The electrochemistry group is committed to developing a fundamental understanding of electrochemical processes and electrochemical materials technology at all levels.

For this purpose, we run a number of courses for undergraduate, masters and PhD students:

Undergraduate courses:

TMT4252 Electrochemistry
TMT4285 Hydrogen technology, fuel cells, batteries and solar cells
TMT4335 Carbon materials technology


Graduate courses (masters level)

TMT4253 Electrochemical process and energy technology
TMT4255 Corrosion and corrosion protection
TMT4166 Experimental Materials Chemistry and Electrochemistry
TMT4340 Materials and sustainable development

Graduate courses (PhD level)

MT8102 Corrosion and surface technology
MT8104 Electrolysis of Light Metals
MT8108 Mass transfer
MT8110 Electrochemical methods
MT8218 Advanced Materials Science

A full list of courses run by the department

Deputy of Education MSc

Frode Seland is the deputy of education for the department.