Using the Fablab

FabLab is open to students, staff and community. The building is open on working hours, but to be sure that you find someone qualified to assist you, we recommend that you contact one of our staff.

  • Olivia Chaves  <>
  • Elias Johan Liavaag <>


To sucessufuly use the FabLab, five common sense steps are proposed:

  1. Decide what you want: for instance, to turn into reality anything from your university project or based on your own idea; to receive some assistance with equipment / software provided in the FabLab; to learn how to use a machine and so on.
  2. Contact one of our staff member, either by e-mail or personaly in the FabLab (L101, Laboratory building)
  3. Agree on a convenient time for both parties, and be precise with your requirements/expectations;
  4. Provide the raw material for your case - we can help when related to one of the machines, for instance which certified material can be used in each of them.
  5. Be on time and be prepared for the frustration of failures and joy of small accomplishments - remember that making and prototyping is a VERY iterative process, with lots of fails, trials and errors. Do not come in last minute expecting a magic 3D printing, it will not happen.