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Strategies and tools


Strategies and tools





Strategies and approaches towards the European framework programmes


About the session:

A clear idea about what you want to achieve by participating in European projects and how to get there is a good starting point for a more strategic and systematic approach toward participation. In this session you will hear from some of NTNU’s professors about their experiences as superusers of the European programmes, how they have worked to position themselves in European research and innovation, how they have gone about establishing important partnerships and alliances, how they have set up their research groups to make commitment possible, and where they have acquired the knowledge and skills in how to write a competitive application.


Welcome by moderator

Coordinator of International Affairs Nina Sindre

Horizon Europe – You can be part of it too!

Professor Beatrix Vereijken, Department of Neuromedicine and movement Science

Strategic cooperation in EU approaches

Professor Asgeir Tomasgard, Director of FME NTRANS, Director NTNU Energy Trnsition Initiaive, Department of Economics and Technology Management

Questions and comments to the presenters

Concluding remarks

Coordinator of International Affairs Nina Sindre



Participation in European Platforms and Networks: Instructions for Use


About the session:

Partnership, platforms and networks represent one of the key actors in the definition of the strategies and funding opportunities in framework programmes. The relevance of this role will even increase in the upcoming Horizon Europe, where a more open approach will be taken allowing participation of any relevant stakeholder in them. Active participation in European platforms and networks is key to increasing engagement opportunities in relevant EU initiatives/projects. This session will represent a chance to discuss the importance of participating in European platforms and networks and to assess the current positioning of NTNU in the relevant ones together with the possible approaches that can be taken to maximize possible participation impacts for the university. What to do, where we are, whom to contact will represent some of the answers that will be given in the session.

It is suggested that the ones interested in this session should also follow the one on missions and partnerships, Tuesday November 17, 13:00–14:00.



Opening address: The importance of positioning and the current NTNU situation

Director of NTNU Brussels Office Massimo Busuoli

How to create internal value from achieved positionings: Best practice cases:

The NTNU Food Forum
Vice Dean Eva Falch

The European Construction Technology Platform ECTP
Vice Dean Sveinung Løset

Where and Who? The NTNU Handbook of participation in European Platforms, Networks and Alliances

EU Adviser Thomas Aarnseth

Questions from the audience

Closing remarks

Director of NTNU Brussels Office Massimo Busuoli


10:45–11:00 Break


Meet the NTNU EU Support Services


About the session:

For researchers applying for funding from the European Framework programmes, NTNU can offer support from EU Advisers, EU finance team and the NTNU Brussels Office. In addition, NTNU has a number of support mechanisms and incentives for researcher applying for European funding. In this session, the support that is offered will be presented.


Welcome and about the NTNU EU support services

Coordinator of International Affairs Nina Sindre

How can the EU Advisers help

Erasmus+ Coordinator Wolfgang Laschet

EU Adviser Hilde Røysland

EU Adviser Andreas Møllerløkken and EU Financial Adviser Andres Vatne Ellefsen

How can the Brussels Office help

Director of NTNU Brussels Office Massimo Busuoli

The NTNU Support mechanisms and incentives

Senior Adviser Patrick Reurink

Closing of session

Coordinator of International Affairs Nina Sindre


12:00–13:00 Lunchbreak


SSH perspectives in European research: from H2020 to Horizon Europe


About the session:

The Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) encompass a wide range of disciplines and research fields which are needed to generate new knowledge, support evidence-based policymaking, develop key competences and produce interdisciplinary solutions to both societal and technological issues. This cross-faculty webinar (SU, HF, ØK) is a follow-up of the morning session on European platforms and networks, and aims to give a practical insight into how SSH researchers can explore European Research Area collaborations and strategically use these entry points towards positioning and partnering. The webinar is open to researchers from all faculties with interest in questions and aspects of, or working in the fields of SSH.



Welcome by moderators

EU Advisers from SU, HF and ØK Faculty

NOSSH – Norwegian network for the promotion of SSH-perspectives in Horizon Europe

Head of Research section Erik Ingebrigtsen

EERA – The European Energy Research Alliance

Research Coordinator Raquel Santos Jorge

EuroHealthNet – Addressing public health, disease prevention, promoting health, and reducing inequalities

Professor Terje Andreas Eikemo and EU Adviser Bård Li

NTNU Food Forum – A cross-faculty collaborative arena to mobilize researchers from SSH, health, natural sciences and technology

Researchers Sophia Estathiou and Paolo Pisciella

Questions and open discussion

Closing remarks

Head of Research section Erik Ingebrigtsen

Overview programme


NTNU employees who want access to the presentations (pdf) and videos from the launch week:

Please log on to Innsida and search for: «Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ Launch week presentations and videos».

Overview NTNU Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ Launch Week:

Monday 16 November
Launch of Horizon Europe and Erasmus+

Tuesday 17 November
Innovative Europe and Widening Participation

Wednesday 18 November
Global Challenges and Erasmus+

– Parallel Cluster sessions 1–6

Thursday 19 November
Excellent Science

Friday 20 November
Strategies and tools

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