Microbial and Cell Physiology

– Bruheim Lab

The Bruheim lab focuses on Deep Phenotyping of prokaryotic and eukaryotic model systems using Advanced Cultivation Technology and Mass Spectrometry based Metabolomics, Fluxomics and Lipidomics. Bruheim is scientific leader of the NV faculty Mass Spectrometry lab. We have developed a suite of target and non-target MS methods which we apply on a range of biological model systems and research questions.


Core instrumentation: mass spectrometers and bench-top bioreactors.


Our model systems

- Saccharomyces cerevisiae (both basic research on physiology and metabolism, but also beer breewing and wine production)

- E. coli and yeast heterologous production of terpenoids in synthetic organelles

- Ethanol and acetaldehyde synthesis in Zymomonas mobilis

- Antibiotic synthesis in Streptomyces

Furthermore, we have running projects on Carbon- and Energy Metabolism in human cells where the core aim is to explore the ninety-year old «Warburg-effect» using modern technology

We have also a number of external collaborations in Metabolomics, Fluxomics and Lipidomics that involves e g. screening of urine, serum, plasma samples and lipid profiling in salmon



  • Microbial and Cell Physiology
  • Cultivation Technology
  • MS based Metabolomics, Fluxomics and Lipidomics; focus on both method development and applications



  • Microbial bioreactor lab (0.3 and 3 L bench-top fermentors) for advanced cultivation studies (batch, fed-batch, continuous, off-gas analysis, mass balances)
  • Cell culture lab including hypoxia chamber
  • General microbial and biochemistry labs with all equipment needed for modern offline analysis


Current projects (2016)

  • NFR/ Era-IB: “TERPENOSOME - Engineered compartments for monoterpenoid production using synthetic biology” (Jul14 - Jun17)
  • NFR/ Era-SysApp: “WINESYS – GMO free systems optimization of wine yeast for wine production by massive scale directed evolution” (Jul15 – Jun18)
  • NFR Digital Life/ Biotek2021: “DigiSal – Towards the Digital Salmon: From a reactive to e pre-emptive research strategy in aquaculture” (Jan16 - Dec19)
  • NFR Digital Life/ Biotek 2021: “INBioPharm - Integrated Novel Natural Product Discovery and Production Platform for Accelerated Biopharmaceutical Innovation from Microbial Biodiversity” (Jan16 - Dec19)
  • NTNU Enabling Biotechnology: “Development and Application of Fluxomics tools for the study of cellular phenotypes” (Aug15-Jul19)
  • NFR/ Era-IB: “Zfuels – A novel bacterial system with integrated micro-bubble distillation for the production of acetaldehyde “ (Mar16-Feb19)
  • NTNU MedTek: “Novel cancer targets and drugs from high-throughput molecular and systems biology” (2011 – ongoing collaboration with professor Marit Otterlei, IKM, DMF; NTNU)
  • IBT NTNU: “Genetic and molecular investigation of Norwegian Farmhouse Ale yeasts” (2013 – ongoing MSc projects)
  • 6-8 ad hoc Metabolomics/ Lipidomics projects (NT-faculty, NTNU, National, International)




Per Bruheim - Professor

Per Bruheim


Epost: per.bruheim@ntnu.no

Current members (Autumn 2016)

Maria Ordonez Robles, (Postdoc)

Katsuya Fuchino, (Postdoc)

Marit H. Stafsnes (Postdoc)

Zdenka Bartosova (Researcher)

Lisa M. Røst (PhD)

Kåre Andre Kristiansen (Senior engineer, contact and responsible for NV faculty MS lab)

Truls C. Rasmussen, MSc (research scientist)

Silje Olsen, MSc (research scientist)

Elise Midtbust, MSc student

Ulrikke D. Brinch, MSc student

Ksihitz Bhusal, MSc student

Iselin Lægreid, MSc student

Ida Eide Langørgen, MSc student

Erle Gustavsen Løkken, MSc student

Elise Solbakk, MSc student

Ichrak Abene, Erasmus student

Miguel Capilla Lloris, Erasmus student