HUNT Cloud Community

HUNT Cloud community is based on the idea that we collectively have a greater sum of knowledge than any single individual.

All users are invited to participate in our community channel on Slack. We aim to use this community space to enable researchers of all skill levels with a place to say hello to each other, provide help where they can, and ask other if they need assistance. We are proud of the warm and friendly tone among our users!

We do also gather for monthly round-table discussions (community hours) on Slack to discuss topic relevant for our users and to get feedback on our cloud services.

In addition, we do arrange quarterly forums for lab owners (PI forums). We are humbled by the opportunity to get feedback and to discuss important strategic aspects of the system with our experienced tier of lab owners.

We use these interactions to prioritize and plan our continuous improvement.

Emergencies: Report data breach or data loss to

Contact: Feel free to send us an email at