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The Computer Architecture and Design Group (CARD)(no: "datamaskingruppa") at the Department of Computer Science and Technology, NTNU, educates and conducts research in the fields of Computer Architecture and Computer Design.

The key research theme of the CARD group is architectures for energy efficient parallel computing. The activity ranges from architecture-aware multi-core programming and system software via micro-architectural improvements for industrially relevant multi-cores to basic research into massively parallel unconventional architectures. The common theme of all research is how parallelism should be employed to achieve energy efficient computation. The difference between these activities is mainly the expected time for a research result to be used in practical systems. This ranges from a short time for the software techniques via 5 to 10 years for the industrially relevant hardware techniques to unknown for the approaches based on unconventional computation. The research contributes to our students being selected for highly relevant jobs, to product innovations and the creation of new businesses and to extend fundamental knowledge through basic research.


Magnus JahreAssociate Professor Magnus JahreHead of research group

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We aim to disseminate our research results to the scientific community through scientific publications. We publish at the highest international level.

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Our research activity is organised around research projects. Currently we contribute to the following projects.

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Research and business partners associated with our research group.

Industry Collaborations

CARD has a long history of cooperation with industry partners.

Our master students have a skill set that results in them having little difficulty in getting employed in Trondheim, the rest of Norway, or abroad.