MER: Multidisciplinary Educational Research

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MER: Multidisciplinary Educational Research

How can we make teacher education more research-based? And how can scientific writing be strengthened through a multidisciplinary approach? These are two of MER’s overarching research questions.

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MER is a writing-based research group that considers the relationship between research and teaching practices. Its goal is to make research more accessible for students in teacher education, and the general public. By gathering researchers from different disciplinary fields (e.g., science education, language education, arts education) and discussing research from the perspectives of our fields, MER will build a research-oriented network for teacher educators at NTNU and internationally. The initiative is originally from the English section, but intends to branch out to all areas and subject didactics within teacher education.

Education in itself is a multidisciplinary endeavour, in which researchers use different approaches and fields to understand how students learn, and thus, how teachers should teach (Lyanange & Nima, 2016). MER strengthens this bond by creating collaborations between researchers of various subject didactics.  This will be done through monthly meetings, feedback on studies and texts, inviting guest speakers, and collaborative publications.

Development of multidisciplinary methods.

In terms of methods, MER’s main focus is on approaching quantitative and qualitative methods from a practice-oriented viewpoint. Discussions will focus on how educational research can be integrated in teacher education. Our aim is to develop analytical frameworks that can be applied to teaching and teacher education.

If you wish to become a member, please send a mail to Karina.