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NTNU Horizon Europe Launch Week

16–20 November 2020

Digital event

Presentations and videos

For NTNU employees: Presentations (pdf) and recordings from the launch week.

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16 November

Launch of
Horizon Europe
and Erasmus+

18 November

Global Challenges
and Erasmus+

19 November

Excellent Science

20 November

and tools

About the framework programmes Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ 2021–2027

About the framework programmes Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ 2021–2027

The European framework programmes for Research, Innovation and Education are the largest programmes in the world funding transnational knowledge projects. Since the first framework programmes Norway has been an associated country to the programmes, meaning that Norwegian actors can participate on equal terms with their partners in the EU countries.

As we approach the new framework programmes Horizon Europe for Research and Innovation and Erasmus+ for Education, both running from 2021 to 2027, the Norwegian government has decided that Norway should continue to be an associated country to the programmes.

This is good news for the Norwegian knowledge sector. It gives Norwegian actors the opportunity to continue to participate in European and international consortia and projects to deliver knowledge that Europe and the world need, and to continue to contribute to the frontiers for research, innovation and education. National ambitions for participation in the European Framework Programmes are high and expected to be raised for the new programmes.

This is also the case for NTNU. Participation in the European programmes is high on the agenda and an important priority for NTNU. For NTNU’s researchers and research groups, participation in European projects gives access to high-quality partnerships and consortia focusing on areas of importance both to science and society. To be able to take advantage of Horizon Europe and Erasmus+, an understanding of what the programmes are all about, the political drivers, the thematic and scientific priorities and the instruments is important.

During the NTNU Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ Launch Week 16–20 November, we wish to give all of NTNU’s employees access to easily available knowledge and information about Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ and the opportunities that the programmes offer.