About Ada

About the Girl Project Ada

Lunch Welcome DayThe Girl Project Ada is an NTNU project that aims to promote the education of more female engineers and master’s graduates from the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering (IME) at NTNU.

The project includes the programme options Computer Science, Electronic System Design, Informatics, Communication Technology, Mathematical Sciences and Cybernetics and Robotics.

Ada works towards this goal in two ways: using marketing, so that more women apply for the programmes, and by contributing to help students who start one of our programmes to complete their studies.

The vision of The Girl Project Ada

To make ourselves redundant!

Recruitment initiatives

To increase the recruitment of female students, Ada works actively to provide information about our programmes of study and to market them to girls in upper secondary schools. The Technology Camp and Girls' Day are two of Ada’s most important recruitment initiatives. Girls from upper secondary schools all over Norway are invited to Trondheim to get information about the programmes of study and Trondheim as a student city as well as to get to know NTNU. All the participants’ expenses for travel and accommodation are covered. Read more about the Technology Camp and Girls' Day. (Add link) 

Activities for students

Exploring Rockheim Museum of Norwegian RockAda organizes various  academic and social events  throughout the semester. These activities help to increase the students' enjoyment of their student days, and help them to build up a good network, both socially and academically. This in turn increases the chances that as many as possible will complete their studies. The Girl Project Ada also runs the computer study room for women:  The Cybele room. This computer room is reserved for the female students in the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (IE). We also run Kammerset, which is a group room for female students studying cybernetics and robotics as well as electronic system design.

The Girl Project Ada works in close cooperation with  companies and individuals from the business community. Contact with business and industry helps women to start building a network right from their student days. One benefit is that this kind of contact makes it more tempting to complete your studies. Another benefit is the advantages of a network when you apply for your first job or summer job. For the business community, this cooperation is valuable at many levels: Companies gain first-hand knowledge of what is happening in the student communities. At the same time, they have an opportunity to meet future employees.

The Career Network is an important part of our cooperation with the business community. Every year, 18 companies are invited to participate in the Career Network for a nominal registration fee. This is used to cover the expenses for the four network gatherings we hold every year. At the network gatherings, students and company representatives meet for professional and social contact. These gatherings are the most important regular contribution to networking with business and industry.

Budget and organization

Game Night for the girlsThe project is run by a project manager who is a permanent employee and 10 students in part-time positions. The project has a budget of about NOK 2 million and is financed by NTNU’s equal opportunity funding, the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering (IME) at NTNU and sponsorship from the private sector.

What Ada is not

In no way do the girls studying technology and science subjects at NTNU stand back for men, and academically they do not need any special treatment. The Girl Project Ada does not provide special teaching, extra teaching or anything else intended to make the academic work easier.