Welcome to the Department of Geography

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On this page you will find relevant and useful information to help you get your study formalities sorted out.


The Department of Geography is located in building 7, level 4 & 5 (next to the cantina) at Dragvoll Campus. In the General office you will find Rita Hokseggen, she can help you with formalities.

Student advisors

You can talk to the student advisors if you have questions regarding your studyprogram, courses, exams or other student life related issues. The student advisors are from time to time quite busy, but send them a e-mail and they will schedule a consultation.

There is no need to send more than one e-mail to either of the study advisors or to the shared mailbox. We will give you an answer as soon as possible.

Step by step guide - Things you need to do as a New student

Computer trouble?

Computer courses are held by "Orakeltjenesten" ("Orakel-service"). They can also help you when you have computer related issues. You can find them at the library. Phone: 73 59 18 10 or mail: orakel@ntnu.no

Contact Utdanningsplaner at NTNU postmottak@su.ntnu.no if you have questions regarding your education plan on Student Web.

Study handbook

It is the student's own responsibility to get familiar with your study program and courses, this can be done through the study handbook. It is important to get familiar with the rules and regulations at NTNU.

Compulsory activities

All the compulsory activities must be completed before you can attend the exams. No, you can't get exemption from compulsory activities.


Deadline for exam registration are 15th September in the fall semester and 15th February in the spring semester. Unfortunately we can't help you if you are too late to register for the exams. More information about grading, credits and examinations.

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