Coastal and Arctic Maritime Operations and Surveillance

Strategic Research Area

Coastal and Arctic Maritime Operations and Surveillance

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CAMOS - Intro

The aim of the strategic research area CAMOS is to accelerate the development of high level research activity within costal and maritime operations at NTNU, supporting and initiating new collaboration initiatives within the IME Faculty's technology areas.

What is CAMOS?

CAMOS - Contact


Professor Torbjörn Ekman
Torbjörn Ekman

CAMOS - Publications


CAMOS aims to disseminate its research results to the scientific community through scientific publications, as well as seminars and Magazines. 

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CAMOS - People


Anders AlbertRoger BirkelandHefeng DongTorbjörn EkmanLars Struen ImslandYuming JiangTor Arne JohansenDavid PalmaSalman Ijaz SiddiquiArtur Piotr ZolichHarald Øverby

CAMOS people

CAMOS - Partners


Our research partners:

  • GEMINI-centre for Maritime Communications with SINTEF
  • AMOS

Strategic Research Area – CAMOS

CAMOS - Projects


CAMOS contributes to the following projects:

  • AMOS projects
  • Several doctoral projects
  • The Reconfigurable Radio Network Plattform (ReRaNP) infrastructure project