Chair: Terje Aven

paper 684: Sensemaking and resilience in safety-critical situations: a literature review
S .S. Kilskar, B. -E. Danielsen & S. O. Johnsen

paper 82: Tool for risk reduction at specific component aircraft engine welding
D. Prochazkova & J. Prochazka

paper 521: Reliability of supplies in a manufacturing enterprise
J. Żurek, M. Zieja & J. Ziółkowski

paper 620: Swimming in a slurry of schemes: making sense of aquaculture standards and certification schemes
M. Nilsen, V.S. Amundsen & M.S. Olsen

paper 724: An ontological and semantic foundation for safety science
P. J. Blokland & G. L. L. Reniers

M26: Safety and risks in autonomy Location: R5

Chair: Ingrid Bouwer Utne

paper 713: Automation of the Rail – Removing the Human Factor?
T.M. Stene

paper 156: Empirical studies of methods for safety and security co-analysis of autonomous boat
E. N. Torkildson, J. Li, S. O. Johnsen & J. A. Glomsrud

paper 494: At least as safe as manned shipping? Autonomous shipping, safety and “human error”
T. Porathe, Å. Hoem, Ø. Rødseth, K. Fjørtoft & S. Johnsen

paper 13: Safety Principles for autonomous driving
H. Schäbe

paper 64: Risk-based regulation and certification of autonomous transport systems
S.O. Johnsen, Å. Hoem, T. Stålhane, G. Jenssen & T. Moen

11:40 - 12:00
Coffee break
12:00 - 12:50
ESRA Plenary session
12:50 - 13:20
Conference closing ceremony
13:20 - 13:45
Grab n go lunch





Time and place
17-21 June 2018
Venue: Realfagbygget, NTNU, Trondheim
Street address: Høgskoleringen 5

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