PhD and Postdoc Projects

Department of Computer and Information Science
Candidate Project Duration
Boye Annfelt Hoverstad Decision support next generation control  centres 2011-2015
Axel Tidemann Decision support next generation control centres 2011-2015
Tosin Daniel Oyetoyan Dependency Cycles in Software Systems: Quality Issues and Opportunities for Refactoring 2011-2015
Mohsen Anvaari

Software Engineering Support for Smart Grid Application

Abdullah Al Hasib Energy Efficient Parallelization of Smart Grid Computations on Novel Multicore Processors 2011-
Department of Electric Power Engineering
Candidate Project Duration
Mehdi Karbalye Zadeh

Stability Analysis Methods and Tools for Power-Electronis-Based DC Distribution Systems, Applicable to On-Board Electric Power Systems and Smart Grids

Erling Tønne Planning of Future Smart and Active distribution grids 2011-2017
Santiago Sanchez Stability Analysis Methods and Tools for Power-Electronis-Based DC Distribution Systems, Applicable to On-Board Electric Power Systems and Smart Grids 2011-2015
Nadeem Jelani Investigating the Role of Active Loads in the Future Electrical Grid Dominated by Power Electronics 2010-2014
Dinh Thuc Duong
Online Voltage Stability Monitoring and Coordinated Secondary Voltage Control
Lester Kalemba Multivariable control and coordination of facts devices 2011-
Karen Byskov Lindberg Impact of Zero Energy Buildings on the Power System 2011-2017
Traian Nicolae Preda Modelling of Active Distribution Grids for Stability Analysis 2011-2015
Iromi Ranaweera Energy Storage for Control of Distributed Photovoltaic Power Systems in the Smart Grid 2013-
Department of Electronic Systems
Candidate Project Duration
Reza Parseh Integrated design of wireless communication and control systems 2011-2016
Department of Engineering Cybernetics
Candidate Project Duration
Mark A.M Haring Control system design for unreliable communication networks 2011-2016
Anne Mai Ersdal

Methods for ice-model updating using a mobile sensor network

Mohsen Vatani Secure control of multi-terminal HVDC 2011-
Behzad Rahimi Sharefi Secure control of multi-terminal HVDC 2011-
Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management
Candidate Project Duration
Stig Ødegaard Ottesen

Techno-economic models in Smart Grids: Demand side flexibility optimization for bidding and scheduling problems

Tomas Moe Skjølsvold Towards a new sociology of innovation. The case of bioenergy in Norway and Sweden 2008-2012
Fri, 26 May 2017 13:25:57 +0200
Department of Information Security and Communication Techonlogy
Candidate Project Duration
Maria Bartnes Understanding Information Security Incident Management Practices – A case study in the Electric Power Industry 2011-2015
Kornschnok Dittawit

Adaptable Home Energy Management Systems for Demand Side Management in the Smart Grid

Jonas Wäfler Modeling and Analysis of Dependability and Interdependency Failures in Smart Grids 2011-2016
Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture
Candidate Project Duration
William Throndsen Response and Responsibility Smart meters, end use, and the possibility of a green material public 2011-2016
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Candidate Project Duration
Vaclav Slimacek Reliability Analysis of Wind Energy Systems 2011-2015


Coordinator Kjell Sand
Kjell Sand

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