Research Activities

Our research group is part of several different projects and research is performed in several different topics within physical metallurgy.


Casting & Solidification

  • Light metals and solar cell silicon
  • Fundamentals
  • Castability and mushy zone properties
  • Process technology

Alloy development of light metals and steels


Thermo-mechanical processing of light metals


Advanced Characterisation

  • Microstrocture characterization
    • SEM, EBSD and In-situ SEM
    • TEM
    • Mass spectroscopy
  • Mechanical properties

Material modelling at all scales

  • Precipitation modeling
  • Crystal and continuum plasticity
  • Finite Element modeling (FEM, CPFEM)

Joining of similar and dissimilar metals

  • Joining by plastic deformation
  • Cold welding techniques
  • Traditional welding techniques
  • Corrosion of dissimilar metal joints