Guidelines for workshops

Guidelines for workshops

The workshop lasts for 90 minutes led by the session coordinator and co-organizers. 
Every room will be equipped with a projector screen, a microphone (if needed) and computer with PowerPoint.

If you need additional equipment, please let us know as soon as possible by e-mail to
More information regarding location for the workshop will be announced on the conference website during September 2018


Room allocation

Day 1

                                                 Workshop - Monday September 24, 2018

Workshop leader Title  Room
Gwendolijn Boonekamp,
HAN Sports & Exercise, HAN University of Applied Sciences
Interactive Interviewing and Imaging (triple I) to engage secondary school adolescents in dialogue on active lifestyle Austråt
Berge Solberg,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Can paternalism in health promotion be justified? Olav Tryggvason 3
Georg F. Bauer,
Center of Salutogenesis, University of Zurich
Act positive across the life course: how Salutogenesis helps to prioritize and promote the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Olav Tryggvason 2

Maria Warne,
Mid Sweden University
Challenges and possibilities with participatory visual research methods in health promotion Sverresborg
Stef Kremers,
Maastricht University
Action-oriented research: Theory and practice of user involvement in evaluation research Olav Tryggvason 1
Janine Bröder,
Bielefeld University
How to foster the health literacy of children and young people from a health promotion perspective? Tavern
Katherine Schlatter,
Teachers College, Columbia University
Informing culturally competent mental health and wellness programming through testimony Three key participatory research procedures for work with youth participants Munkholmen/Kristiansten


Day 2

                                                    Workshop -  Tuesday September 25, 2018

Workshop leader  


Birthe Loa Knizek,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Health in a Global Context Munkholmen/Kristiansten
Magdalena Wrzesińska,
Medical University of Lodz
The use of Biodesign and Design Thinking methodologies in creating innovative tools in health promotion and health education Sverresborg
Kristel Vlot-van Anrooij,
Radboud university and medical centre, Nijmegen
Health promotion for all:
How to make it inclusive for people with intellectual disabilities? 
Stefania Velardo,
Flinders University
Prioritising children’s involvement in health promotion research: A workshop exploring diverse participatory methods Olav Tryggvason 1
Juergen Pelikan,
Austrian Public Health Institute (Gesunheit Österreich GmbH)

Health Promoting Health Literate Health Care Settings – Concept, assessment tools and interventions

Susanna Geidne,
Örebro University
Health promotion in the sports club setting Austråt
Dan Grabowski,
Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen
Family health promotion:
Co-created dialogue tools to facilitate mutual familial involvement in health and illness
Olav Tryggvason 3
Anna Bonmatí Tomàs,
European Training Consortium Public Health and Health Promotion
European Training Consortium Public Health and Health Promotion:  27th years achieving The IUHPE competencies Olav Tryggvason 2