Wednesday 20 June


09:00 - 09:50
Plenary session Location: R1

09:00 Plenary Talk: “Redefining risk and safety – a multidimensional approach”
Patrick Hudson

09:50 - 10:00
10:00 - 11:20
Parallel session 8
M09: Risk Assessment Location: R1

Chair: Genserik Reniers

paper 553: A framework for aggregating risk information across organisational levels – the case of Swedish municipalities
H. Hassel

paper 63: Multi-risk and L.U.P.: a methodology to evaluate neglected risks and risk interactions. An Italian case study
E. Pilone, M. Demichela & G. Camuncoli

paper 664: A new approach for social vulnerability in mainland Portugal area for risk mitigation
A. O. Tavares, J. L. Barros, P. P. Santos & J. M. Mendes

M13: System Reliability Location: R7

Chair: Emmanuel Remy

paper 17: Reliability Aspects of a Series Load–Sharing System
V.V. Krivtsov, S.V. Amari & V.I. Gurevich

paper 653: Communication failure analysis for a fleet formation flight of drones based on absorbing markov chain
R. Abdallah,C. Sarraf,R. Kouta, J. Gaber & M. Wack

paper 522: Masked data analysis for storage reliability model with initial failures
M. Zhao, Y.J. Zhang & J.F. Yang

paper 430: Verification of timing properties of a medical patient table case Study using probabilistic model checking
T. Mutzke, J. Braun, A. Morozov, K. Ding & K. Janschek

M19: Digitalization and Big Data Location: R4

Chair: Coen van Gulijk

paper 201: Safety Enterprise Architecture Approach for a Railway Safety Management Syste
S. Khan & C. van Gulijk

paper 202: A computer leaning approach to obtain safety information from multi lingual accident reports
P. Hughes, M. Figueres-Esteban, R.A.H. El Rashidy, C. van Gulijk & R. Slovak

paper 142: Reliability-based cyber plant
H. Rødseth, P. Schjølberg, R. Eleftheriadis & O. Myklebust

M11: Simulation for Safety and Reliability Analysis Location: R2

Chair: Enrico Zio

paper 239: A flow-based method for identifying critical pipelines in complex natural gas supply systems
H. Su, E. Zio, J. Zhang & X. Li

paper 308: Bayesian information fusion for non-competing relationship degradation process
J. Guo, H. -Z. Huang, Y. -F. Li, J. Zhou & X. -Y. Li

M07: Prognostics and System Health Management Location: R8

Chair: Bruno Castanier

paper 37: Structural damage detection by integrating Short Time Fourier Transform, Principal Component Analysis and Logistic Regression
A. K. Agrawal & G. Chakraborty

paper 675: Strategic view of an assets health index for making long-term decisions in different industries
A. De La Fuente, A. Guillén, A. Crespo, A. Sola, J. Gómez, P. Moreu & V. González-Prida

paper 346: Reliability engineering based on operating data and monitoring systems within technical products: challenges, requirements and approaches
S. Bracke, M. Hinz, C. van Gulijk, F. Gronwald, M. Muenker, M. Inoue, S. Yamada, E. Patelli, B. Ulutas, M. Bonato & T. Yamada

paper 562: Cyber physical systems implementation for asset management improvement: a framework for the transition
L. Villar-Fidalgo, Dr. A. Crespo Márquez, Dr. V. González Prida, A. De la Fuente, P. Martínez-Galán & A. Guillén

M18: Security Location: R9

Chair: Silke Holtmans

paper 356: Finding your aim – choosing your game
T. Grunnan & H. Fridheim

paper 584: Optimizing security patrolling scheduling in chemical industrial parks by using game theory
L. Zhang & G. Reniers

paper 163: An overview on the obsolescence of physical assets for the defence facing the challenges of industry 4.0 and the new operating environments
V. Gonzalez-Prida, J. Zamora, A. Crespo Márquez, L. Villar-Fidalgo, A. De la Fuente, P. Martínez-Galán & A. Guillén

paper 247: Security risk and vulnerability analysis in military operational planning: The why’s and how’s
S. Malerud & H. Fridheim

M04: Human Factors and Human Reliability Location: R5

Chair: Karin Laumann

paper 558: A computerized procedure system framework for U.S. utilities
R. Lew, R. L. Boring & T. A. Ulrich

paper 338: The weighting method’s impact on the weighting process in decision making problems
A. Tzioutziou & Y. Xenidis

paper 85: Verification of HTC Vive deployment capabilities for ergonomic evaluations in virtual reality environments
Z. Tůma, L. Kotek, J. Kroupa, P. Blecha & F. Bradáč

paper 364: Risk-based maintenance backlog
H. Rødseth

M10: Risk Management Location: R90

Chair: Rui Kang

paper 97: Study on the flight landing quality evaluation model with analytical network process and matter element analysis method
A. Jingsong Lei, B. Wenbing Chang, C. Lei Li, D. Shenghan Zhou & E. Yiyong Xiao

paper 122: Risk prediction method of aircraft hard landing based on flight data
L. Zheng, J. Xie & S. Qian

paper 102: Approach to a Bayesian decision model for cost-benefit analysis in security risk
D. Lichte & K.-D. Wolf

paper 362: A multi-discipline method to assess the human performance in manufacturing industry for safety and quality optimization.
L. Comberti, M. Demichela & M. C. Leva

M01: Accident and Incident Modeling Location: R3

Chair: Knut Øien

paper 342: An investigation identifying trends between the enforcement of offshore safety case regulations and the occurrence of vessel to platform collision incidents
S. Loughney, J. Wang, B. Matellini & K. Pemberton

paper 434: Safety climate and work conditions related to acute spills and hydrocarbon leaks in the offshore oil and gas industry – a repeated cross-sectional study
A. Aalberg, S. A. Kvalheim, I. B. Nilsen & R. J. Bye

paper 626: Reliability of power system considering replacement of conventional power plants with renewables
M. Čepin

paper 627: Losing containment at high temperature and pressure - An experimental study with water-steam circuit
F. Heymes, P. Lauret, C. Lopez & P. Hoorelbeke

M24: Safety and risks in autonomy Location: R6

Chair: Ingrid Bouwer Utne

paper 602: Towards a framework for assurance of autonomous navigation systems in the maritime industry
A. Brandsæter & K. E. Knutsen

paper 219: Accounting for human failure in autonomous ship operations
M. A. Ramos, I. B. Utne, J.E. Vinnem & A. Mosleh

paper 225: Development of dynamic safety envelopes for autonomous remotely operated underwater vehicles
J. Hegde, E. H. Henriksen, I.B. Utne & I. Schjølberg

paper 289: Risk from cyberattacks on autonomous ships
J. E. Vinnem & I. B. Utne

11:20 - 11:40
Coffee break
11:40 - 13:00
Parallel session 9
M09: Risk Assessment Location: R1

Chair: Jon Selvik

paper 101: Use case- based consideration of safety and security in cyber physical production systems applied to a collaborative robot system
D. Lichte & K.-D. Wolf

paper 91: Emergency assessment in case of hazardous substance leakage at Czech Republic freight rail transport in 2008-2016
S. Hoskova-Mayerova

paper 100: A study on the influence of uncertainties in physical security risk analysis
D. Lichte & K.-D. Wolf

paper 502: A general framework for integrated risk assessment of nuclear/non-nuclear combined installations on market-oriented nuclear industry
K. Kowal, S. Potempski & Pawel M. Stano

M13: System Reliability Location: R7

Chair: Laurent Bouillaut

paper 12: Reliability Analysis in the Presence of Aleatory Uncertainty
L. G. Crespo, S. P. Kenny & D. P. Giesy

paper 716: Bayesian networks with imprecise datasets: application to oscillating water column
H. D. Estrada-Lugo, E. Patelli, M. de Angelis & D. D. Raj

paper 599: Optimal Sensor Placement of Health Management for Thermal Protection System on RLV
Jianlin Xuan & Zhaohui Yang

paper 560: Reliability Forecasting of Components/Systems in Automobile Applications by using two-dimensional Stress Functions
A. Krini & J. Börcsök

M19: Digitalization and Big Data Location: R4

Chair: Coen van Gulijk

paper 160: Integrated analysis system for elevator optimization maintenance using ontology processing and text mining
M. Nagasaka, M. Sato & E. Kinoshita

paper 468: Building cyber resilience through a discursive approach to "big cyber" threat landscapes
T.O. Grøtan

paper 56: Manifestation of ontologies in graph databases for Big Data Risk Analysis.
M. Figueres-Esteban, P. Hughes, R. EL Rashidy & C. van Gulijk

M11: Simulation for Safety and Reliability Analysis Location: R2

Chair: Eduardo Patelli

paper 68: Optimizing terminal logistics and dimensioning
S.L. Isaksen, T. Lilleheier & N.J. Edwin

paper 705: An efficient computational strategy for robust maintenance scheduling: Application to corroded pipelines
E.Patelli & M. de Angelis

paper 26: A Monte Carlo method for evaluating dependability of mission repairable items
H. Cheng, J. Huang & Y. Zhang

paper 278: Robust management of distributed energy resources for frequency control in microgrids with unreliable communication
H.D. Mo & G. Sansavini

M07: Prognostics and System Health Management Location: R8

Chair: Pierre Beauseroy

paper 593: Machine learning modeling for massive industrial data: Railroad peak kips prediction
C. Contreras, M. López-Campos, P. Escalona, R. Stegmaier & T. Grubessich

paper 519: Optimization of periodic inspection time of sis subject to a regular proof testing
H. Srivastav, A.V. Guilherme, A. Barros, M.A. Lundteigen, F.B. Pedersen, A. Hafver & F.L. Oliveira

paper 169: A particle filtering approach for temperature based prognostics
A. Bender & W. Sextro

M18: Security Location: R9

Chair: Håvard Fridheim

paper 103: Information power supporting the rail systems safety
T. Kertis & D. Prochazkova

paper 345: Constructing a method for classification of complex infrastructures for security threats: A case study of Norwegian ISPS port facilities
K. Brattekås, J.A. Bruvoll, M. Maal, J.F. Aae & A. Breivik

M04: Human Factors and Human Reliability Location: R5

Chair: Chiara Leva

paper 559: Task level errors for human error prediction in GOMS-HRA
R. L. Boring, T. A. Ulrich & M. Rasmussen

paper 132: Challenges with data for human reliability analysis
K. Laumann, H. Blackman & M. Rasmussen

paper 158: Human reliability analysis – accounting for human actions and external factors through the project life cycle
C. Morais, R. Moura, M. Beer & E. Patelli

paper 256: Reviewing macro level factors as a foundation for understanding quality and patient safety improvement efforts across countries
T. Johannessen, E. Ree, S. Wiig, H. van de Bovenkamp & R. Bal

M10: Risk Management Location: R90

Chair: Ingrid Utne

paper 140: Analysis of 985 fire incidents related to oil- and gas production on the Norwegian continental shelf
C. Sesseng, K. Storesund & A. Steen-Hansen

paper 149: Implications from major accident causation theories to activity-related risk analysis - An application to the Norwegian Atlantic salmon farming industry
X. Yang, I. B. Utne & I. M. Holmen

paper 669: Impact of human factors on threats in sewage treatment plants
M. Łój-Pilch, A. Zakrzewska & E. Zielewicz

paper 530: Integrated monitoring of risks for Seveso plants
G. Baldissone, L. Comberti, M. Demichela, T. Marcon, E. Plot & M.C. Leva

M01: Accident and Incident Modeling Location: R3

Chair: Thomas Porathe

paper 41: Comparing HFACS and AcciMaps in a Health Informatics Case Study – The Analysis of a Medication Dosing Error
O.O. Igene & C.W. Johnson

paper 223: Analysis on factors of subway incidents for signal system maintenance improving based on a hybrid model
S. Zhang, T. Tang, R. Niu, F. Yan, L. Yue & L. Wan

paper 367: Understanding and effectively managing conservatisms in safety analysis
S. Krahn, M. Modarres & J. O’Brien

paper 729: Strength of knowledge assessment for risk informed decision making
T. Bani-Mustafa, Z. Zeng, E. Zio & D. Vasseur

M25: Artic Safety Location: R6

Chair: Eirik Albrechtsen

paper 446: Urban avalanche search and rescue operations in Longyearbyen: A study of public-private cooperation.
S.M. Tengesdal & B.I. Kruke

paper 678: Field operations in the high arctic – Experienced feedback and tacit knowledge as key tools for safety management
M. Indreiten, E. Albrechtsen & S. M. Cohen

paper 104: Anti-icing expected heat loss as a risk indicator for arctic offshore logistics operations
M. Naseri, E. M. Samuelsen

paper 686: Hazard identification for a dynamic positioning and mooring system in Arctic condition: complementary use of hazard identification study (HAZID) and systems theoretic process analysis (STPA)
T. Joung, H. Kim, Y. Kim, S. Cho, K. Kang, Y. Liu & M. A. Lundteigen

13:00 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:20
Parallel session 10
M09: Risk Assessment Location: R1

Chair: Enrico Zio

paper 11: Air traffic safety in relation to visualization systems reliability
J. Skorupski & P. Ferduła

paper 230: A method to evaluate an aircraft operational risk
Š. Hosková-Mayerovaá, M. Zieja, M. Woch, J. Tomaszewska & M. Matyjewski

paper 388: Analysis of domino scenarios in chemical and process facilities operating in harsh environmental conditions
M. Bucelli, G. Landucci, S. Haugen, N. Paltrinieri & V. Cozzani

paper 529: Assessment and management of ageing of critical equipment at seveso sites
M.F. Milazzo, G. Ancione, G. Scionti & P.A. Bragatto

M16: Natural Hazards Location: R7

Chair: Nima Khakzad

paper 92: Impacts of climate change on rail systems: A new climate risk analysis model
T. Wang, Z. Qu, T. Nichol, Z. Yang, D. Dimitriu, G. Clarke & D. Bowden

paper 117: Data management for the development of a flood vulnerability model
J.-P. Pinelli, D. Rodriguez, D. Roueche, K. Gurley, M. Baradaranshoraka, S. Cocke, D.-W. Shin, L. Lapaiche & R. Gay

paper 304: Risk management for natural hazards based on reliability analysis: A case study of landslides
J, Lee & D. K. Lee

paper 40: A multidimensional risk evaluation framework for managing floods in urban areas
L. B. L. da Silva, R. P. Palha, M. H. Alencar & A.T. de Almeida

M11: Simulation for Safety and Reliability Analysis Location: R2

Chair: Jacek Malinowski

paper 20: Effectiveness investigation of the correlation algorithms applied in a Smart ID Card system to monitor the use of PPE
M. Dźwiarek, T. Łempiński & M. Światowski

paper 162: Safety for automated warehouse exhibiting collaborative robots
R. Inam, E. Fersman, K. Raizer, R. Souza, A. Nascimento Junior & A. Hata

M07: Prognostics and System Health Management Location: R8

Chair: Antoine Grall

paper 75: Fault diagnosis and remaining useful life prediction of multiple deteriorating components in hybrid dynamical system
O. Prakash, A.K. Samantaray & R. Bhattacharyya

paper 354: Enhanced hybrid prognostic approach applied to aircraft on-board electromechanical actuators affected by progressive faults
P. C. Berri, M. D. L. Dalla Vedova & P. Maggiore

paper 167: Prognostic and health management design for subsea applications
X. Gao, O. Niculita, D. McGlinchey & B. Alkali

M18: Security Location: R9

Chair: Håvard Fridheim

paper 5: Customs - a vital contributor to safe societies? A study of the Norwegian Customs Service
L.K. Stene & R. Folgerø

paper 600: Perception of Security and Use of Public Travel Modes in an Urban Norwegian Public
T. Rundmo, A.M. Kummeneje & T. Nordfjærn

paper 671: A systematic classification scheme for cyber-attack taxonomy
S. Kim, J. Shin, G. Heo & J. G. Song

M04: Human Factors and Human Reliability Location: R5

Chair: Martin Rasmussen

paper 180: Risk assessment in military transport - Human Factor in estimation of risk
J. Ryczyński & M. Nowakowska

paper 715: Task complexity, and operators’ capabilities as predictor of human error: modeling framework and an example of application
M.C. Leva , A. Caimo, R. Duane, M. Demichela & L.Comberti

paper 612: Subjective assessment of risk among urban work travel cyclists
A.-M. Kummeneje & T. Rundmo

paper 723: Bayesian aggregation of expert judgment data for quantification of human failure probabilities for radiotherapy
L. Podofillini, D. Pandya. F. Emert, A. J. Lomax, V. N. Dang & G. Sansavini

M10: Risk Management Location: R90

Chair: Willy Røed

paper 166: Using microworlds to study critical infrastructure protection – the effect of incentives on risk management
H. Tehler, J. Lindström & H. Lindbom

paper 432: Rescue emergency drone (RED) network for assessment of traffic accidents in Denmark
A. S. Kristensen, S. Mehmood, S. Ahmed, D. Ahsan & R. Zamora

paper 457: Swedish multi-level planning system for critical infrastructure protection: The regional cor
C. Groβe & P.M. Olausson

paper 608: Implementation guidance for resilience management of critical infrastructure
G. Cadete, B. Rød & M. M. da Silva

M01: Accident and Incident Modeling Location: R3

Chair: Rolf Bye

paper 192: Possibilities of using simulation software to estimate losses of industrial facilities and installations - critical analysis
J. Ryczyński, P. Mastalerz, K. Ksiądzyna & T. Smal

paper 416: Awareness and preparation of the population for emergencies
M. Vašková, M. Náplavová & J. Barta

paper 728: A heterogeneous ensemble approach for the prediction of the remaining useful life of packaging industry machinery
F. Cannarile, P. Baraldi, M. Compare, D. Borghi, L. Capelli & E. Zio

paper 657: An investigation and statistical analysis into the incidents and failures associated with dynamic positioning systems
O. Olubitan, S. Loughney, J. Wang & R. Bell

15:20 - 15:40
Coffee break
15:40 - 17:00
Parallel session 11
M09: Risk Assessment Location: R1

Chair: Tor Stålhane

paper 359: Risk assessment and the influence of new information
T. Stålhane & S. O. Johnsen

paper 365: Risk assessment in construction projects with the use of neural networks
L. Giannakos & Y. Xenidis

paper 209: Risk dimensions of fish farming operations and conflicting objectives
S.M. Holen, I.B. Utne & X. Yang

M16: Natural Hazards Location: R7

Chair: Nima Khakzad

paper 280: Optimizing warnings for slippery runways based on weather data
A. B. Huseby & M. Rabbe

paper 696: Power Outage Forecasting: Methods, Results, and Uncertainty
S. D. Guikema

paper 157: Time-dependent reliability in flood protection decision making in the Netherlands
W.J. Klerk, W. Kanning & M. Kok

M19: Digitalization and Big Data Location: R4

Chair: Coen van Gulijk

paper 16: Pitfalls of machine learning for tail events in high risk environments
C. Agrell, S. Eldevik, A. Hafver, F.B. Pedersen, E. Stensrud & A. Huseby

paper 84: Automated train driver competency performance indicators using real train driving data
R.A.H. EL Rashidy, P. Hughes, M. Figueres-Esteban & C. van Gulijk

paper 46: Fault Diagnosis of wind turbine structures using decision tree learning algorithms with big data
I. Abdallah, V. Dertimanis, H. Mylonas, K. Tatsis, E. Chatzi, N. Dervilis, K. Worden & E. Maguire

paper 86: A preliminary approach to subsea risk management using sensor network information
M. Bucelli, I.B. Utne, N. Paltrinieri, P. Salvo Rossi & V. Cozzani

M11: Simulation for Safety and Reliability Analysis Location: R2

Chair: Jacek Malinowski

paper 170: A flexible simulation model of the operation and maintenance process of a complex technical system
J. Malinowski

paper 200: Feasibility study of a simulation driven approach for estimating reliability of wind turbine fluid power pitch systems
J. Liniger, M. Soltani, H. C. Pedersen & N. Sepehri

paper 215: Simulator training in driver education – potential gains and challenges
G.B. Sætren, P.A. Pedersen, R. Robertsen, P. Haukeberg, M. Rasmussen & C. Lindheim

M18: Security Location: R9

Chair: Yiliu Liu

paper 352: Mobile data interception in 4G via diameter interconnection
Dr. S. Holtmanns, J. Ekman & C. McDaid

paper 276: Security and availability on embedded systems
N. Burger, Y. Langeron, R. Cogranne & P. Lallement

paper 8: Management of airport security screening system effectiveness
J. Skorupski & P. Uchroński

M04: Human Factors and Human Reliability Location: R5

Chair: Luca Podofillini

paper 596: A computational cognitive modeling approach to human performance assessment in nuclear power plants
Y. Zhao & C. Smidts

paper 406: Data learning and expert judgment in a bayesian belief network for offshore decommissioning risk assessment
M. L. Fam, X. H. He, P. Hilber, L. S. Ong, D. Konovessis & H. K. Tan

paper 641: Applying an operational safety barrier framework in a major oil and gas field development project
J. T. Ludvigsen, K. van de Merwe, E. K. le-Borgne & T. Teigen

M10: Risk Management Location: R90

Chair: Willy Røed

paper 178: Lessons learned from an unexpected uranium accumulation event
D.G. Harrison & A. Smith

paper 128: Unforeseen events with a major accident potential – a study of some examples from the Norwegian oil and gas industry
W. Røed

paper 386: Risk management for a particle therapy accelerator: The MedAustron experience
R. Filippini & P. Urschütz

ESRA TC Maintenance Location: R3

Chairs: C. Bérenguer & M. Fouladirad

15:40 - 17:00 Industrial Panel session: "Future challenges for maintenance modeling and applications"
Kim Alexander Jørgensen – Lundin
Erling Lunde – Statoil
Frank Børre Pedersen – DNV-GL

End academic program wednesday





Time and place
17-21 June 2018
Venue: Realfagbygget, NTNU, Trondheim
Street address: Høgskoleringen 5

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