Thursday 12th of January

Chairs: Kristina Brend and John Krogstie


Welcome gathering
- Creative art presented by Kulturskolen, Trondheim
Circus: Frida Rasmussen, Frøy Ramsfjell, Erik Sand Angelsen, Malin Betlen Kristoffersen, August Rohde Aas, Alvin Nilsson Nygaard, Peder Aronsen. Teacher: Lea Moxnes
Folk music: Bendik Espenes, Erik Indergård, Marie Eggset og Gunhild Kleppen. Teacher: Andreas Bjørkås.

- Refreshments and registration
E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle - And thence we came forth to see again the stars (Dante Alighieri 1300)
Letizia Jaccheri
Science and innovation session
On the Art of Industrial Development
Tatiana Rizzante, CEO, Reply, Italy
Research examples at IDI:
- Current Research in Color Management
Phil Green, Professor, Gjøvik
- Serious Games and Welfare Technology
Grethe Sandstrak, Ass. Prof., Kalvskinnet
- Development of Energy Efficient Computing Systems (EECS) in Cooperation with Industry
Lasse Natvig, Professor, Gløshaugen
- Smartkuber - an Augmented Reality Game for Cognitive Screening
Simon McCallum, Ass. Professor, Gjøvik
Address from Norwegian Industry
Heidi Austlid, IKT - Norge
Improvisations with the duet “Fjoo”
- Live processing of acoustic and electric instruments
Julie Rokseth (harp) and Axel Tidemann (synth, percussion, loops and programming)
Scientific session continues
A Holistic Cooperation with IDI
Bjørn Taale Sandberg, Director of Research, Telenor
Barbara Ericson, Senior Research Scientist, and Mark Guzdial, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Main Buffet Dinner
“Trøndersk småmat” and drinks complimented with Tuscany Wines.
"Improvisation and Innovation"
Bjørn Alterhaug (double bass), Vigleik Storaas (piano) and Håkon Mjåseth Johansen (percussion)
followed by a Jam Session with a new generation musicians
Rohey Taalah (vocal), Hogne Kleiberg (piano), Signe Krunderup Emmeluth (alto saxophone), Frederik Villmow (drums) and David Andersson (double bass)
Jazz has been a metaphor and an inspiration for cross-disciplinary innovative cooperation with ICT at NTNU, forwarded in particular by Bjørn Alterhaug. The eminent musicians, all with background from «Jazzlinja» at NTNU, are bringing the ideas into the future of IDI. Participants are invited to join - with personal instruments - or just by using the piano.


Friday 13th of January

Meetings in groups, projects, etc.


Meetings* (parallels)
- Meeting for scientific staff at IDI
  Scandic Nidelven Hotel
- Meeting for PhD students and Post.Docs at IDI
  Scandic Nidelven Hotel
*Further details and possible meetings will be announced at a later date.


Time and place

12-13 January 2017

Scandic Nidelven Hotel
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