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Pre-conference excursions

Pre-conference excursions

There are three pre-conference excursions offered on Sunday June 16. Each of them can take a limited number of participants, so the principle is ‘first come, first serve’. To register for a pre-conference excursion, please use the conference registration form.

Local food and brewery tour to Innherred

The excursion is now full
Local food and brewery tour to Innherred

Bilde av Asbjørn Karlsen og Ingunn Fylkesnes

Organizers: Asbjørn Karlsen and Gjermund Wollan

The region of Innherred is recognized for its specialization and traditions in local food and breweries. During the tour you will learn about entrepreneurship and networks of local food producers and breweries, and taste their products. The bus will pass historic places related to the medieval kingdom of Norway and archbishop’s seat. After one and a half hour’s driving, we will enter the landscape of Inderøy, considered as a particularly beautiful part of the historic region.

Øyna is a restaurant located at a magnificent viewpoint above the farm of the restaurant’s founders and the Sakshaug old church from the 12th century. While enjoying local food, you can overlook two fjords and the scenic landscape of Innherred. Here you will learn about the business collaboration between members of the Golden Road, which has become a widely recognized brand. The idea of this detour off the main road (E6) has been to attract visitors from far away to leave the beaten track. The Golden Road has 22 dedicated stops, including producers of local food, artist workshops, galleries etc. 

The General Store Museum in Venneshamn shows an authentic village store. Through four generations, the general store was run by the family of one of the tour organizers. The museum offers an impression of what such stores looked like thirty to eighty years ago. The owner will tell you about the restoring of the 160-year old building and converting it into a small museum and café. In a charming visitors’ area in the basement, you will be served cheese from Gangstad Farm and from Munkeby Monastery, sour dough directly from the bakery oven, and Kalsen Beer from Inderøy Farm Brewery, as well as have a nip of aquavit distilled at Berg Farm.

On the way back to Trondheim we will pass Steinvikholmen, the last fortress of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Norway. Nearby at Alstadberg Traditional Brewery, you will be introduced to a particular local brewery tradition – smoked beer. You will be served beer brewed at the farm, a wrap with salmon smoked at the farm and a biscuit with blue cheese. You will learn about the history of the local beer and the brewery process. You may also visit the ‘Såinn’ house where the unique malt is dried. Thereafter we return to Trondheim, where you will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the Nidaros Cathedral.

08:00: Bus leaves from Trondheim
10 00 – 11 30: Øyna, learn about the Golden Road, coffee and a taste of local food
12 00 – 14 00 Venneshamn General Store Museum, storytelling and a lunch with fresh sour dough and local cheese directly from the oven, served with local beer in charming surroundings
15 30 – 17 00 Alstadberg Traditional Brewery, Skatval. Learn the history of Stjørdalsøl and taste itBack in Trondheim 18 00 at the latest

- Max 25 participants
Fee NOK 620,- 

Protest and urban development: A walk from Ilsvikøra to Svartlamon

The excursion is now full
Protest and urban developmentBilde fra Ilsvika

Organizers: Hilde Nymoen Rørtveit and Michael Jones

Ilsvikøra and Svartlamon are two neighbourhoods with particular histories of protest against the threat of demolition and industrial development, located west and east of the main waterfront of Trondheim. The excursion will examine the outcome of the two protest actions – Ilsvikøra in the 1970s and Svartlamon in the 1990s – and how these relate to changing ideas of urban planning and development. We will begin our walk by going to Ilsvikøra, where protests resulted in it becoming Trondheim’s first urban conservation area. We will examine recent developments in the immediate vicinity, involving nature restoration on the one hand and housing development on the other. From Ilsvikøra, the walk will take us along the rapidly changing waterfront to Svartlamon, where we will discuss how protest actions led to the neighbourhood becoming an experimental area for sustainable architecture, self-built housing, alternative lifestyles, and community participation. We will also refer to ongoing discussions concerning plans for urban development in the surroundings of Svartlamon, particularly relating to the adjoining harbour area.

The excursion will include a stop for a light lunch and coffee/tea/mineral water at Rockheim Panorama restaurant (above the National Museum for Popular Music) with a view over the waterfront and Trondheim Fjord. For those who wish, the excursion will end with an optional meal at Café Ramp, Svartlamon.

Provisional programme:
10.00: Meet up at Kafén i Ila (Address: Hanskemakerbakken 5). This café is 15-20 minutes’ walk from the city centre. Alternatively take tram no. 1 (towards Lian) from St. Olavs gate at 9.45 to Ila stop (5 minutes ride), then 3 minutes’ walk from there.  Another alternative is to take the no. 18 bus (towards Havstad) from Munkegata M1 at 9.48 or Kongensgate K1 at 9.50 to Ila stop (6 minutes). Tickets for public transport can be bought using a smart phone, see: for instructions in English (“How to buy a ticket” -> “SMS-ticket for zone A”).
10.00 – ca. 10.45: Introduction and initial orientation 
10.45 – 12.00: Walk and discussion: Ilsvikøra, Iladalen Park, Ilsvika
12.00 – 13.00: Walk via Skansen along the waterfront to Brattøra
13.00 – 13.30: Light lunch at Rockheim Panorama 
13.30 – 14.00: Walk from Rockheim across Verftsbrua (“The Flower Bridge”) to Solsiden, Dora and Svartlamon
14.00 – 15.00: Presentation of Svartlamon at Verkstedhallen
15.00 – 16.00: Walk and discussion: Svartlamon
16.00 – 17.00: Optional meal at Ramp. From here it is 20 minutes’ walk to the city centre, or it is possible to take a bus. The optional meal will be covered by each participant.  

Number of participants: 25
Participant fee: NOK 350 

Selbu spinning mill and Lia Nordre farm

The excursion is now full
Selbu spinning mill and Lia Nordre farm

Bilde av en villsau

Organizer: Alana Lennon 

Selbu spinning mill is a family business, which processes mostly pigmented wool from Norwegian sheep breeds on a small-scale. Seven out of the 12 Norwegian sheep breeds are considered rare or threatened and in need of conservation. This wool has unique breed specific qualities, which the spinning mill utilises through making yarns and other woollen products. They cooperate with sheep farmers who can spin their own wool through the mill and sell their own place-based products from their farms. Those who buy yarn spun at Selbu spinning mill are participating in the conservation of the rare Norwegian sheep breeds. Selbu spinning mill are based on a sustainable ‘zero waste’ business design, using no chemicals in their wool processing, only a mild soap and vegetable oil.

Lia Nordre farm is an agricultural cooperative situated on a hillside lia between Klæbu and Trondheim with a great view over Trondheim city. They have a small flock of Norwegian ‘wild sheep’ villsau (officially named Old Norse sheep). The main farm production is Christmas trees! Lunch will be homemade with local lamb. Tea, coffee, and lunch will be served in the outside rustic shelter known as a gapahuk. This shelter has a roof to protect from rain and an open fireplace for warmth but it is advisable to wear clothing that suits the weather. The sheep will have lambs with them and be seen around the farm.

Provisional programme:  
09:00: Bus leaves Trondheim
09:30-11:00: Guided tour of Selbu spinning mill & exhibition in Klæbu.
Talk on the sustainability of local wool processing.
11:15: Bus leaves spinning mill
11:30-12:45: Visit to Lia Nordre farm with Norwegian ‘wild’ sheep Villsau
Lunch in a rustic, outdoor shelter gapahuk.
Local food with Norwegian lamb, tea and coffee.
13:00: Bus leaves Lia Nordre Farm
13:30: Return to Trondheim

Participant fee: NOK 270
Maximum 18 participants