Excited 2022-2026 Vision

For the five-year period 2022-2026 our vision is to bring Norway to the forefront of innovative IT education. Adding to this, we want to provide IT education for a sustainable and digital future.

This means that integration of sustainability in IT education is at the core of the centre's activities. As a society we face hightly complex challenges related to sustainability, and candidates from IT education need to have the relevant competence to handle these challenges. This requires higher education to follow suit in our courses and study programs - in terms of learning objectives, pedagogy and the use of technology to support learning.


Excited 2022-2026 Activity Clusters

Our work towards our vision ise organized in three activity clusters: Cluster 1 - Learning outcomes and progression, Cluster 2 - Pedagogy, and Cluster 3 - Tools and infrastructure. While these three areas overlap, they allow us to structure our effort in a way which is familiar to students and colleagues and invites involvement and collaboration.


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