Laboratory Animal Science for Researchers

Laboratory Animal Science for Researchers

The department offers course in laboratory animal science for PhD candidates and employees. The course is built up to meet the demands of legislation concerning knowledge for those who will use and handle laboratory animals. The students will learn how to conduct themselves when doing experiments on animals, and become qualified to conduct such experiments.

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Below we have given answers to some frequently asked questions.



The course content of the two courses NEVR8014 and MDV6003 is identical. If you are registered as a student at NTNU, or as a PhD student at another university, you should register for the NEVR8014 course. If you not are registered as a student, you will have to apply for the MDV6003 course.

If you are registered as a student at NTNU, you register for the course NEVR8014 in Studentweb. The deadline is September 15th.

If you are registered as a PhD student at a university that is not NTNU, please apply for NEVR8014 via this link:

If you are not registered as a student, you will have to apply via NTNU Videre’s web pages (other deadline):,ou=ntnuvproducts,dc=ntnu,dc=org

The course (both course codes) is lectured in week 47 (medio November), and takes place in auditorium KBA in the Kvinne-barn-senteret at NTNU Campus Øya / St. Olavs Hospital. If you register for the fish/aquatic animals specialization, lectures Thursday and Friday are held at Sealab, Brattøra. Details on this can be found after you register for the course. 

Yes. Attendance in all the lectures is required in order to sit for the exam. 

The compendium “Laboratory Animal Science” is required reading for the course. Students in the fish specialization must in addition read the compendium “Laboratory Animal Science for Fish Researchers”. The compendia are for sale at Akademika. 

No. Lectures are only given in the fall semester. If you have been registered with attendance at all the lectures in the fall, you may sit for the exam in the spring.

We do not have a specialization on wildlife. You will have to select either the traditional animals or the fish/aquatic animals specialization. However, the universities in Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø offer wildlife specialization.

Similar courses are offered in Bergen, Tromsø and Oslo. You may apply for one of these instead.

You will have to arrange the practical part yourself. Contact the veterinarian at the facility where you are to work.

No. Doing the practical training is not mandatory in order to receive the credits for the course, or to receive the diploma. However, your diploma is only valid when you present it together with a form signed by the person who supervised you in the practical part.

No. NTNU has a vast number of students, and opening up for this possibility would make a lot of extra work for us, more than we can handle. If you attend the MDV6003 course, please contact NTNU Videre for further information.

It is not possible to sit for the exam at a chosen date the semester you attend the lectures. This semester you will have to sit for the exam at the given date. However, if you have attended all the lectures, you can sit for the exam one of the next three semesters. In that case, you will have to register for assessment in Studentweb.

We will do our best to send out the diplomas shortly after the exam results are registered. The diplomas will be sent to the semester address registered in Studentweb. Please make sure this address is up to date.

Do you have other questions

Do you have other questions?

For academic questions please contact Siv Eggen,

For administrative questions please contact Hege Müller Hval,