Gender equality

Mentor programme

In June 2010, NTNU's eighth mentor programme was completed and evaluated. The programme is a permanent element in NTNU's strategy for gender equality and organizational development

In a mentor programme, an experienced person of great integrity with substantial influence in their environment (the mentor) takes on the role of a guide and partner in dialogue for a person who wishes to develop their career (the mentee). It is a programme for mutual learning and exchange of experience, networking, and mobilizing expertise.

Mentors are professors, both men and women. Mentees are women in PhD candidate, postdoc and associate professor positions.
At the heart of the programme is the constructive dialogue between the mentor and mentee.


  • Strategic career development for women
  • Establish the basis for networking
  • Create a two-way exchange of knowledge and experience


Organization and duration

  • The academic year
  • The Gender Equality Advisor is the project manager

During the period, the mentor and mentee undertake to meet once a month for a discussion lasting a couple of hours. Networking meetings on a variety of topics are organized once a month for the mentees. In addition, group sessions for all the participants are held at the beginning and end of the programme. The mentee and mentor come from completely different departments. The programme includes 15 pairs.

If you would like to take part, send an application with brief information about:

  • why you want to take part
  • the stage you have reached in your PhD research
  • your own expectations of the programme
  • and preferably a recommendation from your immediate superior

Submit your application to the Gender Equality Advisor, Svandís Benediktsdóttir,
Rector´s Staff, Hovedbygget, Gløshaugen.
The deadline for applications is 30 June every year
For further information, see: