The XV International Conference on Stochastic Programming


Listed below are the accepted mini-symposia for the International Conference on Stochastic Programming, ICSP XV, in Trondheim, Norway from July 29 to August 2, 2019. Apart from six plenaries, the conference will, in line with the previous two meetings, be focused around mini-symposia. A mini-symposium is a collection of talks around a specific topic, and is set up with a semi-plenary talk and then three technical talks. 

A mini symposium consists of

  • A semi-plenary talk. This talk will get a bit more time than the technical talks, and is expected to be (indeed) a somewhat general talk.
  • Three more talks with titles and names. 
  • Some mini symposia include several sessions. 
Accepted mini-symposia: 


  • Risk-Averse Stochastic Programming and Energy System Operations.
    Chair: Yongpei Guan.
    Semi-plenary: Ruiwei Jiang.
  • Stochastic programming for Hydropower scheduling.
    Chair: Ellen Krohn Aasgård and Andre Diniz.
    Semi-plenary: Andre Diniz.
  • Decomposition Techniques for Large-Scale Stochastic and Robust Energy System Models.
    Chair: Ramteen Sioshansi and Antonio J. Conejo.
    Semi-plenary: Pascal Van Hentenryck.
  • One and Two-Level Stochastic Equilibrium Models in Energy and Transportation.
    Chair: Steven Gabriel.
    Semi-plenary: Yueyue Fan. 
  • New frontiers in financial decision making under uncertainty: ambiguity, stochastic dominance and complex nonlinear portfolio management.
    Chair: Miloš Kopa.
    Semi-plenary: Giorgio Consigli.
  • Freight transportation and logistics under uncertainties 
    Chair: Ruibin Bai and Stein W. Wallace.
    Semi-plenary: Ruibin Bai.

Robust and distributionally robust optimization 

  • Applications of Distributionally Robust Optimization.
    Chair: Daniel Kuhn.
    Semi-plenary: Wolfram Wiesemann. 
  • Data-Driven Distributionally Robust Optimization.
    Chair: Wolfram Wiesemann.
    Semi-plenary: Peyman Mohajerin Esfahani
  • Decision-Dependent Stochastic Programming and Distributionally Robust Optimization: Overview and Recent Advances. 
    Chair: Vincent Guigues.
    Semi-plenary: Miguel Lejeune.
  • From theory to practice: solution methods and implementation aspects on applied robust and stochastic models.
    Chair: Alexandre Street and Davi Valladão.
    Semi-plenary: Tito Homem-de-Mello.
  • Doing Good with Good RO.
    Chair: Phebe Vayanos and Vishal Gupta
    Semi-plenary: Phebe Vayanos.

Methods and computations in stochastic programming

  • Stochastic dynamic programming equations: decomposition methods and applications.
    Chair: Miguel Lejeune.
    Semi-plenary: Vincent Guigues.
  • Decomposition-Coordination Methods in Multistage Stochastic Optimization.
    Chair: Michel De Lara.
    Semi-plenary: Michel De Lara
  • New Techniques in Multi-Stage Stochastic Programming.
    Chair: Jim Luedtke.
    Semi-plenary: Merve Bodur 
  • PDE-Constrained Optimization under Uncertainty and Applications.
    Chair:Thomas Surowiec and Drew Kouri.
    Semi-plenary: Thomas Surowiec. 
  • Discrete Optimization under Uncertainty.
    Chair: Michael Poss. 
    Semi-plenary: Ricardo Fukasawa.
  • Stochastic Integer Programming: Theories, Algorithms, and Applications
    Chair: Kibaek Kim.
    Semi-plenary: Simge Kucukyavuz.
  • Nonlinear Programming with probability functions.
    Chair: Wim van Ackooij.
    Semi-plenary: Wim van Ackooij
  • Statistics and Machine Learning.
    Chair: Robert Bassett, Matthew Norton and Johannes Royset.
    Semi-plenary: Johannes Royset.
  • Bounds and Approximations  in Optimization under Uncertainty.
    Chair: Francesca Maggioni.
    Semi-plenary: Francesca Maggioni.
  • Advances in Stochastic Dynamic Programming.
    Chair: Stein-Erik Fleten.
    Semi-plenary: David B. Brown.

Equilibrium and variational inequalities 

  • Progressive decoupling of linkages in optimization and variational inequalities: Theory and Applications. Chair: Johannes Royset.
    Semi-plenary: Terry Rockafellar. 
  • Stochastic Approximation Schemes for Stochastic Optimization, Variational, and Game-Theoretic Problems. Chair: Uday Shanbhag.
    Semi-plenary: Uday Shanbhag.

Invited thematic sessions/tutorials

  • A Unified Framework for Optimization under Uncertainty.
    Chair: Warren Powell.
  • Interfaces between Learning and Stochastic Optimization.
    Chair: Suvrajeet Sen.
    Semi-plenary: Meizam Razayiyan
  • Decisions Applications of Learning.
    Chair: Suvrajeet Sen.



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