The 37th International Course on Process Metallurgy of Aluminium

– Trondheim, Norway, 17 June – 21(22) June, 2019

The course has been given on an annual basis since 1981 (except 2015) and has followed the profound development of the industry. Since 1981 the total attendance has been more than 3000 participants from about 350 companies, representing 57 countries.

The course provides an updated, comprehensive review of the state of the art of aluminium production. The aim of the course is to “Understand the process and act accordingly”.

There will be a special session on recent developments. The CEO of Hydro Aluminium, Svein Richard Brandtzæg who also has his PhD from our university, will speak on “Technological Developments in Hydro Aluminium”,  Vice President in Hydro Aluminium, Johannes Aalbu, on “Industry 4.0 in Aluminium Plants” and Senior Manager in Rio Tinto, Bertrand Allano on   “New Development in Computer Control of Aluminium Cells”. Hydros new low energy cell will also be presented.

Not only lectures but also Group discussions of actual problems with presentations by the participants are an important part of the course. . There will be social arrangements on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings to facilitate communication in the group. For those interested, a complimentary visit to Hydro Aluminium, Sunndal will be arranged on Saturday June 23.

Title of lectures

Complete lecture notes will be handed out on arrival Monday morning.

  • Introduction and Principles of  Aluminium Electrolysis
  • Potline Operation and Pot Resistance Adjustment
  • Technological Development in Hydro Aluminium
  • Industry 4.0 in Aluminium Plants
  • New Development in Computer Control of Aluminium Cells
  • Electrolyte Composition
  • Anodes: The Impact of Raw Material Quality and Anode Manufacturing Parameters on the Behaviour in Electrolysis
  • Preheat and Start-Up
  • How to Obtain Long Life for Modern Aluminium Cells
  • Cell Voltage and Anode Effect
  • Health, Outer and Inner Environment and Safety
  • Electrical Power Outages and Potline Recovery with Partial Frozen Bath
  • Diagnosis and Correction of Irregularly Operating Cells
  • Magnetic Compensation of Aluminium Cells
  • Heat Balance
  • Current Efficiency
  • Alumina in Smelting
  • Treatment of Spent Potlining
  • Amperage Increase in Hydro Aluminium
  • Electrical Safety in Potrooms
  • Measurement Techniques for Pot Analysis
  • Emission Control.


The lecturers are the backbone of the course, and they have been carefully chosen because of their expertise as well as their ability to communicate.

  • Svein Richard Brandtzæg (Hydro Aluminium)
  • Johannes Aalbu (Hydro Aluminium)
  • Bertrand Allano (RioTinto)
  • Michel Reverdy (Dubal)
  • Vinko Potocnik (formerly Alcan)
  • Alton Tabereaux (formerly Alcoa)
  • Markus Meier (R&D Carbon)
  • Bjørn Lillebuen (formerly Hydro Aluminium)
  • Per Arinn Solli (Hydro Aluminium)
  • Bjørn P. Moxnes (Hydro Aluminium)
  • Morten Sørlie (formerly Alcoa)
  • Geir Wedde (NEATEC Engineering)
  • Jomar Thonstad (Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, NTNU)
  • Harald A. Øye (Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, NTNU)


The Course will be held at Scandic Nidelven Hotel, Trondheim, Norway and start on Monday June 17 at 08:30 and finish at Friday June 21 at 12:45 or Saturday June 22 at 17:30 for those who participate in the Hydro Aluminium Sunndal visit.

Scandic Nidelven Hotel is located near an attractive shopping and restaurant area in town.  It is reached from the airport arrival area by the busses Værnes Ekspressen that stops at Royal Garden hotel or Netbuss that stops at the Central Train Station. Both stops are 200m from Scandic Nidelven Hotel. Transport will be arranged for those who leave on Friday after Lunch. Accompaning persons can attend the social arrangements without charge.