Title of lectures

Complete lecture notes will be handed out on arrival Monday morning.

  • Introduction and Principles of  Aluminium Electrolysis
  • Potline Operation and Pot Resistance Adjustment
  • Technological Development in Hydro Aluminium
  • Industry 4.0 in Aluminium Plants
  • New Development in Computer Control of Aluminium Cells
  • Electrolyte Composition
  • Anodes: The Impact of Raw Material Quality and Anode Manufacturing Parameters on the Behaviour in Electrolysis
  • Preheat and Start-Up
  • How to Obtain Long Life for Modern Aluminium Cells
  • Cell Voltage and Anode Effect
  • Health, Outer and Inner Environment and Safety
  • Electrical Power Outages and Potline Recovery with Partial Frozen Bath
  • Diagnosis and Correction of Irregularly Operating Cells
  • Magnetic Compensation of Aluminium Cells
  • Heat Balance
  • Current Efficiency
  • Alumina in Smelting
  • Treatment of Spent Potlining
  • Amperage Increase in Hydro Aluminium
  • Electrical Safety in Potrooms
  • Measurement Techniques for Pot Analysis
  • Emission Control.


The lecturers are the backbone of the course, and they have been carefully chosen because of their expertise as well as their ability to communicate.

  • Svein Richard Brandtzæg (Hydro Aluminium)
  • Johannes Aalbu (Hydro Aluminium)
  • Bertrand Allano (RioTinto)
  • Michel Reverdy (Dubal)
  • Vinko Potocnik (formerly Alcan)
  • Alton Tabereaux (formerly Alcoa)
  • Markus Meier (R&D Carbon)
  • Bjørn Lillebuen (formerly Hydro Aluminium)
  • Per Arinn Solli (Hydro Aluminium)
  • Bjørn P. Moxnes (Hydro Aluminium)
  • Morten Sørlie (formerly Alcoa)
  • Geir Wedde (NEATEC Engineering)
  • Jomar Thonstad (Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, NTNU)
  • Harald A. Øye (Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, NTNU)