Program for the two-week pre-course

The 18th Course on Fundamentals and their Application in Aluminium Production


There has been a request from aluminium smelters for a more basic education and a more detailed introduction to aluminium electrolysis technology than it is possible to give during the one-week course: "The International Course on Process Metallurgy of Aluminium." As a response we are offering a two-week course in fundamentals and their application in primary aluminium production. The course will contain fundamental topics and thorough understanding through lectures, written exercises, laboratory
demonstrations and practical application to industrial problems.

The course is aimed at people working or starting in the primary aluminium industry, but is also useful for freshmen and for people working in related fields, who want to know more about aluminium production technology. This course is also very
suitable as a preparation for participation in the following one-week course.

The course material, which will be available on the first day of the course, includes the book: "Introduction to Aluminium Electrolysis" by K. Grjotheim and H. Kvande (Editors), as well as complete lecture notes. The course language is English.

The aim of the course is to give the participants theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for their daily work. Group work and group discussions will be important parts of the course and require active involvement of the participants. Experience from previous courses has shown that the opportunity of discussing practical problems with colleagues from other companies is greatly appreciated. The participants are encouraged to bring with them a problem or two that they would like to discuss in class during the course.

The course will be held at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, in the Chemistry Auditorium 5. There will be a bus pick-up from the hotels each morning. An excursion to Hydro Aluminium Sunndal Plant will be arranged on Wednesday, May 28 That means duration of the course is 9 days, including the excursion.

The university campus is located about 20–30 minutes walk south of the downtown area. The course will start each morning at 08:30.

The participation  fee is NOK 22.500. The fee covers course materials, the excursion to the Hydro Aluminium Sunndal smelter, lunches, beverage breaks, a course dinner, but no board or other meal expenses. Breakfast is included in the hotel price. An extra discount of NOK 1000 if paid before April  1, 2014.

For the participants attending this course it is possible to register for the subsequent
"International Course on Process Metallurgy of Aluminium" at a discount of NOK 2 500.

The application may be cancelled before April 15, 2014 for a refund. Cancellations received after April 15, 2014 are subject to NOK 1000 service charge

1st week: May 20-23
Professor Dr. tech. Halvor Kvande: Chief Engineer at Hydro Aluminium in Oslo, Norway.
Fundamental and Industrial Aspects of Aluminium Production

  • Introduction to the Industrial Hall - Héroult process
  • Bath Composition and Properties
  • Heat Balance in Aluminium Electrolysis Cells
  • Current Efficiency
  • Cell Voltage and Energy consumption
  • Modernization of Prebake Cells
  • Work Practices in Cell Operation
  • Metal Quality Aspects
  • Environmental Challenges for the Process
  • Heat Recovery
  • Alumina and its Properties in the Cell
  • Alumina feeding and Point-feeding Technology
  • The Greatest Inventions in the Aluminium Process
  • Challenges and opportunities for the process

2nd week: May 27
M.Sc. Per Stokka, Retired Chief Engineer at Hydro Aluminium in Porsgrunn, Norway.

Anode Technology

Anode Production

  • Carbon Raw Materials
  • Paste Plant
  • Anode Baking
  • Anode Analysis·

Anode in Operation

  • Rodding
  • Potroom - Introduction
  • Anode consumption
  • Amperage increase
  • Anode deviations

2nd week: May 28
Excursion to Hydro Aluminium Sunndal Plant / Excursion leader Professor Harald A. Øye

2nd week: May 29-30
Professor, Dr. ing. Morten Sørlie, Corporate Specialist at Alcoa Norway ANS, Kristiansand, Norway and former Adjunct Professor at Department of Materials Science and Engineering, NTNU.

Cathode Technology

  • Reling Rationale
  • Pot Lining Materials
  • Pot Lining Principles
  • Practical Pot Relining
  • Preheat, Start and Operation
  • Chemical Attack on Cathodes
  • Cathode Failures

Laboratory demonstrations which will emphasize test procedures for carbon materials and structural studies.

The three lecturers have extensive experience from industrial aluminium electrolysis both from fundamental and applied aspects. They have also participated in several international projects.

Professor Harald A. Øye
Course Director

Course committee:
Prof. dr.techn. Harald A. Øye (Director)

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Attn. Harald A. Øye
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Attn. Al-Course Fundamentals
N-7491 Trondheim, NORWAY

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