Support for women in permanent academic positions

NTNU wants to ensure that all women achieve their highest potential no matter their academic position, but recognizes that departments or programmes where men dominate can be particularly challenging. The university offers a "start package" to support women in these situations.

Women who want to take advantage of NTNU's "starter kit" need to be in a department where the proportion of women among permanent academic staff is less than 20%. Women in this situation can apply for operating and equipment funds, as well as salaries for research assistance.

Applicants should list their needs in order of priority and with the associated costs, and should also supply supporting arguments for their request. In the evaluation of applications, the applicant's research will be prioritized, as well as the manner in which the application will help to realize the Institute's research strategy, including strategies to recruit and retain women in scientific positions. If a faculty applies for "starter kits" for more than one individual, the applications should be ranked in order of priority. The university may request a report after a specified period of time on how well the initiative has worked.