Thermoelectric Materials

Thermoelectric devices have the ability to convert heat directly into useful electrical energy and represent a promising technology in applications such as waste heat harvesting at elevated temperatures. State of the art devices today are based on heavy, toxic and non-abundant metals and high temperature applications are ruled out due to oxidation. Owing to these restrictions thermoelectric materials based on oxides have received increased attention during the last decades, basically due to their high stability and thermal robustness at high temperatures as well as the availability and nontoxic nature of a number of promising candidates. Based on our many decades of established competence in synthesis, processing and characterization of functional ceramic materials, the group entered into the field of thermoelectric materials in 2014. The activities are directed towards two main objectives:

  • Optimize the thermoelectric properties of the ceramic components both by micro/nano-structuring and doping. Contact: Kjell Wiik
  • Establish an all-oxide thermoelectric device by co-sintering all components. Contact: Mari-Ann Einarsrud.

Our group is a partner in the THELMA-project (NANO-2021, Norwegian Research Council), since 2014

Thermal conductivity measured between room temperature and 800 oC for A-site deficient La-substituted SrTiO3. The samples were spark plasma sintered at temperatures between 925 and 1150 oC at 50 MPa.



T. E. Loland, J. Sele, M-A Einarsrud, P. E. Vullum, M. Johnsson, K. Wiik. Thermal Conductivity of A-Site Cation-Deficient La-Substituted SrTiO3 Produced by Spark Plasma Sintering, Energy Harvesting and Systems. Volume 2, Issue 1-2, Pages 63–71. (April 2015).

M. Bittner, B. Geppert, N. Kanas, S. P. Singh, K. Wiik, A. Feldhoff. Oxide-based thermoelectric generator for high-temperature application using p-type Ca3Co4O9 and n-type In1.95Sn0.05O3 legs, Energy Harvesting and Systems. (Accepted for publication March-2016).

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