Geological Engineering Laboratory

Geological Engineering Laboratory

Through analyses of the physical properties of geological material, we can predict important factors as time, costs and stability for construction projects in soil and rock. Geological engineering laboratory performs a variety of tests. Some of the test standards originate from our laboratory.


  • Drillability

- Drilling Rate Index (DRI™), Bit Wear Index (BWI™), Cutter Life Index (CLI™)

  • DTA (Differential thermal analysis)
  • Cerchar Abrasivity Index (CAI), Ball Mill Value (BMV)
  • Rock bolt test rig, full scale

- Cap. Pull/shear: 600/500 kN
- Pull out test

  • Swelling properties
  • Slake durability
  • Permeability test on soil
  • Shear strength soil, large scale shearbox
  • Grain size distribution