Career Networks

Career Networks

The career networks are collaborative projects between the Girl Project Ada and a number of companies in the business community. The aim of the career networks is to promote networking between female students in the programmes Mathematical Sciences, Informatics, Computer Science, Communication Technology, Electronic System Design and Innovation as well as Cybernetics and Robotics and our relevant business associates in the private sector. The Girl Project Ada runs two different career networks; one for electronics and cybernetics and another for the IT students. Each network has 4 annual gatherings where students and representatives of the companies meet for professional and social purposes, with a focus on networking.

The company representatives are usually (but not always) women, and many of them were students at NTNU themselves. At the career network gatherings, students can get to know people in the industry, and they gain valuable information about career opportunities and the type of working day that awaits them when they complete their studies.

For the companies, the Career Networks are an effective way to get in touch with potential employees. Many of the women who have participated have gained their first job as a direct result of contacts they established through the Career Network.

Through the Career Network, we want:

  • to motivate and inspire students to complete their studies
  • to promote networking
  • to transfer experience from mentors to students
  • to make students aware of work and career opportunities
  • to offer advice and tips about the job search process
  • to create a social forum for women with different academic backgrounds and skills

In practice, the network is built through gatherings organized by the Girl Project Ada in cooperation with the companies. Each career network has 4 annual gatherings; 3 at NTNU in Trondheim and the fourth takes place in Oslo.

Two career networks

Since the early 1990s, the Girl Project Ada has had a career network for female students in Computer Science / Computer Technology, Informatics and Communication Technology. In 2014 we also established a career network for female students in Cybernetics and Robotics and in Electronic System Design and Innovation. Each Career Network has four gatherings during the year, three in Trondheim and one in Oslo.

If you are a company and would like to work together with the Girl Project Ada, contact us at

Firms in our career networks are:

Partners in the business community


Partners in the business community


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