Welcome to NTNU´s Health Communication and Ethics Research Group

Interfaculty research group founded in February 2006 which includes researchers from the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology.

International collaborators are:

  • professor Srikant Sarangi Cardiff University, Director of Health Communication Research Centre (HCRC)
  • professor Per Linell, Department of Culture and Communication, Linköping University
  • Scandinavian Interdisciplinary Health Communication Research

Coordinators: Gøril Thomassen and Ellen Andenæs, Department of Language and Literature, NTNU.


  • Facilitate communication between those interested in and involved in health communication.
  • Have a dynamic and constructive say in issues concerning health communication research.


  • Consolidate discourse and communication research in the health communication field in Norway.
  • Gradually create a committed collaboration between researchers and professionals who have common. research interests on a local, national, Nordic and international level. See also the Strategy document (In Norwegian only).


The Health Communication field

Health communication is a diverse field in terms of types of communication and communication patterns. It comprises communication on three levels: between professionals and lay persons, between professionals and between authorities and the population. A fourth level – communication between patients – is emerging thanks to blogs and social media.

Through the last 25 years health communication has also developed into a vibrant, productive and diverse field of research. The researchers are concerned with the central role of health communication in health services as well as health promoting work. Communication is an important part of all work which concerns creating ,collecting and disseminating information on health and health services, and is a premise in order to realize ideals of democracy and participation in the health field.

To simplify matters slightly one could say that there are two main directions within this field of research; one is directed towards mass communication (e.g. information campaigns) and the other is about concrete interaction between people (e.g. team communication or doctor-patient communication. Both are represented in the work of the research group, although so far the main focus has been on concrete interaction.

Health Communication. Photo.


health Communicatin. Pregnant woman. Photo.


Health Communication. Paramedics.