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    WP1: Geometallurgical flow sheets

Geometallurgical flow sheets


Geometallurgical flow sheets

The main objective of the WP1 is establishment of so called geometallurgical flow sheet. The term geometallurgical flow sheet refers to the visualization and description of the relationship between in-situ raw material variations and processing performance in downstream working processes. The main problems to be addressed are: -What are the components of the designed flow sheet? -Which raw material properties are important for the down-stream processes? -How do these parameters influence the process?

A case study of Verdalskalk A.S. mine operations and deposit variations is conducted in order to understand a link between aspects mentioned above. The study consists of mapping the ordovician marble deposit in terms of geochemical, mineralogical and textural variations, and investigation on how these variations can influence the processing performance and final product (calcium oxide) quality.

The facilities are also investigated on the possibilities of improving the value chain productivity and data flow and accessibility in terms of geometallurgical concept.

The co-objective of the project is a detailed literature review on state of the art for geometallurgy and related methodology, technology and terminology.