Group Members

Scientific staff


Maria Benelmekki. Photo

Assoc. Prof Maria Benelmekki

functional topological defects, more fancy stuff



Mari-Ann Einarsrud. Photo

Professor Mari-Ann Einarsrud

in situ analysis, aqeous synthesis, ferroic materials



Julia Glaum. Photo

Assoc. Prof Julia Glaum

functional topological defects, more fancy stuff



Tor Grande. Photo

Professor Tor Grande

in situ analysis, thermodynamics, ferroic materials



Hilde Lea Lein. Photo

Assoc. Prof Hilde Lea Lein

functional topological defects, more fancy stuff



Dennis Meier. Photo

Onsager Fellow Assoc. Prof Dennis Meier

functional topological defects, more fancy stuff



Sondre Kvalvåg Schnell. Photo

Assoc. Prof Sondre Kvalvåg Schnell

functional topological defects, more fancy stuff



Sverre Magnus Selbach. Photo

Assoc. Professor Sverre Magnus Selbach

fishing, DFT, multiferroic materials



Fride Vullum-Bruer. Photo

Assoc. Prof Fride Vullum-Bruer

functional topological defects, more fancy stuff



Kjell Wiik. Photo

Professor Kjell Wiik

functional topological defects, more fancy stuff



Zhaohui Wang. Photo

Assoc. Prof Zhaohui Wang

functional topological defects, more fancy stuff



Post Doc's

Matthias Augustin. Photo

Dr. Matthias Augustin

Redox processes and products in organic electrolytes for Li/O2 batteries



Anders Bank Blichfeld. Photo

Dr. Anders Bank Blichfeld

In situ studies of ferroelectric oxide thin films and hierarchical nanostructures



Donald Evans. Photo

Dr. Donald Evans

Domain Walls in Ferroic Materials



Dong Hou. Photo

Dr. Dong Hou

In situ studies of ferroelectric oxide thin films and hierarchical nanostructures



Katherine Inzani. Photo

Dr. Katherine Inzani

Semiconducting oxide materials for intermediate band solar cells



Evgeniya Khomyakova. Photo

Dr. Evgeniya Khomyakova

Biocompatible piezoelectric thin films



Kenneth Mrshall. Photo

Dr. Kenneth Marshall

In situ studies of ferroelectric oxide thin films and hierarchical nanostructures



Magnus Rotan. Photo

Dr. Magnus Rotan

Biocompatible piezoelectric ceramics



Stefan Schafföner. Photo

Dr. Stefan Schafföner

Refractory Materials



Mariia Stepanova. Photo

Dr. Mariia Stepanova

Magnetic force microscopy on topological spin textures



Nils Wagner. Photo

Dr. Nils Wagner





PhD Students

Solveig Aamlid. Photo

Solveig Aamlid

Tailoing lead-free ferroelectric based on tetragonal tungsten bronzes



Mohammed Mostafa Adnan. Photo

Mohammed Mostafa Adnan

Epoxy-based nanocomposites for high voltage insulation



Kristine Bakken. Photo

Kristine Bakken

In situ IR and XRD of BaTiO3-based thin films from chemical solution deposition



Trond Brandvik. Photo

Trond Brandvik

Degradation of refractory lining in anode firing kilns



Asmira Delic. Photo

Asmira Delic

Carbon nanodots for oil reservoir applications



Nikolai Helth Gaukås. Photo

Nikolai Helth Gaukås

Synthesis of biocompatible piezoelectric thin-films for medical applications



Ola Gjønnes Grendal. Photo

Ola Gjønnes Grendal

In situ X-ray studies of hydrothermal synthesis of piezo- and ferroelectric materials



Jacob Hadler-Jacobsen. Photo

Jacob Hadler-Jacobsen




Theodor Secanell Holstad. Photo

Theodor Secanell Holstad

Ferroelectric and multiferroic domain structure in different hexagonal manganites



Henning Kaland. Photo

Henning Kaland

Synthesis and characterization of cathode materials for Mg-ion batteries



Raymond Luneng. Photo

Raymond Luneng

Stability of thermal insulating linings in aluminium reduction cells



Astrid Marthinsen. Photo

Astrid Marthinsen

Defect chemistry of perovskite interfaces



Inger-Emma Nylund. Photo

Inger-Emma Nylund

Hybrid Nanostructures



Kara Poon. Photo

Kara Poon

Piezoelectric ceramics for biomedical applications



Muhammad Saqib Qayyum. Photo

Muhammad Saqib Qayyum

Multifunctional nanocomposites based on BN nanostructures



Laura Rioja-Monllor. Photo

Laura Rioja-Monllor

Ceramic processing of thermoelectric materials



Erik Roede. Photo

Erik Roede

FIB nanostructuration of 2D hBN



Daniel Tevik Rogstad. Photo

Daniel Tevik Rogstad




Trygve Ræder. Photo

Trygve Ræder

BaTiO3-based ferroelectric nanocomposites



Ingeborg Treu Røe. Photo

Ingeborg Treu Røe

Lithium-Air Batteries



Samuel Senanu. Photo

Samuel Senanu

Cathode wear mechanisms - Pothole formation



Anuvansh Sharma. Photo

Anuvansh Sharma

Magnetophoresis method for magneto-plasmonic nanoparticle assembly



Sathya Prakash Singh. Photo

Sathya Prakash Singh

Ceramic processing of thermoelectric materials



Susanne Linn Skjærvø. Photo

Susanne Linn Skjærvø

In situ studies of hydrothermal synthesis



Didrik Småbråten. Photo

Didrik Småbråten

DFT studies of defect interfaces in complex oxides



Lu Xia. Photo

Lu Xia

DFT studies of defect chemistry of ferroic and functional oxides



Mikalai Zhuk. Photo

Mikalai Zhuk

Biocompatible piezoelectrics



Elise Ramleth Østli. Photo

Elise Ramleth Østli

Cathode materials for use in Li-ion batteries




Alexander Bjørlo. Photo

Alexander Bjørlo




Silje Nornes Bryntesen. Photo

Silje Nornes Bryntesen




Frida Paulsen Danmo. Photo

Frida Paulsen Danmo




Oda Marie Ellefsen. Photo

Oda Marie Ellefsen




Frida Sveen Hempel. Photo

Frida Sveen Hempel




Petter Hemstad. Photo

Petter Hemstad




Audun Håberg. Photo

Audun Håberg




Maren Elise Juul. Photo

Maren Elise Juul




Xiaotian Li. Photo

Xiaotian Li




Hans-Olav Meløy. Photo

Hans-Olav Meløy




Per Solibakke. Photo

Per Solibakke





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Assoc. Prof. Hilde Lea Lein
Phone: +47 73 55 08 80

 Assoc. Prof. Fride Vullum-Bruer
Phone: +47 73 59 39 76

Assoc. Prof. Sverre M. Selbach
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Assoc. Prof. Maria Benelmekki
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Assoc. Prof. Dennis Meier
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Assoc. Prof. Sondre K. Schnell
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