About FabLab NTNU

– part of the FabFoundation network


FabLab NTNU is developed by the Faculty of Maritime Technology and Operations and Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences from NTNU in Ålesund.

NTNU in Ålesunds main building consists of five separate buildings that are connected together. In addition, NTNU in Ålesund also have offices in Kunnskapsparken (KP), Laboratoriebygget (L) and Fagskolen (G). We are located at the Lab Building (L), room L101.



Fall 2017 Staff:

  • Olivia Chaves
  • <olivias@stud.ntnu.no>
  • Elias Johan Liavaag

Past Fablab Staff: 

  • Morten Sandseth 
  • Stanislav Dudin
  • Milad Moradi 
  • Ole Kristian Sande


FabLab is organized by IHB department. On March 2016 the people connected to the lab are:

  • Prof. Hans Petter Hildre (Dean)
  • Assoc. Prof. Ola Jon Mork
  • Ing. Andre Tranvåg
  • Assist. Prof. Lars Petter Bryne
  • Assist. Prof. Paul Stephen Kleppe
  • Assist. Prof. Ottar Osen
  • Prof. Houxiang Zhang
  • Dr. Li Guoyoan
  • Prof. Vilmar Æsøy
  • Siv. Ing. Morten Sandseth
  • MSc. Stud. Stanislav Dudin
  • MSc. Stud Milad Moradi
  • Assoc. Prof. Henrique Gaspar (contact person)