Sustainable Business Models

Research Group

Sustainable Business Models

Projects and Key Words

Current Research Projects – Blue Circular Economy, Business Transition to Sustainable Development (BTSD), Prowad Link, CapSem

Future Research Projects – BioREAP, SAMANSVAR (RRI-SUBMODE)

Research Group Members (Key Words)

Annik Magerholm Fet

Green Innovation, Sustainable Business Models, Sustainability Toolkit, Sustainable Development, Industrial Ecology, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Engineering, Systems Engineering

Siv Marina Flø Grimstad

Circular economy, Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainable business models

Richard Glavee Geo

Sustainability, circularity, supply chain management, business logistics, marketing, quantitative social science research methods, mixed methods

Haley Knudson

Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Management, Sustainable Business Models

Mark Pasquine

Circular Economy, Green Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility

Arron Wilde Tippett

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Ecolabelling, Ecosystem Services.