PhD projects at Department of Geography  

The Department of Geography at NTNU offers an inclusive and rigorous research environment in which PhD education plays a central role. The department has a well-established national and international reputation, with the quality and diversity of our PhD students representing one of our key strengths. 

PhD students at the Department of Geography have a variety of research interests covering some of the most pressing concerns in the Norwegian, European and global contexts. Currently, the department has students carrying out research on subjects such as climate change, migration, sustainable natural resource use, inequality, disaster resilience, local and national development, as well as topics related to knowledge and global business networks. One of the key strengths of the department is our ability to accommodate a broad range of PhD students motivated by questions across all subfields of geography, while providing the possibility to make use of a wide variety of research methodologies. You can read more about these research interests below. 


Silje Aurora Andresen: 
PhD Project Title: The Political Ecology of Disasters - a case study of the fire in Lærdal, Norway


Alexander S. Dodge: 
PhD Project Title: Cultures of Knowledge Sharing in Global Innovation Networks

Federica på feltarbeid i Mumbai
Federica Cagliani:
PhD Project Title: Mobility, Wellbeing and Gender Relations in Indian fishing communities


Hilde Refstie: 
PhD Project Title: From noise to voice - Action research with informal settlement groups and their support organizations in Malawi

Bilde fra utstilling på Hamar

Sigurd Nielsen:
PhD Project Title: Participation and justice in "A world at stake"


Samson Afewerki
PhD Project Title:


Levon Epremian:
PhD Project Title: Transparency and Natural Resources and Revenue Management

Gatebilde fra Hua Hin
Silje Mathisen:

PhD Project Title: Queer Citizenship; participatory action research with underprivileged LGBTQ youth in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Sabrina Scherzer:
PhD project title: Quantifying community resilience to natural hazards in Norway

Thomas Sætre Jakobsen:
PhD Project Title: Expecting a Transition? Livelihoods and identities within the rural-urban divide: A case study of change and continuity in expectations and work practices among smallholder households and peasant migrant workers in Southwestern China. 

Sam A. Kasimba:
PhD Project Title: Transparency and Accountability in Managing High Value Natural Resource Revenues - A case of Benefit Sharing Trust Funds (BSTF)

Bilde av Tekle på feltarbeid i Kenya

Teklehaymanot Weldemichel
PhD Project Title:


Henrik Brynthe Lund
PhD Project Title: