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Tuesday 19 June


09:00 - 09:50
Plenary session Location: R1

09:00 Plenary Talk: "Ask the expert"
Ali Mosleh

09:50 - 10:00
10:00 - 11:20
Parallel session 4
M09: Risk Assessment Location: R1

Chair: Genserik Reniers

paper 7: PSA modeling method for a safety critical DI&C system
S. M. Shin & J. Cho

paper 15: Probabilistic analysis of faults affecting multiple trains of the electrical power supply system of nuclear power plants
B. Brück, G. Gänßmantel, A. Kreuser, C. Müller, E. Piljugin & J. C. Stiller

paper 255: A framework for modeling of multiple system failures - recoveries through multi-dimensional distributions in dynamic event trees
C. Picoco, V. Rychkov & T. Aldemir

paper 412: Risk-informed safety classification of components of auxiliary systems for emergency diesel generators in nuclear power plants
J. -E. Holmberg

M13: System Reliability Location: R7

Chair: Vintr Zdeněk

paper 299: Reliability modeling for dependent competing failure processes between component degradation and system performance deterioration
Y. Zhang, J. Liu, B. Song & T. Yu

paper 307: Quantitative reliability analysis method for repairable systems with multiple correlations based on goal-oriented method
X. J. Yi, B. Xu, J. Shi, P. Hou & H. N. Mu

paper 59: A mathematical model for preliminary reliability and maintainability allocation
Z. Vintr, K. Hasilova & M. Vintr

paper 94: Approximation method for reliability of one-unit repairable system with time redundancy
X. Wu & H. Yu

M06: Mathematical Methods in Reliability and Safety Location: R5

Chair: Jørn Vatn

paper 204: A new hybrid Bayesian network approach for modeling reliability
F. Petiet, O. François & L. Bouillaut

paper 343: Statistical test planning using prior knowledge - advancing the approach of Beyer and Lauster
A. Grundler, M. Bartholdt & Prof. Dr.-Ing. B. Bertsche

paper 580: MLE versus MCMC estimators of the mixture of failure rate model
T. T. Thach & R. Bris

paper 301: Importance measure method for joint clearance of mechanism
Z. Sun, T. Yu, W. Cui & B. Song

M11: Simulation for Safety and Reliability Analysis Location: R2

Chair: Nicolas Strömberg

paper 589: Reliability-based design optimization by using support vector machines
N. Strömberg

paper 31: Selecting correct architecture for mission critical safe control systems
E.H. Dogruguven & I. Ustoglu

paper 29: Real-time work simulations of aircraft unit fuzzy reliability evaluator
N. Grzesik, R. Czapla, A. Krzyżak & M. Zieja

M14: Uncertainty Analysis Location: R8

Chair: Rui Kang

paper 134: Modular global uncertainty analysis of event-driven indicators of system’s availability
P. M. Stano & M. Spirzewski

paper 147: A performance-margin-based belief reliability model considering parameter uncertainty
Q. Zhang, M. Wen, R. Kang & T. Zu

paper 702: Application of fuzzy finite element method in addressing the Presence of Uncertainties
A. Y. N. Yusmye, A. K. Ariffin, S. Abdullah, S. S. K. Singh & M. Beer

paper 258: Advanced methodology for uncertainty propagation in computer experiments with large number of inputs: application to accidental scenario in a Pressurized Water Reactor
A. Marrel & B. Iooss

M05: Maintenance Modeling and Applications Location: R9

Chair: Sophie Mercier

paper 313: Maintenance resources allocation for the profit maximization of a park of identical systems
W. Zhu & B. Castanier

paper 4: An optimal maintenance policy based on partial information
R. Ahmadi & S. Wu

paper 610: A methodology for selecting and defining maintenance tasks for critical equipment
M. Sousa & I. S. Lopes

paper 286: Optimal burn-in for repairable products sold with two-dimensional warranty considering preventive maintenance
X.P. Li & Z.X. Liu, Y.K. Wang & Y.L. Liu

M08: Resilience Engineering Location: R6

Chair: Eric Riguad

paper 662: Working together towards critical infrastructure (CI) resilience
C. Lomba-Fernández, J.M. Sarriegi, P. Marana & L. Labaka

paper 378: Technical safety and reliability methods for resilience engineering
I. Häring & P. Gelhausen

paper 9: Best practices to improve Public Private People Partnerships in the city resilience-building process
P. Marana, L. Labaka & J.M. Sarriegi

paper 709: Resilient performance in response to the 2015 refugee influx in the Øresund region
H. Degerman, S. Bram & K. Eriksson

M03: Organizational Factors and Safety Culture Location: R4

Chair: Marja Ylönen

paper 604: Applying elements of the STAMP method to the reorganization of the German nuclear waste management
H. -P. Berg, S. Griebel & B. Milius

paper 327: Multicultural workplaces: A state of the art study of the Norwegian construction industry
K. Wasilkiewicz, S.S. Kilskar, A. Øren, R.K. Tinmannsvik & I. Kilanowska

paper 80: On the level of safety knowledge in the general public
G. Baldissone, M. Demichela, L. Comberti, E. Pilone, J. Geng & L. Maida

M12: Structural Reliability Location: R90

Chair: Jana Markova

paper 194: Serviceability criteria for structural design in prescriptive documents
J. Markova, M. Holicky & L. Navarova

paper 603: Partial factors for fatigue loads in the Eurocode system for road bridge design
S.B. Hashemi, J. Maljaars & H.H. Snijder

paper 318: Technical service life prediction of deteriorating structures
O. Lukoševičienė & R. Kliukas

Exhibitor workshop by BQR Reliability Engineering Ltd. & AEGIS Engineering Systems Ltd. : Cross-domain safety standards overview with a practical RAMS lifecycle activities example Location: R3

10:00 - 11:20
PART 1: Modern product safety and safety management: A cross-domain overview: common concepts, present and future challenges.
PART 2: A practical example to assist performing the required lifecycle activities.

11:20 - 11:40
Coffee break
11:40 - 13:00
Parallel session 5
M09: Risk Assessment Location: R1

Chair: Enrico Zio

paper 639: An experimental essessment of the MCS BDD algorithm in RiskSpectrum
O. Bäckström, R. Gamble, P. Krcal & W. Wang

paper 711: Branching rules and quantification based on human behavior in the ADS-IDAC dynamic PRA platform
M.A. Diaconeasa & A. Mosleh

paper 712: HYPRA: A hybrid static-dynamic PRA software platform
M.A. Diaconeasa & A. Mosleh

M13: System Reliability Location: R7

Chair: Mary Ann Lundteigen

paper 592: Application of failure classification schemes to technology qualification
T. Myhrvold, A. Hafver, S. Eldevik, F.B. Pedersen, O.I. Haugen, K. Kvinnesland & D. McGeorge

paper 207: Failure behavior analysis of hot standby system based on BDD method
Z. Wang, Y. Chen, W. Men & R. Kang

paper 236: Dependability analysis of a product line using its model
B. Chieb, V. Idasiak & F. Kratz

paper 79: Methodology for the preparation of accelerated reliability testing of electronic components in combat vehicles
X. P. Cu & H. A. Bui

M06: Mathematical Methods in Reliability and Safety Location: R5

Chair: Eduardo Patelli

paper 427: New resilience performance indices based on the k-terminal reliability of the complete graph
C. Tanguy

paper 526: Structure function in analysis of multi-state system availability
M. Kvassay & V. Levashenko & J. Rabcan, P.Rusnak & E. Zaitseva

paper 579: Newly enhanced computing algorithm to quantify unavailability of maintained multi-component systems
R. Briš & N.T.T. Tran

M11: Simulation for Safety and Reliability Analysis Location: R2

Chair: Stefan Bracke

paper 148: The use of reliability simulation techniques in data-driven facility simulation
F. Reinecke & S. Bracke

paper 572: Integrated deterministic and probabilistic safety assessment of the cooling circuit of a superconducting magnet for nuclear fusion applications
R. Bellaera, R. Bonifetto, N. Pedroni, L. Savoldi, R. Zanino, F. Di Maio & E. Zio

paper 52: Equal load-sharing models of cascades in interdependent network infrastructures
A. Scala, P. G. De Sanctis Lucentini & G. D'Agostino

M05: Maintenance Modeling and Applications Location: R9

Chair: Christophe Bérenguer

paper 55: A concept for a holistic risk-based operation and maintenance strategy for wind turbines
C. T. Geiss & C. U. Grosse

paper 420: Towards a Model based asset deterioration framework represented by probabilistic relational models
H. Zhang & D. W. R. Marsh

paper 270: Data-driven and risk-based decision support for maintenance planning on electrical power grid systems
N. J. Edwin, H. Mjølnerød & B. A. Gran

paper 417: A fuzzy evaluation method based on fuzzy consistency matrix for evaluating maintenance design program: case study on heavy vehicle systems
X. J. Yi, Y. H. Lai, P. Hou & H. N. Mu

M08: Resilience Engineering Location: R6

Chair: Ivonne Herrera

paper 625: Contrasting critical infrastructure resilience from Swedish infrastructure failure data
J. Johansson, R. Jonason Bjärenstam & E. Axelsdóttir

paper 688: A simulation-game to explore collective critical infrastructure resilience
J. van Laere, Peter Berggren, O. Ibrahim, A. Larsson & S. Kallin

paper 83: The Kursk submarine disaster in view of resilience assessment
A. Leksin, U. Barth & R. Mock

M03: Organizational Factors and Safety Culture Location: R4

Chair: Petter Almklov

paper 125: Societal threat landscapes of petroleum industry activity in the high north
E. Okstad & T.O. Grøtan & A. Øren

paper 28: Harmonizing normative organizational structures and serification & validation concepts for safety critical generic projects
E.H. Dogruguven & I. Ustoglu

paper 450: Contributors to successful safety level in the Norwegian railway sector
D. W. Aarsland & J. Vatn

M12: Structural Reliability Location: R90

Chair: Mauriusz Zieja

paper 210: Thermal fatigue lifetime prediction of BGA solder joint via a novel fatigue crack propagation model
W. Men, Y. Chen, & R. Kang

paper 470: Two-dimensional approach towards a probabilistic model of fatigue cracking of an industrial pipeline
M. Zieja, M. Jasztal, S. Stępień & M. Ważny

paper 23: Integrity detection of mooring chains by the approach of thermography
W. Yang, K. Wei & Z. Peng

Exhibitor workshop by Aviation Academy : How much is your system capable of avoiding safety risk events? The SAREAC indicator Location: R3

11:40 - 13:00 (No detailed schedule for each paper in this session.)

13:00 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:20
Parallel session 6
M09: Risk Assessment Location: R1

Chair: Hyungju Kim

paper 273: Application of systems-theoretic process analysis to a subsea gas compression system
H. Kim, M. A. Lundteigen, A. Hafver, F. B. Pedersen, G. Skofteland, C. Holden & S. J. Ohrem

paper 349: Improvement of the risk-based approach for evaluation of permanently plugged and abandoned oil and gas wells
H. Langdalen, E.B. Abrahamsen, J.T. Selvik & H.P. Lohne

paper 320: Analysis of the risk of pipe breaks based on hydraulic model
E. Bartkiewicz & I. Zimoch

paper 566: Risk assessment of worldwide refinery accidents using advanced classification methods: effects of refinery configuration and geographic location on outcome risk levels
P. Burgherr, M. Spada, M. Cinelli, J. Blaszczynski, Roman Słowiński & Y. Pannatier

M13: System Reliability Location: R7

Chair: Mary Ann Lundteigen

paper 317: Reliability based topology optimization design of the network system: A case study on a sewage treatment system
X. J. Yi, P. Hou, H. N. Mu & Y. H. Lai

paper 337: Simulation analysis of aerodrome CNS system reliability
M. Kozłowski, J. Skorupski & A. Stelmach

paper 405: LLVM-based Stochastic Error Propagation Analysis of Manually Developed Software Components
A. Morozov, K. Janschek & Y. Zhou

paper 574: Probability-based reliability and availability assessments for a lane at a signalised intersection
M. Maslak & K. Ostrowski

M06: Mathematical Methods in Reliability and Safety Location: R5

Chair: Radim Bris

paper 460: Operation and Climate-Weather Change Impact on Maritime Ferry Safety
K. Kołowrocki & E. Kuligowska

paper 462: Operating Environment Threats and Climate-Weather Hazards Impact on Maritime Ferry Safety
K. Kołowrocki & E. Kuligowska

paper 398: Comparison of machine learning algorithms on data from the nuclear industry
E. Remy, E. Dautrême, C. Talon, Y. Dirat & C. Dinse Le Strat

paper 508: Extensions of the I&AB method for the reliability assessment of the spent fuel pool of EPR
M. Bouissou

M11: Simulation for Safety and Reliability Analysis Location: R2

Chair: Roger Flage

paper 332: Evaluation of the reliability of composite materials used in aviation
A. Krzyzak, G. Bemowski, R. Szczepaniak, N. Grzesik & L. Gil

paper 371: Research on failure mechanism and reliability of áircraft lock mechanism
H. Pang, N. Wang & Tianxiang Yu

paper 374: A metal-oxide-semiconductor devices reliability assessing method based on physics of failure
H. Gu, M. Zhu, W. Zhang, L. Zhang, H. Zhu & M. Tang

paper 396: Case study of the effects of hurricanes on the coupled electricity and water systems of St Kitts
C.A. Johnson, R. Flage & S.D. Guikema

paper 708: Risk analysis of high enthalpy fluid storage in geothermal power systems
Z. Nivolianitou, E. Kondili & G. Piperidis

M07: Prognostics and System Health Management Location: R8

Chair: Jørn Vatn

paper 161: Current status of the MFM suite for diagnostic and prognostic reasoning of industrial process plants
Harald P.-J. Thunem

paper 466: Assessment method of the deterioration degree of asphalt concrete airport pavements
M. Zieja, P. Barszc, K. Blacha & M. Wesołowski

paper 131: Anomaly indicators for Kaplan turbine components based on patterns of normal behavior
M.A. Sanz-Bobi, T. Welte & L. Eilertsen

M05: Maintenance Modeling and Applications Location: R9

Chair: Philip Scarf

paper 471: Bayesian update and aperiodic maintenance policy for deteriorating systems with unknown parameters
E. Mosayebi Omshi, A. Grall & S. Shemehsavar

paper 44: A predictive approach to jointly schedule missions and maintenances for a deteriorating vehicle
E. Robert, C. Bérenguer, K. Bouvard, H. Tedie & R. Lesobre

paper 269: Modelling demand-caused failures. Estimation procedure.
R. Mullor, A.I. Sánchez, P. Martorell & S. Martorell

paper 268: Time-dependent unavailability model integrating on demand-caused and standby-related failures addressing positive and negative effects of testing and maintenance
P. Martorell, S. Martorell, I. Martón, S.Carlos & A.I. Sánchez

M04: Human Factors and Human Reliability Location: R6

Chair: Per Morten Schiefloe

paper 21: Teamwork Competence Required Across Operational States: Findings from Nuclear Power Plant Operation
A. B. Skjerve & L. Holmgren

paper 231: Human reliability analysis in NPP: a plant-specific sensitivity analysis considering dynamic operator actions versus accident management actions
D. Kancev, S. Heussen, J. U. Kluegel, P. Drinovac & T. Kozlik

paper 385: Symptom-based approach for dynamic HRA and accident management
G. I. Petkov

paper 591: Crisis management in extreme situation: the model of resilience in situation (MRS) as a support to observe the organization with simulation
Q. Baudard, P. Le Bot & C. De La Garza

M03: Organizational Factors and Safety Culture Location: R4

Chair: Jan Hayes

paper 133: False alarm? Effects of reducing unnecessary dispatches by fire and rescue services
G. Gjøsund, P. G. Almklov & C. Sesseng

paper 464: Tough men cry - learning from sharp end military aviation II
T. J. Steiro & C. Moldjord

paper 607: Tourism industry facing crises: setting the scene
C. Martin, F. Guarnieri & F. Lamm

Industrial session – RAILWAYS Location: R3

14:00 - 15:20 (No detailed schedule for each paper in this session.)

15:20 - 15:40
Coffee break
15:40 - 17:00
Parallel session 7
M09: Risk Assessment Location: R1

Chair: Jan Erik Vinnem

paper 537: A probabilistic risk assessment method for the security of supply in gas networks supported by physical models
B. Gjorgiev, A. Antenucci, G. Sansavini & A. Volkanovski

paper 546: A risk-based approach for the analysis of LNG carriers port operations
F. Ovidi, G. Landucci, L. Picconi & T. Chiavistelli

paper 561: Toward the integration of uncertainty and probabilities in spatial multi-criteria risk analysis: an application to tanker oil spills
M. Spada & V. Ferretti

M13: System Reliability Location: R7

Chair: Nicolae Brinzei

paper 38: An evidential network-based method for common-cause failure analysis under uncertainty
S. Qiu & H. X. G. Ming & Y. Hou

paper 120: Common cause failures and cascading failures in technical systems: similarities, differences and barriers
L. Xie, M. A. Lundteigen, Y.L. Liu

paper 139: Industry 4.0 and complexity: Markov and Petri net based calculation of PFH for designated architectures and beyond
M. Albert & M. Dorra

M06: Mathematical Methods in Reliability and Safety Location: R5

Chair: Jørn Vatn

paper 366: Advances in Component Fault Trees
B. Kaiser, D. Schneider, R. Adler, D. Domis, F. Möhrle, A. Berres, M. Zeller, K. Höfig & M. Rothfelder

paper 539: Advances in the simplification of Fault Trees automatically generated from AltaRica 3.0 models
M. Batteux, T. Prosvirnova & A. Rauzy

paper 540: Enhancement of the AltaRica 3.0 stepwise simulator by introducing an abstract notion of time
M. Batteux, T. Prosvirnova & A. Rauzy

paper 292: Research on bayesian reliability growth evaluation method for mechanical products
J. Yao & H. Wu, T. Jiang & Yiliu Liu

M11: Simulation for Safety and Reliability Analysis Location: R2

Chair: Pierre-Ethienne Labeau

paper 419: Availability simulation model of global navigation satellite system based on operation
A.G. Zhao, X. Sun, Y. Sun & B. D. Li

paper 436: A Safe Flow-Management Method for Air Traffic Considering the UAS Presence into the Non-Segregated Airspace
E. C. P. Neto, D. M. Baum, M. A. Brinati, J. R. Almeida Jr, P. S. Cugnasca & J. B. Camargo Jr.

paper 456: Active power dispatch strategy of wind farms under generator faults
K. Ma, J. Zhu, M. Soltani, A. Hajizadeh, P. Hou & Z. Chen

paper 544: Probabilistic assessment of the impact of connecting a new Distributed Generation unit to a potentially congested power system
J. Sun, P.E. Labeau & A Vergnol

M07: Prognostics and System Health Management Location: R8

Chair: Piero Baraldi

paper 330: Return On Investment on PHM Systems
A. Segal & Y. Bot

paper 483: Applying mahalanobis-taguchi method to detect faults in rotating machinery
G.F.M. Souza, I.S. Melo & M.A.C. Michalski

paper 121: A Diagnosis Method for Diesel Engine Wear Fault Based on Grey Rough Set and SOM Neural Network
S. Qian, S. Zhou, W. Chang, Y. Xiao & F. Wei

paper 577: Statistical comparison of three different measurement technologies
M. Hinz, A. Luecker, B. Bracke & C. Klostermann

M05: Maintenance Modeling and Applications Location: R9

Chair: Christophe Bérenguer

paper 445: Industry 4.0 and real-time synchronization of operation and maintenance
J. Vatn

paper 119: A maintenance time estimated method based on Virtual Reality
J. Wu, D. Zhou & P. Liu

paper 297: Evaluation method of maintenance operation space based on virtual reality
P. Liu, D. Zhou, Z. Guo, J. Wu & Y. Li

M04: Human Factors and Human Reliability Location: R6

Chair: Ann Britt Skjerve

paper 146: Usability and user experience: Adaption and application for a railway related environment
M. Burkhardt & B.Milius

paper 673: Naturalistic decision making in process control: The guidance-expertise model and the model of resilience in situation
S. Massaiu

paper 573: Ergonomic risk assessment of maintenance job in a gas power station
S. O. Ismaila

M10: Risk Management Location: R90

Chair: Peter Hughes

paper 475: Identifying hazards to include in risk analyses
M. Leonhardsen, O.E. Olsen & A.S. Nilsen

paper 47: Engineering Safety Recommendations: Results from a Survey in Aviation
N. Karanikas

paper 88: How systems engineering may be useful in preparing FMECA– Lesson learnt from a practical case
M. Bucelli, J. Zhang, A. Rauzy & S. Sultana

M17: Occupational Safety Location: R3

Chair: Kristine Vedal Størkersen

paper 525: Norwegian police training in the use of force: a preparation for facing the realities of street challenges?
S. Vee Henriksen, A. Snortheimsmoen & B.I. Kruke

paper 227: Analysis of fatal fires in Norway over a decade, -a retrospective observational study
C. Sesseng, K. Storesund & A. Steen-Hansen

paper 503: Personal protective equipment detection in industrial facilities using camera video streaming
C. B. S. Maior, J. M. Santana, L. M. Nascimento, J. B. Macedo, M. C. Moura, D. L. Isis & E. L. Droguett

End Academic program Tuesday
19:00 -
The conference dinner will be hosted at Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim.
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