Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine

About the Department

The Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine has more than 250 employees.

The department aims to conduct internationally outstanding research and education to increase the understanding of fundamental biological processes and clinical medicine, and thereby promote good public health and improve the treatment of patients.

The department teaches and gives supervision to medical students, as well as master students and PhD Candidates. Research topics comprise basic- and clinical research within oncology and mechanisms of cancer development, palliative medicine, haematology, dermatology and venereology, infectious disease, molecular cell biology, immunology, toxicology, gastroenterology and gastro surgery, experimental surgery, endocrinology, nephrology and urology.

The close cooperation between Trondheim University Hospital and the basic research groups greatly facilitate translational research, a major priority in the department.


The department is lead by Head of Department Magne Børset, Deputy Head of Education Asbjørn Magne Nilsen, Deputy Head of Research Torunn Bruland and Head of Office Vegard Sollie.

Departmental units

The department's research groups are organised in five departmental units:

Unit for Molecular Biology

Unit manager: Magnar Bjørås
Deputy unit manager: Bodil Kavli

Unit for Cell Biology

Unit manager: Toril Holien
Deputy unit manager: Therese Standal

Unit for Cancer and Clinical Research

Unit manager: Bjørn Henning Grønberg

Unit for Gastroenterology

Unit manager: Ingunn Bakke


Unit manager: Terje Espevik
Deputy unit manager: Trude Helen Flo

Vision and strategy

Strategy 2012-2020 for the Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine