PhD candidate Mariia Stepanova from the Corrosion and surface science group. Photo: Per Henning/NTNU


The Electrochemistry Group at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering aims to provide fundamental, theoretical and technological skills to masters and doctoral engineering students. The primary task for the electrochemistry group’s research activity is to develop fundamental understanding of electrochemical processes and electrochemical materials technology. This knowledge is brought forward into the group’s teaching, applied research and problem solving for industries, including the Norwegian electrolysis industry and for materials and corrosion related tasks within the chemical process and petroleum industry.

The electrochemistry group works with both fundamental and industrially relevant problem tasks important for the continuous development of a research-based electrochemistry education. Our masters and PhD candidates are highly desirable and commonly work closely together with Norwegian industry on joint research projects. Together with Sintef, the group has built up a large research laboratory within electrochemistry embracing electrowinning, electrochemical energy technology and corrosion. As a result, the group has numerous national and international collaborators and a research term abroad is often encouraged.

Research Areas

Electrochemical Energy - Svein Sunde, Ann Mari Svensson, Frode Seland
Corrosion and Surface Science - Kemal Nisancioglu, Andreas Erbe
Electrolysis - Geir Martin Haarberg, Espen Sandnes

Ongoing Projects

Members of the electrochemistry group are part of a number of projects, either as project leaders or participants. Here are a few of them:

SFI Metal Production



Kemal Nisancioglu. Photo

Kemal Nisancioglu


E-mail: kemal.nisancioglu@ntnu.no


Svein Sunde. Photo

Svein Sunde


E-mail: svein.sunde@ntnu.no


Frode Seland. Photo

Frode Seland

Associate Professor

E-mail: frode.seland@ntnu.no


Ann Mari Svensson. Photo

Ann Mari Svensson


E-mail: annmari.svensson@ntnu.no


Geir Haarberg. Photo

Geir Martin Haarberg


E-mail: geir.martin.haarberg@ntnu.no


Andreas Erbe. Photo

Andreas Erbe


E-mail: andreas.erbe@ntnu.no


Espen Sandnes. Photo

Espen Sandnes

Associate Professor

E-mail: espen.sandnes@ntnu.no


Group members