OADE – Selected ongoing and recent projects involving the main researchers

  • CLIMBER - Cross-Layer Investigation and Integration of Computing and Networking Aspects of Mobile Social Networks
  • Doil - Digital Oil 
  • EVISOFT - EVidence based Improvement of SOFTware engineering
  • IS_A - Integrated semantic access in situated operations
  • LinkedDesign - LinkedDesign - Linked Knowledge in Manufacturing, Engineering and Design for Next-Generation Production 
  • M3W - Model-driven support for Multi-channel Mobile Work
  • ReqSeq - Requirements for Secure Information Systems
  • Q2S - Quantifiable Quality of Service in Communication Systems
  • SMARTIES - Smart Individual Energy Users
  • SmartGrid - The next generation control centres for Smart Grids
  • TRIMAKS - Wireless Trondheim Living Lab  
    member of ENoLL - European Network of Living Labs
  • UbiCompAll - Ubiquitous service Composition For All users