Horizon 2020

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Horizon 2020

The European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

Active participation in Horizon 2020, the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for the period 2014–2020, has been a main priority for NTNU. Partnering with leading knowledge providers in European projects strengthens the quality and relevance of NTNU’s research. Horizon 2020 provided 80 Billion Euro over the whole period, and NTNU has achieved and surpassed our aim of 1 Billion NOK in awarded funding from the programme.

Signed projects

NTNU’s 263 projects in Horizon 2020

The projects in Horizon 2020

4-OCEANS – Human History of Marine Life: Extraction, Knowledge, Drivers & Consumption of Marine Resources, c.100 BCE to c.1860 CE

ERC Synergy Grant – Grant agreement ID: 951649

Coordinator: James Barrett

ATLANTIS – Whales, waste and sea walnuts: incorporating human impacts on the marine ecosystem within life cycle impact assessment

ERC Starting Grant – Grant agreement ID: 850717

Coordinator: Francesca Verones

ATRONICS – Creating building blocks for atomic-scale electronics

ERC Consolidator Grant – Grant agreement ID: 863691

Coordinator: Dennis Meier

CLIMEVOLVE – Evolution and mechanisms of thermal performance – answers through artificial selection in zebrafish

ERC Consolidator Grant – Grant agreement ID: 101003026

Coordinator: Fredrik Jutfelt

CREME – Control of light vehicle-manipulator systems

ERC Advanced Grant – Grant agreement ID: 101017697

Coordinator: Kristin Ytterstad Pettersen

ELECTRODE – Exploring the Limits of Mass Transport in Electro-Chemical Energy Converters ThRough uncOnstrained Design and Interface Engineering

ERC Starting Grant – Grant agreement ID: 949807

Coordinator: Jan Torgersen

GEOCOG – Cognitive Geometry: Deciphering neural concept spaces and engineering knowledge to empower smart brains in a smart society

ERC Consolidator Grant – Grant agreement ID: 724836

Coordinator: Christian Doeller

INSULATRONICS – Controlling Electric Signals with Insulating Antiferromagnets and Insulating Ferromagnets

ERC Advanced Grant – Grant agreement ID: 669442

Coordinator: Arne Brataas

KiloNeurons – Population Codes for Space in the Mammalian Cortex

ERC Synergy Grant – Grant agreement ID: 951319

Coordinator: Edvard Moser

LOVE-NEST – Looking for Super-Massive Neutron Stars

ERC Consolidator Grant – Grant agreement ID: 101002352

Coordinator: Manuel Linares

ProstOmics – 'Tissue is the issue': a multi-omics approach to improve prostate cancer diagnosis

ERC Starting Grant – Grant agreement ID: 758306

Coordinator: May-Britt Tessem

QuantumLight – Coupled cluster theory for polaritons: changing molecular properties with quantum light

ERC Advanced Grant – Grant agreement ID: 101020016

Coordinator: Henrik Koch

TAIAC – Breaking the paradigm: A new approach to understanding and controlling combustion instabilities

ERC Starting Grant – Grant agreement ID: 677931

Coordinator: Nicholas Worth

Active Implants – Engineering microstructures of functional ceramics for stimulated bone growth

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 655866

Project Leader: Mari-Ann Einarsrud

AIM_COACH – Artificial Intelligence Model for Cognitive Assessment for infants and Children

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 897102

Coordinator: Audrey van der Meer

ANAT-MEC – Developing 2-photon optical imaging for neural-network studies in medial entorhinal cortex of freely moving mice

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 842006

Coordinator: Edvard Moser

ANNULIghT – Annular Instabilities and Transient Phenomena in Gas Turbine Combustors

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 765998

Coordinator: James Dawson

ApPEARS – Appearance Printing - European Advanced Research School

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 814158

Coordinator: Jon Yngve Hardeberg

AUTOBarge – European training and research network on Autonomous Barges for Smart Inland Shipping

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 955768

Project Leader: Edmund Førland Brekke

AWESOME – Advanced Wind Energy Systems Operation and Maintenance Expertise

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 642108

Project Leader: Michael Muskulus

BIKE – Bimetallic catalyst knowledge-based development for energy applications

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 813748

Project Leader: Magnus Rønning

CADENT – Competitive Advantage for the Data-driven ENTerprise

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 704110

Project Leader:  John Krogstie

CaRe-Space – Cajal-Retzius cells role in the development of the spatial navigation system

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 839988

Coordinator: Edvard Moser

CEGUM – Coordination for Efficient and Green Urban Mobility

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 845948

Coordinator: Sebastien Gros

CHANGE – Cultural Heritage Analysis for New GEnerations

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 813789

Coordinator: Jon Yngve Hardeberg

CHiPS – CHallenges in Preservation of Structure

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 691070

Coordinator: Elena Celledoni

CircEuit – Circular European Economy Innovative Training Network

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 721909

Project Leader: Casper Boks

CoDe-S – Codes for Design of Sustainable Structures

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 893527

Coordinator: Jochen Köhler

COSINE – Training network for COmputational Spectroscopy In Natural sciences and Engineering

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 765739

Project Leader: Henrik Koch

CoupledDB – High-Performance Indexing for Emerging GPU-Coupled Databases

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 753810

Project Leader: Kjetil Nørvåg

DAG – Demise of the Atlantic Grey Whale

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 101025598

Coordinator: James Barrett

DCOMM – Deictic Communication - A Multidisciplinary Training

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 676063

Project Leader: Mila Vulchanova

EffectFact – Effective Factorisation techniques for matrix-functions: Developing theory, numerical methods and impactful applications

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 101008140

Project Leader: Alexandre Lavrov

e-LADDA – Early Language Development in the Digital Age

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 857897

Coordinator: Mila Vulchanova

ESSENTIAL – Evolving Security SciencE through Networked Technologies, Information policy And Law

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 722482

Project Leader: Katrin Franke

FLOAWER – FLOAting Wind Energy netwoRk

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 860879

Project Leader: Erin Bachynski

FRAMED – Fracture Across Scales and Materials, Processes and Disciplines

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 734485

Project Leader: Alexey Vinogradov

GlobChangeBehav – Effects of glboal change on the social behaviour of marine organisms

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 752813

Project Leader: Fredrik Jutfelt

HAIL – High Asian Icy Landscapes during warm interstadials (HAIL): coupling between monsoon intensity and past glacier culminations?

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 101024540

Coordinator: Irina Rogozhina

HANSEALTAR – The Mobility, Meaning, Mercantile Connections of Altarpieces between Germany and Scandinavia across the Hanse Network in the Fifteenth Century

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 840531

Coordinator: Margrethe C. Stang

HiPerNav – High Performance Soft-tissue Navigation

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 722068

Project Leader: Frank Lindseth

HisTORIC – Heat Transfer Enhancement during Oscillatory Flows: Impact Quantification of Heat Transfer Coefficient

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 789476

Coordinator: Carlos Alberto Dorao

ImmerSAFE – Immersive Visual Technologies for Safety-critical Applications

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 764951

Project Leader: Karin Laumann

iNavigate – Brain-inspired technologies for intelligent navigation and mobility

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 873178

Project Leader: Emre Yaksi

INITIATE – INnovation through bIg daTa and socIal enTreprEneurship 

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 751510

Project Leader: Letizia Jaccheri

INITIATE – INnate-ImmunomeTabolIsm as Antiviral TargEt

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 813343

Project Leader: Marit Anthonsen

InnoCyPES – Innovative Tools for Cyber-Physical Energy Systems

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 956433

Project Leader: Elisabetta Tedeschi

INSPiRE-MED – INtegrating Magnetic Resonance SPectroscopy and Multimodal Imaging for Research and Education in MEDicine

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 813120

Project Leader: Tone Frost Bathen

LIFEBOTS Exchange – Creating a new reality of care and welfare through the inclusion of social robots

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 824047

Coordinator: Artur Serrano

LimnoPLAST – Microplastics in Europe's freshwater ecosystems: From sources to solutions

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 860720

Project Leader: Martin Wagner

MAMONET – Massive MIMO for Securing Internet of Things Networks

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 846924

Coordinator: Stefan Werner

MarineUAS – Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems for Marine and Coastal Monitoring

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 642153

Coordinator: Tor Arne Johansen

MECEDGE – Transgenic dissection of the neural circuitry of memory and dementia

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 796535

Coordinator: Clifford Kentros

MesoSi-CO2 – Design of low-cost and carbon-resistant Ni-based mesoporous silicas for chemical CO2 utilization through tri-reforming of methane

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 892571

Coordinator: Magnus Rønning

MetalloGutRepair – Identification of a Metalloproteinase-17-mediated cellular signalling circuit in intestinal regeneration and tumorigenesis

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 794391

Coordinator: Menno Oudhoff

M-GATE – Memory research: Ground-breaking, Applied, and Technological Exchanges

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 765549

Project Leader: Clifford Kentros

MIGRADISP – Linking seasonal migration and dispersal: A large-scale demographic approach in a wild partially-migratory metapopulation

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 895904

Coordinator: Jane Margaret Reid

NeuroModSense – Peptidergic Neuromodulation of Sensory Representation in the Brain

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 750395

Project Leader: Emre Yaksi

OPTIMAL – Smart and CO2 neutral Olefin Production by arTificial Intelligence and MAchine Learning

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 101007963

Project Manager: De Chen

OxyTempFish – The Metabolic Niche Framework – Linking Metabolic Changes and Behavioural Responses of Fishes to Climate Change

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 893895

Coordinator: Fredrik Jutfelt

PALMERA – Low Power and Fault Tolerant Cache Memory Design through a Combination of Hardware and Software Approaches

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 799481

Project Leader: Per Gunnar Kjeldsberg


MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 101034240

Coordinator: Ingelin Steinsland

PICKFOOD – Pickering emulsions for food applications

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 956248

Coordinator: Jon Otto Fossum

PriMA – Privacy Matters

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 860315

Project Leader: Bian Yang

PRONTO – PROcess NeTwork Optimization for efficient and sustainable operation of Europe’s process industries taking machinery condition and process performance into account

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 675215

Project Leader: Lars Struen Imsland

QoE-Net – innovative Quality Of Experience maNagement in Emerging mulTimedia services

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 643072

Project Leader: Andrew Perkis

RASOPTA – Safeguarding future production of fish in aquaculture systems with water recirculation

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 956481

Project Leader: Ingrid Bakke

RevolutionaryOpScan – Revolutionary Opéra-Comique in Scandinavia: Transfer and Repertoire

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 897978

Coordinator: Martin Wåhlberg

RhinalMultiSense – Circuits for multisensory integration in the perirhinal cortex

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 885955

Coordinator: Menno P. Witter

RISEN – Rail Infrastructure Systems Engineering Network

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 691135

Project Leader: Elias Kassa

ROCOCO2HP – Real-time optimal control of the CO2 heat pump system for residential use

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 895732

Coordinator: Natasa Nord

SellSTEM – Spatial thinking in STEM learning: Training a new generation of researchers to increase enrolment and gender balance in STEM learning by addressing deficits in spatial ability among children in Europe

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 956124

Project Leader: Mila Vulchanova

SINet – Software-defined Intermittent Networking

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 699924

Project Leader: Yuming Jiang

SPM-RS – Smart Proxy Models for Reservoir Simulation

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 895406

Coordinator: Ashkan Jahanbani Ghahfarokhi

SUBSLIDE – Submarine Landslides and their impacts on Offshore Infrastructures

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 101022007

Coordinator: Gustav Grimstad

SugarOsmoSignalling – Analysis of sugar- and osmo-signalling mechanisms in cell wall integrity maintenance

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 657835

Project Leader: Thorsten Hamann

TECTONIC – Towards Employing Compilers for Thermal Management and Optimal Data Placement in Hybrid Cache

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 898296

Coordinator: Magnus Själander

THERMOPLAST – Adaptive plasticity meets unpredictability: how do organisms cope with changing environmental variability?

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 658530

Project Leader: Sigurd Einum

THREAD – Joint Training on Numerical Modelling of Highly Flexible Structures for Industrial Applications 

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 860124

Project Leader: Elena Celleconi

TICOH – Taming Irregular Computations On Heterogeneous processors

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 752321

Project Leader: Anne Elster

TIMPER – Titanium matrix composites with perovskite ceramic reinforcements

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 796543

Project Leader: Tor Grande

Wat-Qual – Water Quality in Drinking Water Distribution Systems

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 778136

Project Leader: Sveinung Sægrov

WAVES – Waves and Wave-Based Imaging in Virtual and Experimental Environments

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 641943

Project Leader: Martin Landrø

WIBEC – Wireless In-Body Environment

MSCA – Grant agreement ID: 675353

Project Leader: Kimmo Kansanen

ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC – implementAtion anD OPeration of the gateway for healTh into BBMRI-ERIC

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 676550

Project Leader: Kristian Hveem

AIDAinnova – Advancement and Innovation for Detectors at Accelerators

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 101004761

Project Leader: Armin Hafner

AQUAEXCEL2020 – AQUAculture infrastructures for EXCELlence in European fish research towards 2020

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 652831

Project Leader: Alexandra Neyts

AQUAEXCEL3.0 – AQUAculture infrastructures for EXCELlence in EUropean fish research 3.0

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 871108

Project Leader: Elin Kjørsvik

ARISE2 – Atmospheric dynamics Research InfraStructure in Europe

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 653980

Project Leader: Patrick Espy

CORBEL – Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-science services

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 654248

Kristian Hveem

ECCSEL – European Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Laboratory Infrastructure

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 675206

Coordinator: Olav Bolland

ECCSELERATE – ECCSEL ERIC – accelerating user access, growing the membership and positioning internationally to ensure long-term sustainability

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 871143

Project Leader: Hanna Knuutila

ELIXIR-CONVERGE – Connect and align ELIXIR Nodes to deliver sustainable FAIR life-science data management services

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 871075

Project Leader. Finn Drabløs

ELIXIR-EXCELERATE – Fast-track ELIXIR implementation and drive early user exploitation across the life-sciences.

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 676559

Project Leader: Finn Drabløs

ESTEEM3 – Enabling Science and Technology through European Electron Microscopy

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 823717

Project Leader: Randi Holmestad

EXCITE – Electron and X-ray microscopy Community for structural and chemical Imaging Techniques for Earth materials

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 101005611

Project Leader: Dag Werner Breiby

EUMarineRobots – Marine robotics research infrastructure network

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 731103

Project Leader: Martin Ludvigsen

HYDRALAB-PLUS – HYDRALAB+ Adapting to climate change

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 654110

Project Leader: Jochen Aberle

MARINET2 – Marine Renewable Infrastructure Network for Enhancing Technologies 2

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 731084

Project Leader: Lars Sætran

METROFOOD-PP – METROFOOD-RI Preparatory Phase Project

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 871083

Project Leader: Turid Rustad

PRACE-4IP – PRACE 4th Implementation Phase Project

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 653838

Project Leader: Bjørn Lindi

PRACE-5IP – PRACE 5th Implementation Phase Project

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 730913

Project Leader: Bjørn Lindi

PRACE-6IP – PRACE 6th Implementation Phase Project

INFRA – Grant agreement ID: 823767

Project Leader: Bjørn Lindi

AMADEUS – Next GenerAtion MateriAls and Solid State DevicEs for Ultra High Temperature Energy Storage and Conversion

FET – Grant agreement ID: 737054

Project Leader: Merete Tangstad

B-CRATOS – Wireless Brain-Connect inteRfAce TO machineS: B-CRATOS

FET – Grant agreement ID: 965044

Project Leader: Ilangko Balasingham

FET4STF – FET for Spintronic Factory

FET – Grant agreement ID: 767394

Erik Wahlstrøm

GLADIATOR – Next-generation theranostics of brain pathologies with autonomous externally controllable nanonetworks: a trans-disciplinary approach with bio-nanodevice interfaces

FET – Grant agreement ID: 828837

Project Leader: Ilangko Balasingham

HearLight – Towards optogenetic cortical implants for hearing impaired

FET – Grant agreement ID: 964568

Project Leader: John de Mello

INCITE – Immune Niches for Cancer ImmunoTherapy Enhancement

FET – Grant agreement ID: 964955

Coordinator: Øyvind Halaas

Nanolace – Mask Based Lithography for Fast, Large Scale Pattern Generation with Nanometer Resolution

FET – Grant agreement ID: 863127

Project Leader: Ingve Simonsen

NICI – Non-Invasive Chemistry Imaging in the whole human body

FET – Grant agreement ID: 801075

Project Leader: Tone Frost Bathen

READEX – Runtime Exploitation of Application Dynamism for Energy-efficient eXascale computing

FET – Grant agreement ID: 671657

Project Leader: Per Gunnar Kjeldsberg

SpinENGINE – Reservoirs of nanomagnets may boost processing power

FET – Grant agreement ID: 861618

Coordinator: Erik Folven

SUNRISE – Solar Energy for a Circular Economy

FET – Grant agreement ID: 816336

Project Leader: Henrik Koch

TRANSPIRE – Terahertz RAdio communication using high ANistropy SPIn torque REsonators

FET – Grant agreement ID: 737038

Project Leader: Arne Brataas

AfricanBioServices – Linking biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services in the Great Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem (GSME) - drivers of change, causalities and sustainable management strategies

ENV – Grant agreement ID: 641918

Coordinator: Eivin Røskaft

ALPHEUS – Augmenting grid stability through Low-head Pumped Hydro Energy Utilization & Storage

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 883553

Project Leader: Pål-Tore Selbo Storli

BINGO – Bringing INnovation to onGOing water management – A better future under climate change

ENV – Grant agreement ID: 641739

Project Leader: Tone Merete Muthanna

Blue Nodules – Breakthrough Solutions for the Sustainable Harvesting and Processing of Deep Sea Polymetallic Nodules

ENV – Grant agreement ID: 688975

Project Leader: Kurt Aasly

B-WaterSmart – Accelerating Water Smartness in Coastal Europe

ENV – Grant agreement ID: 869171

Project Leader: Tone Merete Muthanna

CAMPAIGNers – Citizens Acting on Mitigation Pathways through Active Implementation of a Goal-setting Network 

ENV – Grant agreement ID: 101003815

Project Leader: Christian Klöckner

CHAMPIONS – Excellence Awards for CHAMPIONS of Transport Research

TPT – Grant agreement ID: 640478

Elias Kassa

CHANNEL – Development of the most Cost-efficient Hydrogen production unit based on AnioN exchange membrane ELectrolysis

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 875088

Project Leader: Svein Sunde

CHARTER – Drivers and Feedbacks of Changes in Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity

ENV – Grant agreement ID: 869471

Project Leader: James D.M. Speed

CityxChange – Positive City ExChange

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 824260

Coordinator: Annemie Wyckmans

CLASS – CLear Air Situation for uaS: Maturing ground based technologies for a real-time Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management System (UTMS) to monitor and separate Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) traffic

TPT – Grant agreement ID: 763719

Project Leader: Ida Kallmyr Lerheim

COLLECTiEF – Inclusive DIALOGUES towards an operational concept of energy citizenship to support the Energy Union

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 101033683

Coordinator: Amin Moazami

DELTA – Future tamper-proof Demand rEsponse framework through seLf-configured, self-opTimized and collAborative virtual distributed energy nodes

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 773960

Project Leader: Sokratis Katsikas

DIALOGUES – Inclusive DIALOGUES towards an operational concept of energy citizenship to support the Energy Union

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 101022585

Project Leader: Pasi Aalto

DESTinationRAIL – Decision Support Tool for Rail Infrastructure Managers

TPT – Grant agreement ID: 636285

Project Leader: Elias Kassa

ECHOES – Energy CHOices supporting the Energy union and the Set-plan

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 727470

Project Leader: Christian A. Klöckner

EHLCATHOL – Chemical transformation of enzymatic of hydrolysis lignin (EHL) with catalytic solvolysis to fuel commodities under mild conditions

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 101006744

Project Leader: De Chen

ENCHANT – Energy Efficiency through behaviour change transition strategies

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 957115

Coordinator: Christian A. Klöckner

Energy-SHIFTS – Energy Social sciences & Humanities Innovation Forum Targeting the SET-Plan

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 826025

Project Leader: Marianne Ryghaug

ENTRANCES – ENergy TRANsitions from Coal and carbon: Effects on Societies

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 883947

Project Leader: Christian A. Klöckner

FIThydro – Fishfriendly Innovative Technologies for Hydropower 

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 727830

Project Leader: Nils Ruther

GEOPRO – Accurate Geofluid Properties as key to Geothermal Process Optimisation

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 851816

Project Leader: Tore Haug-Warberg

GIFT – Geographical Islands FlexibiliTy

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 824410

Project Leader: Lizhen Huang

HARARE – Hydrogen As the Reducing Agent in the REcovery of metals and minerals from metallurgical waste

ENV – Grant agreement ID: 958307

Coordinator: Jafar Safarian

HydroFlex – Increasing the value of Hydropower through increased Flexibility

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 764011

Coordinator: Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug

IMAGINE – Innovative Method for Affordable Generation IN ocean Energy

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 764066

Project Leader: Elisabetta Tedeschi

INVADE – Smart system of renewable energy storage based on INtegrated EVs and bAtteries to empower mobile, Distributed and centralised Energy storage in the distribution grid

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 731148

Project Leader: Magnus Korpås

LASH FIRE – Legislative Assessment for Safety Hazards of Fire and Innovations in Ro-ro ship Environment

TPT – Grant agreement ID: 814975

Project Leader: Thomas Porathe

MICA – Mineral Intelligence Capacity Analysis

ENV – Grant agreement ID: 689648

Project Leader: Daniel Beat Mueller

MinFuture – Global material flows and demand-supply forecasting for mineral strategies

ENV – Grant agreement ID: 730330

Coordinator: Daniel Mueller

Multipack – Demonstration of the next generation standardised integrated cooling and heating packages for commercial and public buildings based on environment-friendly carbon dioxide vapour compression cycles 

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 723137

Coordinator: Armin Hafner

NanoMEMC2 – NanoMaterials Enhanced Membranes for Carbon Capture

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 727734

Project Leader: Liyuan Deng

NAVIGATE – Next generation of AdVanced InteGrated Assessment modelling to support climaTE policy making

ENV – Grant agreement ID: 821124

Project Leader: Anders Hammer Strømman

Nunataryuk – Permafrost thaw and the changing arctic coast: science for socio-economic adaptation

ENV – Grant agreement ID: 773421

Project Leader: Knut Vilhelm Høyland

OceanNETs – Ocean-based Negative Emission Technologies - analyzing the feasibility, risks, and cobenefits of ocean-based negative emission technologies for stabilizing the climate

ENV – Grant agreement ID: 869357

Project Leader: Anders Hammer Strømman

Open ENTRANCE – Open ENergy TRansition ANalyses for a low-carbon Economy

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 835896

Project Leader: Asgeir Tomasgard

REALISE – Demonstrating a Refinery-Adapted Cluster-Integrated Strategy to Enable Full-Chain CCUS Implementation

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 884266

Project Leader: Hanna Knuutila

RemovAL – Removing the waste streams from the primary Aluminium production and other metal sectors in Europe

ENV – Grant agreement ID: 776469

Project Leader: Gabriella Tranell

SAFER-LC – SAFER Level Crossing by integrating and optimizing road-rail infrastructure management and design

TPT – Grant agreement ID: 723205

Project Leader: Elias Kassa

SENDER – Sustainable Consumer engagement and demand response

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 957755

Project Leader: Pedro Crespo del Granado

SET-Nav – Navigating the Roadmap for Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy Innovation

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 691843

Project Leader: Ruud Egging

SHAPE-ENERGY – Social Sciences and Humanities for Advancing Policy in European Energy 

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 731264

Project Leader: Marianne Ryghaug

SisAl Pilot – Innovative pilot for Silicon production with low environmental impact using secondary Aluminium and silicon raw materials

ENV – Grant agreement ID: 869268

Coordinator: Gabriella Tranell

SMARTEES – Social innovation Modelling Approaches to Realizing Transition to Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 763912

Coordinator: Christian Klöckner

SOSHINET – SOcial Sciences, Humanities and INnovation for the Energy Transition

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 731167

Asgeir Tomasgard

THOR – Thermoplastic Hydrogen tanks Optimised and Recyclable

TPT – Grant agreement ID: 826262

Project Leader: Andreas Echtermeyer

TRI-HP – Trigeneration systems based on heat pumps with natural refrigerants and multiple renewable sources

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 814888

Project Leader: Armin Hafner

ULTIMATE – indUstry water-utiLiTy symbIosis for a sMarter wATer society

ENV – Grant agreement ID: 869318

Project Leader: Sveinung Sægrov

WIDER UPTAKE – Achieving wider uptake of water-smart solutions

ENV – Grant agreement ID: 869283

Project Leader: Stein Wold Østerhus

XPRESS – Support for Public Procurements to facilitate the collaboration between SMEs and public sector for the development and adoption in renewables in regions

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 857831

Project Leader: Luitzen De Boer

XROTOR – X-shaped Radical Offshore wind Turbine for Overall cost of energy Reduction

ENERGY – Grant agreement ID: 101007135

Project Leader: Michael Musukuls

AFRODITI – integrAted Framework for scReening of endOcrine Disrupting chemIcals to test their effect in female reproducTIon

HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 825863

Alexandros Asimakopoulus

ALAMEDA – Briding the Early Diagnosis and Treatment Gap of Brain Diseases via Smart, Connected, Poractive and Evidence-based Technologial Interventions

HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 101017558

Project Leader: Faouzi Alaya Cheikh

Back-UP – Personalised Prognostic Models to Improve Well-being and Return to Work After Neck and Low Back Pain

HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 777090

Project Leader: Paul Jarle Mork

COLUMBUS – Monitoring, Managing and Transferring Marine and Maritime Knowledge for Sustainable Blue Growth

FOOD – Grant agreement ID: 652690

Project Leader: Bernt Leira

EDCMET – Metabolic effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: novel testing METhods and adverse outcome pathways

HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 825762

Project Leader: Jon Øyvind Odland

GoJelly – A gelatinous solution to plastic pollution

FOOD – Grant agreement ID: 774499

Project Leader: Nicole Aberle-Malzan

GRACE – Integrated oil spill response actions and environmental effects

FOOD – Grant agreement ID: 679266

Project Leader: Bjørn Munro

HoloFood – Holistic solution to improve animal food production through deconstructing the biomolecular interactions between feed, gut microorganisms and animals in relation to performance parameters

FOOD – Grant agreement ID: 817729

Project Leader: Mike Martin


HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 847386

Project Leader: Marit Christensen


FOOD – Grant agreement ID: 790507

Coordinator: Nadav Bar

imPURE – Injection Moulding Repurposing for Medical Supplies enabled by Additive Manufacturing

HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 101016262

Project Leader: Sotirios Grammatikos

INHERIT – INter-sectoral Health Environment Research for InnovaTions

HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 667364

Project Leader: Geir Arild Espnes

INNEXT – INNovative Extracellular vesicle Therapeutic platform for wound healing

HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 825955

Brita Solveig Pukstad

INTERVENE – International consortium for integrative genomics prediction

HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 101016775

Project Leader: Kristian Hveem

MARCHER – “Omics”-driven MARker identification for predicting CHEmotherapy Response

HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 755178

Oluf Dimitri Røe

METASTRAT – Developing and validating a stratification strategy for patients with liver metastasis of gastrointestinal cancer based on metabolic MR imaging

HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 755070

Emma Louise Walton


HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 667661

Project Leader: Steinar Krokstad

MOBILISE-D – Connecting digital mobility assessment to clinical outcomes for regulatory and clinical endorsement

HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 820820

Project Leader: Beatrix Vereijken

PreventIT – Early risk detection and prevention in ageing people by self-administered ICT-supported assessment and a behavioural change intervention delivered by use of smartphones and smartwatches

HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 689238

Coordinator: Jorunn L. Helbostad

RECAP – Research on European Children and Adults born Preterm

HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 733280

Project Leader: Marit Sæbø Indredavik

REFRESH – Resource Efficient Food and dRink for the Entire Supply cHain

FOOD – Grant agreement ID: 641933

Project Leader: Gang Liu


HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 847912

Project Leader: Pål Sætrom

selfBACK – A decision support system for self-management of low back pain

HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 689043

Coordinator: Paul Jarle Mork

Silkroad – The path to sustainable collaboration between Europe and China

HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 825393

Duan Chen

SMARTFISH – Smart fisheries technologies for an efficient, compliant and environmentally friendly fishing sector

FOOD – Grant agreement ID: 773521

Project Leader: Martin Ludvigsen


HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 899671

Project Leader: Eszter Vanky

SYNCHROS – SYNergies for Cohorts in Health: integrating the ROle of all Stakeholders

HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 825884

Project Leader: Steinar Krokstad

UPRIGHT – Universal Preventive Resilience Intervention Globally implemented in schools to improve and promote mental Health for Teenagers

HEALTH – Grant agreement ID: 754919

Project Leader: Odin Hjemdal

CITYCoP – Citizen Interaction Technologies Yield Community Policing

SECURITY – Grant agreement ID: 653811

Project Leader: Simon McCallum

D4FLY – Detecting Document frauD and iDentity on the fly

SECURITY – Grant agreement ID: 833704

Project Leader: Theo Theoharis

EASYRIGHTS – Enabling immigrants to easily know and exercise their rights

SOCIETY – Grant agreement ID: 870980

Project Leader: Jacques Koreman

ELECTRON – rEsilient and seLf-healed EleCTRical pOwer Nanogrid

SECURITY – Grant agreement ID: 101021936

Project Leader: Sokratis Katsikas

GHOST – Safe-Guarding Home  IoT  Environments with Personalised  Real-time Risk Control

SECURITY – Grant agreement ID: 740923

Project Leader: Sokratis Katsikas

iMARS – image Manipulation Attack Resolving Solutions

SECURITY – Grant agreement ID: 883356

Project Leader: Christoph Busch

IREU – Interdisciplinary research to tackle current and future EU’s societal challenges

SOCIETY – Grant agreement ID: 822580

Wiebe Bijker

ISEED – Inclusive Science and European Democracies

SOCIETY – Grant agreement ID: 960366

Project Leader: Sophia Efstathiou

LOCARD – Lawful evidence collecting and continuity platform development

SECURITY – Grant agreement ID: 832735

Project Leader: Sokratis Katsikas

METICOS – A Platform for Monitoring and Prediction of Social Impact and Acceptability of Modern Border Control Technology

SECURITY – Grant agreement ID: 883075

Project Leader: Sule Yildirim Yayilgan

RECONNECT – Reconciling Europe with its Citizens through Democracy and Rule of Law

SOCIETY – Grant agreement ID: 770142

Project Leader: Pieter de Wilde

rurALLURE – Promotion of rural museums and heritage sites in the vicinity of European pilgrimage routes

SOCIETY – Grant agreement ID: 101004887

Project Leader: Ole E. Wattne

SDN-microSENSE – SDN – microgrid reSilient Electrical eNergy SystEm

SECURITY – Grant agreement ID: 833955

Project Leader: Sokratis Katsikas

SMILE – SMart mobILity at the European land borders

SECURITY – Grant agreement ID: 740931

Project Leader: Sule Yildirim

TRANS-URBAN-EU-CHINA – Transition towards urban sustainability through socially integrative cities in the EU and in China

SOCIETY – Grant agreement ID: 770141

Project Leader: Annemie Wyckmans

URBAN-EU-CHINA – EU-China Innovation Platform on Sustainable Urbanisation

SOCIETY – Grant agreement ID: 733571

Coordinator: Annemie Wyckmans

5GMediaHUB – 5G experimentation environment for 3rd party media services

LEIT ICT – Grant agreement ID: 101016714

Project Leader: Andrew Perkis

5G-SOLUTIONS – 5G Solutions for European Citizens

LEIT ICT – Grant agreement ID: 856691

Project Leader: Amund Skavhaug

AdMiRe – Advanced Mixed Realities

LEIT ICT – Grant agreement ID: 952027

Project Leader: Andrew Perkis

AI4EU – A European AI On Demand Platform and Ecosystem

LEIT ICT – Grant agreement ID: 825619

Project Leader: Kerstin Bach

Arrowhead Tools – Arrowhead Tools for Engineering of Digitalisation Solutions

LEIT ICT – Grant agreement ID: 826452

Project Leader: Hans Petter Hildre

BOWI – Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs

LEIT ICT – Grant agreement ID: 873155

Project Leader: Magnus Själander

BugWright2 – Autonomous Robotic Inspection and Maintenance on Ship Hulls and Storage Tanks

LEIT ICT – Grant agreement ID: 871260

Project Leader: Martin Ludvigsen

CloudLightning – Self-Organising, Self-Managing Heterogeneous Cloud

LEIT ICT – Grant agreement ID: 643946

Project Leader: Anne Cathrine Elster

CyberSec4Europe – Cyber Security Network of Competence Centres for Europe

LEIT ICT – Grant agreement ID: 830929

Project Leader: Sokratis Katsikas

DigiPLACE – Digital Platform for Construction in Europe

LEIT ICT – Grant agreement ID: 856943

Project Leader: Eilif Hjelseth

HYPOS – HYdro-POwer-Suite

LEIT SPACE – Grant agreement ID: 870504

Project Leader: Nils Rüther

METAFLUIDICS – Advanced toolbox for rapid and cost-effective functional metagenomic screening - microbiology meets microfluidics

LEIT BIOTECH – Grant agreement ID: 685474

Project Leader: Rahmi Lale

Robotics4EU – Robotics with and for Society – Boosting Widespread Adoption of Robotics in Europe 

LEIT ICT – Grant agreement ID: 101017283

Project Leader: Roger Andre Søraa

SOCRATIC – SOcial CReATive IntelligenCe Platform for achieving Global Sustainability Goals

LEIT ICT – Grant agreement ID: 688228

Project Leader: Michail Giannakos

SWARMs – Smart and Networking UnderWAter Robots in Cooperation Meshes

LEIT ICT – Grant agreement ID: 662107

Project Leader: Ingrid Schjølberg

TeraFlow – Secured autonomic traffic management for a Tera of SDN flows

LEIT ICT – Grant agreement ID: 101015857

Project Leader: Thomas Zinner

TULIPP – Towards Ubiquitous Low-power Image Processing Platforms

LEIT ICT – Grant agreement ID: 688403

Project Leader: Magnus Jahre

VISUALMEDIA – Immersive and Interactive Real Time 3D Social Media Graphics Environments for the Broadcast Industry

LEIT ICT – Grant agreement ID: 687800

Project Leader: Andrew Perkis

AMULET – Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies united for Lightweight

INNOSUPSME – Grant agreement ID: 101005435

Project Leader: Sotirios Grammatikos


LEIT ADVMAT – Grant agreement ID: 646286

Project Leader: Anders Hammer Strømman

EnDurCrete – New Environmental friendly and Durable conCrete, integrating industrial by-products and hybrid systems, for civil, industrial and offshore applications – EnDurCrete

LEIT ADVMAT – Grant agreement ID: 760639

Project Leader: Klaartje De Weerdt

ENSUREAL – Integrated cross-sectorial approach for environmentally sustainable and resource-efficient alumina production

LEIT ADVMAT – Grant agreement ID: 767533

Project Leader: Leiv Kolbeinsen

FOCUS – Factory of the Future Clusters

LEIT ADVMANU – Grant agreement ID: 637090

Coordinator: Odd Myklebust

iclimabuilt – Functional and advanced insulating and energy harvesting/storage materials across climate adaptive buildings envelopes

LEIT NMP – Grant agreement ID: 952886

Project Leader: Arild Gustavsen

IM-SAFE – Harmonised Transport Infrastructure Monitoring in Europe for Optimal Maintenance and Safety

LEIT ADVMANU – Grant agreement ID: 958171

Project Leader: Elena Scibilia

MarketPlace – Materials Modelling Marketplace for Increased Industrial Innovation

LEIT ADVMAT – Grant agreement ID: 760173

Project Leader: Heinz Preisig

NanoFabNet – NanoFabNet - International Hub for sustainable industrial-scale Nanofabrication

LEIT ADVMAT – Grant agreement ID: 886171

Project Leader: Peter Köllensperger

PreMa – Energy efficient, primary production of manganese ferroalloys through the application of novel energy systems in the drying and pre-heating of furnace feed materials

LEIT ADMANU – Grant agreement ID: 820561

Project Leader: Merete Tangstad

QUANTUM – Quality management for building performance - improving energy performance by life cycle quality management

LEIT ADVMANU – Grant agreement ID: 680529

Project Leader: Salvatore Carlucci

SIDERWIN – Development of new methodologies for industrial CO2-free steel production by electrowinning

LEIT ADVMANU – Grant agreement ID: 768788

Project Leader: Geir Martin Haarberg

SPIDER – Safe and Prelithiated hIgh energy DEnsity batteries based on sulphur Rocksalt and silicon chemistries

LEIT ADVMAT – Grant agreement ID: 814389

Project Leader: Anders Hammer Strømman

syn.ikia – Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods

LEIT ADVMANU – Grant agreement ID: 869918

Coordinator: Niki Gaitani

VIPCOAT – Virtual Open Innovation Platform for Active Protective Coatings Guided by Modelling and Optimization

LEIT NMP – Grant agreement ID: 952903

Project Leader: Heinz A. Preisig

ACCTING – AdvanCing behavioural Change Through an INclusive Green deal

CROSS CUTTING – Grant agreement ID: 101036504

Project Leader: Giuseppe Pellegrini Masini

ALBATROSS – Advanced Light-weight BATteRy Systems Optimized for fast charging, Safety, and Second-Life applications

CROSS CUTTING – Grant agreement ID: 963580

Project Leader: Sulalit Bandyopadhyay

ARV – Climate Positive Circular Communities

CROSS CUTTING – Grant agreement ID: 101036723

Coordinator: Inger Andresen

CoM_n_Play-Science – Learning science the fun and creative way: coding, making, and play as vehicles for informal science learning in the 21st century

SCIENCE – Grant agreement ID: 787476

Coordinator: Michail Giannakos

ENERGICA – ENERGy access and green transition collaboratively demonstrated in urban and rural areas in AfrICA

CROSS CUTTING – Grant agreement ID: 101037428

Project Leader: Pedro Crespo del Granado


GOV – Grant agreement ID: 101035806

Coordinator: Patrick Reurink

ENOUGH – European food chain supply to reduce GHG emissions by 2050

CROSS CUTTING – Grant agreement ID: 101036588

Project Leader: Armin Hafner

ETHNA System – Ethics Governance System for RRI in Higher Education, Funding and Research Centres

GOV – Grant agreement ID: 872360

Project Leader: Lars Ursin

EXPAND II – Widening participation of countries and stakeholders in JPI Urban Europe through capacity building in urban policy, funding and research

SEAWP-CROSST – Grant agreement ID: 857160

Project Leader: Judith Borsboom-van Beurden

FIT4RRI – Fostering Improved Training Tools For Responsible Research and Innovation

GOV – Grant agreement ID: 741477

Project Leader: Knut Holtan Sørensen


CROSS CUTTING – Grant agreement ID: 101037643

Project Leader. Martin Ludvigsen

MaTeK – Enhancement of research excellence in Mathematics Teacher Knowledge

TWINING – Grant agreement ID: 951822

Project Leader: Iveta Kohanova

MOST – Meaningful Open Schooling Connects Schools To Communities

SCIENCE – Grant agreement ID: 871155

Project Leader: Ragnhild Lyngved Staberg

QUEST – QUality and Effectiveness in Science and Technology communication

KNOWLEDGE – Grant agreement ID: 824634

Project Leader: Sara Rachael Davies

SIRAMM – Eastern European twinning on Structural Integrity and Reliability of Advanced Materials obtained through additive Manufacturing

TWINING – Grant agreement ID: 857124

Project Leader: Filippo Berto

SOLSTICE – Sodium-Zinc molten salt batteries for low-cost stationary storage

CROSS CUTTING – Grant agreement ID: 963599

Project Leader: Ann Mari Svensson

SURROUNDEDbySCIENCE – Learning paths towards science proficiency

GOV – Grant agreement ID: 101006349

Project Leader: Michail Giannakos

TeRRitoria – Territorial Responsible Research and Innovation Through the involvement of local R&I Actors

INEGSOC – Grant agreement ID: 824565

Project Leader: Wiebe Eco Bijker

TransformAr – Accelerating and upscaling transformational adaptation in Europe: demonstration of water-related innovation packages

CROSS CUTTING – Grant agreement ID: 101036683

Project Leader: Marcos Xosé Álvarez Cid

UMI-Sci-Ed – Exploiting Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Computing and the Internet of Things to promote Science Education

CAREER – Grant agreement ID: 710583

Project Leader: Letizia Jaccheri

Some H2020 projects

Some Horizon 2020 projects coordinated by NTNU

ARV, ill.

aims at creating climate positive circular communities in Europe and increasing the building renovation rate in the European continent. 

Coordinator: Professor Inger Andresen, Department of Architecture and Technology

Inger Andresen, photo


aims to support the energy transition by testing the impact of interventions affecting energy consumption behaviour on a large-scale across Europe.

Coordinator: Professor Christian A. Klöckner, Department of Psychology

Christian a. Klöckner, photo

Students, photo Geir Mogen/NTNU

aims to educate researchers contributing to solve societal challenges in energy, healthcare, manufacturing, mobility, and ocean-based technology.

Coordinator: Professor Ingelin Steinsland, Department of Mathematical Sciences

Ingelin Steinsland, photo

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