Research in Religious Studies

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Research in Religious Studies



Our department hosts leading specialists in Islamic studies, conspiracy culture, and south Asian religions, along with the only full time position in Judaism and cognitive science of religion in Norway.

Researchers at our department

Researchers at our department

research sbre

Research areas - Sven Bretfeld:
South and Central Asian history of religions, Buddhism, religious theory, intra-religious non-conformity

research AKBW

Research areas - Ann-Kathrin Bretfeld-Wolf:
South and Southeast Asian history of religions; Buddhism; Material Religion; spatial approaches to the study of religion

research AD engelsk

Research areas - Asbjørn Dyrendal:
Satanism; Western Esotericism; religion and popular culture; conspiracy culture; theory and method in the study of 'religion'

research gl

Research areas - Gabriel Levy:
Judaism; method and theory; religious language; biological approaches to the study of religion 

research areas UM

Research areas - Ulrika Mårtensson:
the Qur’an; Qur’an interpretation; historiography; disciplines; concepts of religion; hermeutics; linguistics; semiotics; rhetoric; social contract; natural law theory

research areas MAR

Research areas  - Martin Aasbø Ringdal: 

Anti-semitism, conspiracy theories, Western esoterism and new religiosity.



Current Research Projects

Current Research Projects

Asbjørn Dyrendal:

Shifting Boundaries: Definitions, Expressions and Consequences of Antisemitism in Contemporary Norway (SHIFTBOUND)

Conspiracy Mentality in Norway

Political Ideology and Conspiracy Mentality

Handbook of Conspiracy Theory (Routledge)

Conspiracy Theory in the Nordic Countries


Gabriel Levy:

Religion and Behavioral Economy (w/ Panos Mitkidis)

A Comparison of Jewish and Greek love magic (w/ Corby Kelly)

Animals and Religion in light of the Cognitive turn (w/ Aaron Gross)

Dynamics of Intimacy Project (w/ Miriam Kyselo)


Sven Bretfeld:

The Making of an Orthodoxy: Demarcation and Identity in early Theravāda Buddhism

Tantric Buddhism in Sri Lanka

Nikāyasaṃgrahaya, critical edition and new English translation

Envisioning Plurality: Buddhist Pāli Chronicles as a Translocal Identity Discourse



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