Hyper Spectral Imager for Oceanographic Applications

HYPSO (HYPer-spectral Smallsat for ocean Observation)

Hyper Spectral Imager for Oceanographic Applications

The Hyper Spectra Imager (HSI)-mission will observe oceanographic phenomena by using a small satellite with a hyper-spectral camera onboard. Motivations for employing this approach:

  • Oceanographic phenomena are of great interest to understand more about the effects of climate change and human impact on the world
  • Traditional Earth-Observation satellites are very expensive and take several years to develop and launch
  • Dedicated small satellites can be used to provide high spatial resolution within a small field of view to areas of interest with short revisit times
  • The information from these images can be downloaded and communicated to unmanned aerial and underwater vehicles which can then investigate the areas of interest further using the data from the small satellite



There is currently a team of approximately 20 students and 6 PhDs and 2 Post.Docs. working on this mission. The team is multidisciplinary, consisting of students from several departments at Mechanical Engineering, and from Department of Electronic Systems and Department of Engineering Cybernetics.

This is the first satellite for the students and the first chance to work in a truly multidisciplinary team. The project kicked off on August 23rd, and will have its Preliminary Design Review on October 30th.