Course in Academic Writing for exchange students at the Faculty of Humanities

Writing is an integral part of an academic education. The Faculty of Humanities therefore offers a course in academic writing: SPRÅK1501 Academic Writing (7.5 ECTS).

The purpose of this writing course is to introduce students to the main types of academic writing they will be expected to do while they are studying at NTNU.

SPRÅK1501 Academic Writing is part of the Faculty's semester programme for international students.

The course will cover the basic structures of term papers and other types of academic writing, with focus on establishing the rationale and purpose of an academic paper. Since academic writing is dependent on the research of others, the course will emphasize the importance of finding, evaluating and referring to relevant literature. Reference is a key issue here. In addition, the course will provide students with writing and language techniques that are useful in writing a clear, coherent, logical text.

The course will be instructed in English and will be a combination of lectures and student participation (group work).

The course awards 7.5 ECTS credits, and is offered in the autumn semester. The timetable is available here.

Course description

See current course description for SPRÅK1501 Academic writing.


Students who wish to attend SPRÅK1501 Academic Writing apply through Studentweb no later than last week of August.

The Department of Language and Literature administers the course, you can email their Student advisors at