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The main objective of the project “Making Gender Balance from Below” (BALANCE) is to help create gender balance in senior positions (full professors) at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).  

The project has the following subgoals:

1. Assess the current situation in all departments.

2. Involve a selection of departments in a series of workshops that will process local problem understanding about gender imbalance and develop local initiatives to improve the situation.

3. Facilitate the spread of knowledge about the results within NTNU and other academic institutions.

4. Clarify the relationship between quality of professional management, the robust, inclusive academic community, professional quality and gender balance.


Creating gender balance at the departmental level

The aim is to contribute to create gender balance through improve and develop a culture of inclusion at the departmental level. This contrasts to the common top-down approaches addressing such issues. Our project aims to help departments at NTNU to implement local actions to improve the gender balance. This is to be achieved by addressing local theories about or ways of understanding the issue of gender balance among university professors. This includes ideas for measures as well as processing experience with the implementation of measures. This should pave the way for necessary cultural change that will improve the quality of the environment for research and teaching and make the culture more inclusive. Furthermore, the project aims to improve local human resource management to consider more systematic gender concerns with respect to recruitment, career development, and mentoring.