The Cybele room

– A computer study room reserved for female students

The Girl Project Ada has the use of its own computer room, which is used by all the women in these programmes of study: Informatics, Computer Science, Communication Technology, Cybernetics and Robotics, Mathematics, and Electronic System Design and Innovation.

In the Cybele room, you can work on your studies or relax on the sofa with a cup of coffee, cocoa or tea. An electric kettle, coffee maker, microwave and refrigerator are at your disposal. The room is also used for courses held by the Girl Project Ada or by our sponsor companies.

PCs and a printer are available here too, of course – because this is a computer study room (and not just a self-service café).


Where you can find Cybele?

Cybele is located on the lower ground floor in the south wing of the IT Building, below Drivhuset.

Go in through the main door to the IT building, past Auditorium F1 and in through the door to the left. Take the stairs down one floor, go in through the door to the left and continue to the left when you come in through the door. Then you will find Cybele to the right. This route should be marked. (Cybele is marked as room 008 in this floor plan .)



How do I get access to the computer study room?

You use the same card that you use otherwise at NTNU. If you are a student in one of the programmes of study Informatics, Computer Science, Communication Technology, Cybernetics and Robotics, Mathematics, or Electronic System Design and Innovation, and you do not have access to Cybele, you can go to the Info corner in the Electrical Engineering building at NTNU and arrange this. 

The history of Cybele

The Cybele room originally belonged to the women’s project ‘Women and Computers’ during the period 1997–2010. When the Women and Computers project was taken over by the Girl Project Ada, the Cybele room was included among the new project’s assets.

All the computer rooms on NTNU’s Gløshaugen campus have been given creative names, such as Sahara, Vegas, Gobo and Bober. It was therefore appropriate to give the women’s computer room a worthy title: Cybele. The name is intended to evoke associations with the English word cyber (as in cybernetics). Cybele is the name of the mother goddess in Greek mythology, whose traits were often associated with feminine creativity. She had vast and insatiable power over every organism on earth. A mother goddess gave life, but she also took it back, because her temperament could be just as good and well intentioned as it could be violent and harmful. In other words, Cybele was a powerful and temperamental woman.

The Girl Project Ada runs the Cybele computer room.

If you have any questions, you can send an email to