Excited Kick-off Presenters

Excited Kick-off Presenters


Anne-Kathrin Peters

About the keynote speaker

Dr. Anne-Kathrin Peters is an Associate Professor in Technology Education at KTH Anne-Kathrin PetersRoyal Institute of Technology in Sweden. She is driving transformation of education for sustainability at KTH, contributing with special expertise on equality and justice. Anne is currently coordinating two international research groups, in futures studies and computing education for sustainability, and she is establishing a new group on learning for sustainability at KTH. Most of her research has been in computing education. Before joining KTH, she was a member of the computing education research group (UpCERG) at Uppsala University (2011-2021). At Uppsala University, she was also the coordinator for the Climate Change Leadership (CCL) initiative, establishing new cross-disciplinary research collaborations on societal transformation and climate action. She obtained a computing and teaching degree in Germany and has also worked as a teacher in a German high school. Dr. Anne-Kathrin Peters is member of the Excited International Advisory Board.

Presentation abstract

In her keynote presentation, Anne will provide perspectives on what is required of us in computing education to address sustainability, where we stand today, and what we could do for change towards sustainability. She will connect work from computing education research with research from the broader fields of education, computing, futures studies, and gender research.


Hanne Olssen, Marius Sjøberg and Zainab Abbas

About the presenters

Hanne Olssen s a fifth year student at her MSc in Computer Science at NTNU. She is currently writing her master thesis on ‘Gender Inequality in Software Development Processes’. Beside her studies, Hanne orks as a teaching assistant at the Department of Computer Science, both as a part of Excited Center for Excellent IT Education and also in a Software Engineering course.

Marius Sjøberg has a bachelor's degree in informatics and is currently in his fifth year in a master's degree in informatics. He is now writing his master thesis on Responsible Artificial intelligence. Besides studying, he also works for the department of computer science, supervising bachelor's degree students and hosting the coding contests NCPC and IDI Open.

Zainab Abbas is a 3rd year student at BCs Digital infrastructure and Cybersecurity. She is currently writing her bachelor thesis on ´Cloud computing: Microsoft Azure´ and how to make new technology understandable for people without IT-competence. Besides her studies Zainab works as a project assistent at Ada, which contributes to more women graduating from technology education at NTNU. She is also working as a student contact for the Department of Computer Science.

Presentation abstract

In their future career as IT professionals, Hanne, Marius and Zainab would like to work with challenges connected to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, especially number 4, 5 and 13. Competences they feel like are needed in work life are soft skills/teamwork skills, being able to see the “bigger picture”, and skills in interdisciplinary work.  


Jørund Leknes

About the presenter

Jørund Leknes is a chief consultant at the employee owned IT consultancy agency Kantega, where he has been employed for 12 years. He enjoys working with challenges that involve both technology and business development. Jørund previously spent four years at the Ministry of Government Administration and Reform being particularly involved in national IT policy. Apart from consulting Jørund has been central to Kantega’s activities with the student community in Trondheim. He has played a key role in recruiting students for summer jobs for several years.


Jørgen Gulnes

About the presenter

Jørgen Gulnes is an experienced IT and digital leader with a global background from management consulting, software development and IT operations. Jørgen holds an M.Sc. in Management & Strategic Information Systems from the University of Bath and has since studied Digital Transformation at U.C. Berkeley and INSEAD. He is a passionate people developer who has held leadership positions in New York, Shanghai and Norway. Jørgen currently holds the position as Director – Regions in Sopra Steria. This includes responsibility for Application development units in Tromsø, Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger, Drammen, Fredrikstad, Poland.

Presentation abstract

Using his own experience, Jørgen gives a reflection on how Norwegian education and employers historically have favored a narrow education over a broad education. This is different from the British and American education system/ employer approach. Also, he will address what Sopra Steria is and what they are looking for today and into the future when we are recruiting graduates. Finally, he will discuss what competence/attitude is needed to succeed in the long term.


Leendert Wienhofen

About the presenter

Leendert Wienhofen holds a master’s degree in Computer Science. Throughout his career he has been working with making large datasets understandable for either humans or machines by applying among others visualization, context, semantics and AI.  In his 22+ years career he has worked as a consultant at a small research oriented company and as a research scientist at SINTEF. He is currently employed as a Data Scientist at Trondheim Municipality where he works with predictive analytics using explainable AI on a variety of municipal datasets.

Presentation abstract

In his presentation, Leendert will give an intro about TK and the many different services we provide for the citizens. What makes local government so different from a private company, seen from the IT perspective? Firstly, complexities are both technological and legal - data is not just data, strict rules apply: “fun and frustration” at the same time. Secondly, when using AI, recommendations need to be right. There is no “skip to next song” such as you would have in Spotify. If your application is rejected, it is rejected and complaining about such a rejection takes a lot of time and effort. It is important to understand these complexities and be able to build (if you start to work for a vendor) or purchase (if you work for a local govt) systems that are future proof and actually adhere to standards. Finally, Leendert will address bottom-up and top-down perspectives from new technologies and actual needs, and how to understand the domain.


Majid Rouhani

About the presenter

Majid Rouhani is an associate professor at the Department of Computer Science (IDI). He is Academic Programme Director for "programming for level 8-13" at NTNU's Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Development, and Academic Programme Director for the bachelor's degree in Information Technology, with a research background, substantial industry experience and a teaching portfolio. Research interest is in computing education and e-learning, more particularly, for the professional development of in-service teachers.

Presentation abstract

The context of the presentation is the “computer science for all” movement and the challenges and opportunities of learning and teaching programming as an in-service teacher. The presentation will address an in-service teacher's professional development program which prepares K-12 teachers to teach programming. The program is found to be relevant and to increase the teachers’ self-efficacy.


Orges Cico

About the presenter

Orges Çiço holds a Bachelor and MSc in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Torino, Italy, and a PhD in Cloud Computing from Tirana University. He is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. His research topic is in Empirical Software Engineering, more precisely in Lean Software Startups and Software Engineering Education. He has published over ten peer-reviewed papers in high-quality international conferences such as ICSE, ICSOB, EASE, EDUCON and FIE. Previously he was a Full-Time Lecturer at the Canadian Institute of Technology, Tirana, Albania, and the Director of the Metropolitan Incubator Center (NGO part of the University Metropolitan Tirana, Albania). In the last ten years, he has had extensive experience in both industry and academic settings. He has participated in several project development dedicated to cloud, mobile, and IoT systems and taught courses related to Advanced Software Engineering, Operating System Design, Customer-Driven Project and Experts in Teamwork.

Presentation abstract

Software has become ubiquitous in every corner of modern societies. During the last five decades, software engineering has also changed significantly to advance the development of various types and scales of software products. In this context, Software Engineering Education plays an important role in keeping students updated with software technologies, processes, and practices that are popular in industries. In this talk I point out the possible gaps between Software Industry and Education, which implies actionable insights for researchers, educators, and practitioners.


Kristine Øygardslia

About the presenter

Kristine Øygardslia is an associate professor at Nord University, Levanger. She has a background in computer games for education and social change, and has a broad interest in how computer games can make the world a better place. She is a part of Excited Cluster 3, Tools and Infrastructure. 

Presentation abstract

In this presentation, I will present the innovative practices of Nord University’s Game Lab. Game lab is a work simulator, where students work in teams to create computer games. The presentation will first give a brief overview of game lab, before presenting what we consider to be the central innovative practices contributing to a successful game lab. This includes factors such as: 1) The activity being student led; 2) Teachers taking on the role as executives; 3) Weekly feedback; 4) Students believing in the structure of the course. There will be special emphasis on our collaboration with externals and how game industry professionals contribute to the course. Then, the presentation will address our motivations for teaching game lab like we do, as well as what the students think of this educational practice. Finally, our thoughts on how to further develop the innovative practices in game lab will be presented.


Arne Styve

About the presenter

Arne Styve is Associate Professor at the Department of ICT and Natural Sciences, NTNU Ålesund. Arne holds a B.Eng. w/Hons (Sivilingeniør) degree in Microelectronics and Software Engineering from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1991.

With more than 20 years of experience from the Norwegian IT industry, Arne is an experienced software developer, and team-manager, having hands on experience on Agile Methods like SCRUM, Kanban etc. Arne teaches object-oriented programming and system development at the Bachelor level, as well as introduction to simulation and visualization on the Master level. 

Presentation abstract

This talk will focus on cross-campus courses. The talk will address the challenges of cross-campus teaching, the solutions we chose in our cross-campus courses, and the experiences we made with these solutions.


Kiran Raja

About the presenter

Kiran Raja is an associate professor at Dept. of Computer Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He obtained a Ph.D. in computer science from the NTNU, in 2016. He is the program coordinator of Bachelor programme in Computer Science at NTNU for campus Gjøvik since 2021. He teaches object-oriented programming to first year bachelor students in computer science. 

Presentation abstract

The key points of the intro presentation are (1) Live-coding vs Static Code Examples in introductory programming and (2) Participatory Live coding as a tool for student engagement

Excited Kick-off Program

Excited Kick-off Program


Posters and demos

Musical performance

Excited Kick-off Concert


Marie Nilsen - Harp concert in the ruins of the Klemens church

About the performer

Marie Nilsen was born in Amsterdam in 1997 and has Belgian and Norwegian nationality. She started her musical education at the age of 8 at the local music school.
After a few years, she was 
accepted to the young talent department of the ArtEZ Conservatory. In 2015, she started studying at the Conservatory of Amsterdam where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in 2019. Alongside her harp studies she also studied Musicology at the University of Amsterdam where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts with a minor in Music Theory in 2019. Currently, she is a Master student at the Norwegian Academy of Music in the class of Isabelle Perrin.

After a successful audition, Marie became an intern at the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra where she has been tutored by Birgitte Volan Håvik since September 2019. She has substituted in orchestras such as the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, the Bergen Philharmonic, the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic, the Nordic Chamber Orchestra and was a member of the Dutch Student Orchestra and the National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands.

Marie has won prizes at multiple harp competitions: she won a second prize at the Rosa Spier Harp

competition in 2011, 2013 and 2018. In 2012 she won a first prize in the highest category of the Harpegio Competition in Brussels.

Concert program

Marie will play the following two pieces:

  • Johann Jakob Froberger: "Tombeau fait à Paris sur la mort de Monsieur Blancheroche"
  • Albert Zabel: "Fantasy on Gounod's Faust"


Lillian Endrerud – Piano concert

About the performer

Lillian Endrerud is a young pianist who has studied at NTNU Department of Music and the Grieg Academy in Bergen. She aims towards a career as a performing pianist.


Lillian will be performing light music to accompany the Excited kickoff dinner