Ferroic Materials

Ferroics constitute a unique class of materials possessing either ferromagnetism, ferroelectricity or ferroelasticity. Two or more of these properties are found in so-called multiferroics. Our discovery of ferroelastic properties in LaCoO3-based materials in 2001 initiated our interest in ferroic materials. Since then ferroic materials have become the most important research field for the group, including advanced synthesis, ceramic processing and characterization of crystal structure, phase transitions and ferroic properties. Lead-free materials such as K0.5Na0.5NbO3 (KNN) and Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 (BNT), ferroelectric tungsten bronzes such as Sr1-xBaxNb2O6 and multiferroic materials such as BiFeO3 and YMnO3 have been central to the research in the last decade. The main activities in the field of ferroic materials include:    

  • Development of lead-free ferroelectric materials based on BNT and KNN.
  • Preparation of thin films of ferroic perovskite materials by chemical solution deposition techniques.
  • Effect of strain in AMnO3 (A=Ca, Sr, Ba) and ferroic nano-composites
  • In situ studies of hydrothermal synthesis of KNN 
  • Investigating defect chemistry of manganites and ferrites.
  • Density functional theory (DFT) studies of point defects in multiferroics (BiFeO3,YMnO3)
  • Combined DFT and experimental investigation of ferroelectric tetragonal tungsten bronzes.
  • Development of biocompatible piezoelectric materials.
  • Conductivity and dielectric properties of ferroelectric domain walls.
  • Skyrmion dynamics.

Polarization and strain vs. electric field of <100>-, <111>-textured and non-textured Ba0.92Ca0.08TiO3 materials. The panels to the left show conventionally sintered samples while the panels to the right show spark plasma sintered materials.

Recent relevant publications:

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